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									                                                Develop Your Creativity
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Daniel Pink, claims in his book A Whole New Mind, that we’re living in a different era, a different age-an age in which those who "think different"
may be valued even more than ever before. While left brain logical, linear skills are still necessary to succeed in the global workplace, they are not
sufficient. According to many, America’s future lies in its imagination- and our ability to hone and grow our creative edge. Since the source of
creativity really stems from the brain, you need to tap into your brain power to become more creative.

                                    Right or Left Brained?
                                    This is an interesting quiz that won’t take you long but it will give you a lot of information about which side of
                                    the brain you are using and whether you prefer auditory or visual learning. In addition to getting a Brain Usage
                                    Profile, you will also get a Personal Evaluation….this is a no-brainer! (This exercise (PC users only) can be
                                    downloader by clicking here brain.exe.) Record the information on your Creativity Workout Sheet.

                                    Identify Your Shape and More
                                    Here are some bright and interesting shapes that may also give you clue to your creativity. Consider both the
                                    form and color of each of the images. Then choose the one that appeals to you. Do you agree with the analysis?
                                    Enter your information on your Creativity Workout Sheet.

                                    If you want to look at a few Creativity Tests some companies use to identify the most creative people, review
this Texas Tech site and try at least one of the four tests they have assembled. Don’t forget to enter the score of the test/s you try on your Workout

Play the Genie Game
These online games are designed to help spur your creative processes. Simply choose the game that interests you and see what the Genie has to
offer. You may also want to test your knowledge of innovative products and their inventors.

Ideas on How to Become More Creativity
There are many myths that surround the creative process and what it takes to be creative. Like other skills and abilities you have to work at
developing your own creativity. Take a look at 10 of the myths and identify the one or two that you hold on to. What can you do to dispel the
myth/s? Here are 10 things you can do to boost your creativity. If you are really serious about honing our skills, print out these Eyewire Creativity
Cards and put them to use! Developing your creativity takes time and effort and now you have some tools to guide you in this process… remember,
Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

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