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The Big Orange Stomp, Friday 15th October 2010.

Stomp-mania sweeps the country!

An army of fanatical stompers are hitting schools, shops and work-places near you in their funkiest
and most fantastic footwear. And it’s in the best of good causes! Impossible to miss this new breed
of charity fundraiser, even the uninitiated will have little trouble in spotting our stomping Spurgeons’

But for those of you who like to keep ahead of all the latest social phenomena, here are some top-
tips to help identify a Spurgeons Stomper:
     1) Dazzling good-looks and youthful charm.
     2) An aura of well-being (that comes from doing something to help others).
     3) A devil-may-care attitude that belies a deeply compassionate nature.
     4) Stompy footwear that ranges from the subtle and sophisticated to the rip-roaringly
     5) Many will be accessorising stompy shoes with a full-on caterpillar costume...

These dedicated do-gooders are using their fantastic feet to make a better life for vulnerable
children in the UK. And you could join them!

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Help raise oodles of cash for children’s charity Spurgeons on October 15th 2010. Simply select some
kooky, cool or hard-hitting footwear. Think diver’s flippers, clowns feet, or sparkly wellies! Then get
sponsored to stomp your way through our national day

Or go the extra mile by taking on one of Spurgeons’ stomping challenges. The money you raise will
help Spurgeons in their quest to improve life for children and their families dealing with issues like:
     Substance misuse
     Young offenders
     Child abuse
     Domestic violence
     Bereavement
     Caring for relatives
     Poverty

So just shuffle over to Spurgeons’ website to find out all you need to know! {add in URL]

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The Big Orange Stomp is taking place (add in the location of your event or challenge here) and we
are please and delighted to invite you to be a part of things. (Add in the details of your event or

Please join us in this important (add in whether this is an event or challenge). By getting involved you
can help us to raise oodles of cash for children’s charity Spurgeons.

The money we raise will help Spurgeons in their quest to improve life for children and families facing
challenges that include:
     Substance misuse
     Young offenders
     Child abuse
     Domestic violence
     Bereavement
     Youth crime
     Caring for sick relatives
     Poverty

Your support is vital! ( Add in all details of event and location again as a reminder)

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Speaking for Spurgeons, Marketing Director Lynne Morris said:

“Over the years many, many people have been involved in raising the funds that are so vital to
Spurgeons’ work with children. So we’re really proud and excited to launch The Big Orange Stomp on
October 15th, 2010.

We hope it will get all of our dedicated supporters fundraising on the same day. It’s an amazing
opportunity for people who care about vulnerable children to get involved in making a difference.

With thousands of people across the UK expected to take part we know that their hard work will
change children’s lives for the better.”

For further information, please contact (add in your contact details).


Spurgeons is one of the UK’s most experienced children’s charities and has been working with vulnerable children and
young people for over 140 years. We deliver more than 50 high-quality services reaching over 20,000 children and 13,500
parent/carers every year in local communities.

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