the geeks shall inherit the earth by huanghengdong


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The Greeks Shall Inherit the Earth
Alexandra Robbins
Pgs 150-151

After reading each paragraph, answer the corresponding questions:

Paragraph 1: What types of kids are most likely to conform?

Paragraph 2: Does the author believe that conformity is a good thing or a bad thing?
How can you tell?

Paragraph 3: How did Solomon Asch believe people would respond to questions
with clear answers?

Paragraph 4: What was the result of Asch’s study?

Draw what the lines looked like in his study:

Paragraph 5: What have neuroscientists discovered from these experiments?

Paragraph 6: Why does the brain make shortcuts?
The Outcast Success Story
Pgs 158-159

   1. List three words that Cyndi Lauper uses to describe Lady Gaga.

   2. According to Lady Gaga, why did she decide to have crazy outfits?

   3. What message does Lady Gaga want her fans to know?

   4. Why might “cafeteria fringe,” or nerdy, misfit kids, be more successful in life
      than the popular students who conform?

Creativity, Originality

   1. What are two characteristics in people that companies tend to look for when

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