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									                                 Harcourt Storytown (2nd Grade)

Story 1: Arthur’s Reading Race by Marc Brown
Summary: Arthur doesn’t believe that his little sister can really read, so he challenges her to read
ten words and offers a reward of ice cream if she does.
Supplements: Reading with Your Fingers , Puppy Mudge Find a Friend (Rylant), Duck on a Bike
(Shannon), Clown Fish (Lindeen)

   1. flag
   2. fin
   3. ran
   4. has
   5. fill
   6. sat
   7. list
   8. sit
   9. bag
   10. win
   11. picnic
   12. plastic
   13. rabbit
   14. fabric
   15. napkin

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. ignore – to refuse to pay attention to something
   2. dangerous – something is likely to cause harm or injury
   3. style –a certain way of doing something
   4. passion – to do something with energy and strong feelings
   5. challenge –to ask someone to be in a contest
   6. underestimate – to think that something will be easier than it really is
   7. proficient – when you are very good at doing something
   8. heed – to listen to a warning and use it help you do something

Words to Know:
  1. prove – to show that something is true
      “Prove it,” said Arthur.
  2. sign – a public notice giving information
      Arthur pointed to a sign.
  3. already – before now
      “I already know how to read,” said D.W.
  4. eight – the whole number that comes after seven and before nine
      “You only read eight words.”
  5. police – the people whose job is to keep order, make sure the law is obeyed, and stop any
      crimes that are being committed.
      “And you better keep off the grass or the police will get you.”
Story 2: Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel
Summary: Best friends Frog and Toad each plan to surprise the other by sneaking over to the
other’s house to rake leaves.
Supplement: Life as a Frog (Victoria Parker)

   1. not
   2. best
   3. run
   4. job
   5. bed
   6. spot
   7. get
   8. mud
   9. ten
   10. duck
   11. helmet
   12. puppet
   13. rotten
   14. subject
   15. contest

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. edge – if you are at the edge of something, you are at the border, or side
   2. ventured – you went some place new
   3. described – you told about something
   4. hesitate – you pause, or wait, before doing something
   5. anonymous – you wouldn’t use your own name
   6. unselfish – you share with others
   7. satisfied – you feel happy with the way things are
   8. neighborly – you are friendly to people who live near you

Words to Know:
  1. covered – to put something over something else
      These messy leaves have covered everything.
  2. everything – each and every thing
      She swept the floor and dusted everything in the house.
  3. guess – to give an answer that may be right but that you cannot be sure of
      He will never guess who raked his leaves.
  4. through – in one side and out the other
      Toad ran through the high grass.
  5. woods – an area of thickly growing trees
      Frog ran through the woods.
Story 3: Henry and Mudge: The First Book by Cynthia Rylant
Summary: Henry, an only child on a street with no other children, finds companionship with his
extra large and lovable dog Mudge.
Supplement: Dogs (Chute)

   1. same
   2. kite
   3. home
   4. plate
   5. ride
   6. rope
   7. race
   8. rule
   9. broke
   10. tune
   11. mistake
   12. bedtime
   13. homemade
   14. classmate
   15. notepad

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. blockades – if something prevents you from getting into a place
   2. soaked – when a cloth takes in water and becomes wet
   3. misplaced – when something is in the wrong place
   4. principles – the things you believe about what is right and what is wrong
   5. deny – when you don’t give someone something that they’ve asked for
   6. consider – when you think very carefully about an idea
   7. opinionated – when you have strong feelings about something
   8. bulk – when you talk about the size and weight of a large object

Words to Know:
  1. children – young boys or girls
      Then they looked at their street with no children.
  2. different – not the same
      “I want to live on a different street,” he told his parents.
  3. ears – the part of the body used for hearing
      “And no pointed ears.”
  4. finally – last chance
      He finally stopped growing.
  5. hundred – the whole number, written 100, that is equal to 10 x 10
      He weighed one hundred eighty pounds.
  6. short – less than average length, height, distance, or time
      “Not a short one,” he said.
Story 4: Dogs by Jennifer Blizin Gillis
Summary: Children will learn about caring for a dog as a pet.
Supplement: Animals Have Special Jobs

   1. see
   2. please
   3. need
   4. deal
   5. sleep
   6. mean
   7. green
   8. clean
   9. keep
   10. eat
   11. teapot
   12. beehive
   13. seaweed
   14. peanut
   15. mealtime

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. disability – if something stops you from doing something that most people can do
   2. position – when you describe the way that a person or thing stands, sits, or lies down
   3. attached – you feel very close to a person or thing
   4. assistance – when you help someone or something
   5. depend – you need a person or thing
   6. responsibility – there is something you have to do or take care of
   7. frisky – very lively and playful
   8. affinity – you naturally like something

Words to Know:
  1. bicycle – a vehicle with two wheels that you ride by steering with handlebars and by
      Now my puppy is a dog. It weighs as much as a bicycle.
  2. exercise – physical activity that you do to keep fit and healthy
      Playing is good exercise for dogs.
  3. sometimes – now and then; at some times but not at others
      Sometimes my dog sleeps in my room.
  4. special – different or unusual
      It sleeps on a special dog bed.
  5. sugar – a sweet substance that is used in foods and drinks
      It weighed as much as a big bag or sugar.
Story 5: Neighborhood News (Readers’ Theater)
Summary: A children’s news program reports on local events around the town.
Supplement: Friendliness

   1. has
   2. win
   3. spot
   4. best
   5. mud
   6. same
   7. broke
   8. rule
   9. clean
   10. sleep

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. flutters – if something flies or moves in a light and quick way
   2. selected – if you have chosen a particular thing.
   3. announced – when someone gives new information to a group of people
   4. career – a job for which someone might get training or go to school
   5. penalty – when someone gets a punishment for doing something wrong
   6. location – a place
   7. excitable – if people or animals get worked up easily
   8. positive – when you are sure about something

Words to Know:
  1. already – before now
      We’ve already gotten back more than a hundred books.
  2. eight – the whole number that comes after seven and before nine
      We have eight minutes to finish!
  3. everything – each and every thing
      We’re the news program that tells you everything you need to know about where you live
  4. finally – last chance
      The day of the big soccer game is finally here.
  5. guess – to give an answer that may be right but that you cannot be sure of
      There’s no need to guess what to wear.
  6. hundred – the whole number, written 100, that is equal to 10 x 10
      We’ve already gotten back more than a hundred books.
  7. prove – to show that something is true
      We want to prove that we’re the best.
  8. sometimes – now and then
      Sometimes they kick the ball so hard that it sails all the way down the field!
  9. special – different or unusual
      I’ll buy a special treat for you!
  10. through – in one side and out the other
      It’s going to be sunny and warm through the weekend.
Story 6: Winners Never Quit! by Mia Hamm
Summary: Young Mia Hamm loves to play soccer, but quits when she can’t make a goal. Her
brothers and sisters help to teach her a valuable lesson about good sportsmanship.
Supplement: Two Races (Kimmel), Duck on a Bike (Shannon), Treasure Map (Murphy), Cradles in
the Trees (Brennan)

   1. pie
   2. high
   3. tie
   4. light
   5. lie
   6. night
   7. bright
   8. right
   9. might
   10. tight
   11. weeknight
   12. lightning
   13. sightsee
   14. nightstand
   15. sunlight

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. techniques – when you practice routines or methods to help you do something.
   2. specially – if something has been made just for you
   3. struggle – you try extra hard to do something
   4. traction – when you walk up a hill or across some ice, traction keeps you from sliding
   5. agile – you can move quickly and easily
   6. spectator – when you go to watch a game or show
   7. competitive – you try hard to win or to be the best
   8. worthwhile – you think something is important

Words to Know:
  1. brother – a boy or man who has the same parents as another person
      “Too bad, Mia,” her brother Garrett said.
  2. caught – grabbed hold of something moving through the air
      And Lovdy caught it.
  3. cheer – to shout encouragement or approval
      Everybody on the team would cheer.
  4. learn – to gain knowledge or a skill
      “If you can’t learn to lose, you can’t play.”
  5. lose – to be beaten or defeated in a game
      She’d rather quit than lose.
  6. straight – not bent or not curved
      She’d kick the ball straight into the net.
Story 7: Gus and Grandpa and the Two-Wheeled Bike by Claudia Mills
Summary: Gus has trouble learning to ride a bike without training wheels until his Grandpa devises
a plan to help him.
Supplement: No Helmet? Pay Up!

   1. pay
   2. mail
   3. paint
   4. day
   5. rain
   6. stay
   7. sail
   8. way
   9. train
   10. tray
   11. mailbox
   12. highway
   13. daytime
   14. raindrop
   15. crayon

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. rickety – it is old and shaky
   2. rattling – it is making short knocking sounds
   3. prying – you are opening it with a crowbar or other tool
   4. impatiently – you are upset that you have to wait
   5. romp – you move around playfully
   6. defeated – if you feel like you have lost
   7. jubilant – when you feel joyful and happy
   8. master – you learn how to do it well

Words to Know:
  1. coming – moving toward a place
      “How’s the bike riding coming along?” Grandpa asked.
  2. curve – to bend or turn gently and continuously
      When Gus turned around a curve, his bike turned with him.
  3. idea – a thought, a plan, or an opinion
      “I have an idea,” Grandpa said.
  4. knee – the joint between your upper and lower leg that you bend when you walk
      He had a dinosaur bandage on the right knee.
  5. laughed – you made a sound to show that you think something is funny
      Gus laughed.
  6. million – a very large number; a thousand thousands
      Gus rode around the parking lot with Grandpa a million times.
  7. world – the earth
      There was nothing in the world as wonderful as riding a bike without training wheels.
Story 8: The Great Ball Game: A Muskogee Story by Joseph Bruchac
Summary: In this pourquoi tale, the animals with wings and the animals with teeth argue over
which group is better. They decide to settle their argument by playing a ball game.
Supplement: The Bat (Douglas Florian)

   1. car
   2. art
   3. barn
   4. start
   5. farm
   6. card
   7. yarn
   8. part
   9. dark
   10. hard
   11. barnyard
   12. starlight
   13. carpet
   14. artist
   15. market

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. clutched – you held it tightly
   2. clambered – you climbed with both hands and feet
   3. clumsy – when you trip or fall, or when you can’t move easily
   4. ached – you felt sore or were in pain
   5. feud – you have a big argument
   6. superior – you are the best
   7. refuse – you don’t want something
   8. insult – you say something mean

Words to Know:
  1. accept – to agree with something
      “The side that loses will have to accept the penalty given by the other side.”
  2. ago – before now, or in the past
      Long ago, the Birds and Animals had a great argument.
  3. clear – easy to understand
      Soon it became clear that the Birds had the advantage.
  4. fair – reasonable and just
      “It would not be fair,” he said.
  5. half – one of two equal parts of something
      “You Birds,” Bat said, “must leave this land for half of each year.”
  6. though – in spite of the fact that; however, nevertheless
      Crane and Hawk, though, were even swifter.
Story 9: Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
Summary: Farmer Brown’s cows learn to type and begin to leave notes for him.
Supplement: Rock – a – Bye Cows (Sam Curtis)

   1. boat
   2. snow
   3. coat
   4. grow
   5. float
   6. own
   7. low
   8. load
   9. soak
   10. bowl
   11. yellow
   12. snowflake
   13. sailboat
   14. carload
   15. window

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. brisk – when you walk in a quick and lively way
   2. strutted – you walked like you were the most important person in the world
   3. gobbled – you quickly gulped your food
   4. paced – if someone walked back and forth in small area
   5. request – you ask for something
   6. negotiate – you talk, and offer to give up one thing for another in hopes of reaching an
   7. compromise – when each side in an argument gives up part of what it wants
   8. improve – when you make something better

Words to Know:
  1. believe – to feel sure that something is true
      At first, he couldn’t believe his ears.
  2. brought – to take something or someone with you
      Duck was a neutral party, so he brought the ultimatum to the cows.
  3. early – at or near the beginning
      Duck knocked on the door early the next morning.
  4. enough – as much as is needed
      It was bad enough the cows had found the old typewriter in the barn.
  5. impossible – something cannot be done or cannot be true
      Cows that type? Impossible!
  6. quite – completely
      The pond is quite boring.
  7. understand – to know what something means or how something is done
      All the animals gathered around the barn to snoop, but none of them could understand Moo.
Story 10: A Trip to the Fire Station (Readers’ Theater)
Summary: Children will learn how a fire station operates.
Supplement: George and Martha Back in Town (James Marshall)

   1. tie
   2. light
   3. mail
   4. day
   5. barn
   6. dark
   7. hard
   8. snow
   9. soak
   10. own

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. minor – if something is not too important
   2. previous – if something happened before something else
   3. priorities – if some things are more important than any other things
   4. extinguish – when you completely put out something, like a fire
   5. hazard – something that could be dangerous
   6. efficient – if someone gets something done quickly, correctly, and without trouble
   7. instantly – if something takes almost no time to happen
   8. drench – when you completely soak something

Words to Know:
  1. ago – before now, or in the past
      Long ago, firefighters didn’t have the safety gear we have today.
  2. caught – grabbed hold of something moving through the air
      If we were caught in a smoky room, we would need them.
  3. clear – easy to understand
      It’s clear that teaching people about fire safety is important.
  4. coming – moving toward a place
      You may have seen fire trucks coming through your neighborhood.
  5. enough – as much as is needed
      The force is hard enough to reach flames in high places.
  6. idea – a thought, a plan, or an opinion
      The idea is that they help protect us from falling objects.
  7. learn – to gain knowledge or a skill
      We learn about first aid when we go to firefighter school.
  8. lose – to be beaten or defeated in a game
      We don’t have a minute to lose.
  9. though – in spite of the fact that; however, nevertheless
      Not everyone knows why we wear them, though.
  10. understand – to know what something means or how something is done
      Many of us would like to understand more about what firefighters do.
Story 11: Jamaica Louise James by Amy Hest
Summary: As a surprise for her grandmother’s birthday, Jamaica Louise James hangs her painted
artwork in the drab subway station where her grandmother works.
Supplement: A Lazy Thought (Merriam), Buster (Fleming), Ant Cities (Dorros)

   1. lunch
   2. shape
   3. wish
   4. chop
   5. show
   6. catch
   7. then
   8. each
   9. bath
   10. such
   11. shadow
   12. bathtub
   13. starfish
   14. matchbox
   15. sandwich

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. filthy – something is very dirty
   2. fellow – describes a person who has something in common with you
   3. executive – when someone is a boss in charge of a business
   4. beautifying – when you are making something nicer or more beautiful than it was
   5. renowned – you are famous for something
   6. kin – all of your family members and relatives
   7. original – it is the first of its kind
   8. adorn – you decorate something and make it beautiful

Words to Know:
  1. bought – you got something by paying money for it
      They bought me a real paint set – with eight little tubes of color and two paint brushes.
  2. draw – to make a picture with a pencil or pen
      Everything I see is something I want to draw.
  3. especially – more than usually; particularly
      But I don’t like subway stations. Especially the one at 86th and Main.
  4. minute – a unit of time equal to 60 seconds
      We can’t wait another minute!
  5. picture – an image of something, such as a painting, photograph, or drawing
      I show them every picture every night.
  6. question – a sentence that asks something
      Sometimes they ask a question like, Why does the man’s coat have triangle pockets?
  7. sure – having no doubt, certain; confident
      Everyone sure is in love with my subway station!
  8. worry – to be anxious or uneasy about something
      Paint sets cost a lot, I worry.
Story 12: At Play: Long Ago and Today by Lynnette R. Brent
Summary: This nonfiction selection compares how children and families in America enjoyed their
leisure time long ago and today. (Sports, parks, games, reading, vacations, carnivals)
Supplement: A History of Games and Toys in the United States

   1. very
   2. messy
   3. lady
   4. happy
   5. key
   6. baby
   7. money
   8. funny
   9. candy
   10. sunny
   11. chimney
   12. nobody
   13. breezy
   14. twenty
   15. keyhole

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. recently – if something happened not long ago
   2. housed – if something is placed or lives somewhere
   3. official – if someone holds a position of authority in an organization
   4. nominate – when you suggest that someone should get an office, job, or honor
   5. recreation – when you do something fun and relaxing
   6. leisurely – you are not in a hurry
   7. ramble – you wander around
   8. archaic – something is old and not used anymore

Words to Know:
  1. board – a flat piece of wood or a stiff card
      Board games, like checkers, were a popular family activity.
  2. cook – to prepare and heat food for a meal
      Sometimes, they have a barbeque and cook food on a grill.
  3. enjoy – to get pleasure from doing something
      Today, families still enjoy spending time together at the park.
  4. expensive – costing a lot of money
      Most families owned just a few books because books were very expensive.
  5. favorite – the person or thing you like best
      You have just finished listening to your favorite radio show.
  6. imagine – to picture something in your mind
      Imagine that it is long ago.
  7. popular – liked or enjoyed by many people
      That meant that many popular toys weren’t very expensive.
  8. year – a period of 365 days beginning January 1 and ending December 31
      They did not have special times of the year for each sport.
Story 13: Big Bushy Mustache by Gary Soto
Summary: In order to look more like his father, Ricky borrows a mustache from a school costume
to wear home. (Cinco de Mayo)
Supplement: Changing (Hoberman)

   1. slice
   2. dodge
   3. city
   4. huge
   5. nice
   6. space
   7. gem
   8. price
   9. cage
   10. fudge
   11. central
   12. fireplace
   13. gentle
   14. gymnast
   15. celebrate

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. wilting – when a plant doesn’t get enough water, and its leaves start to droop
   2. flitted – if something moved quickly from place to place without stopping for long
   3. swirling – something is moving round and round quickly
   4. trance – someone seems to be asleep, but his or her eyes are open
   5. route – you are going the same way to school or to the store every time
   6. semblance – when you make a drawing that looks a lot like someone
   7. distraught – the person is very, very unhappy
   8. improvise – you make something up as you sing a song or tell a story

Words to Know:
  1. above – higher up than, or over
      He looked in the mirror and smeared a line above his lip.
  2. shoes – and outer covering for the foot
      “Will you help me tie my shoes?”
  3. tough – strong and difficult to damage
      It made him feel tough.
  4. wash – to clean with water or soap and water
      “Mi’jo, wash your hands and help me with the apples,” she said.
  5. wear – to be dressed in something, or to carry or have something on your body
      “Do you want to wear this white shirt?” she asked.
  6. woman – an adult female human being
      Ricky passed a woman carrying groceries.
  7. young – someone who has lived for a short time
      She said, “What a handsome young man.”
Story 14: Rain Forest Babies by Kathy Darling
Summary: Facts and photos combine to give descriptions of some of the interesting animal babies
found in rain forests around the world. (Elephant, Tiger, Macaw, Frog, Kangaroo, Sugar Glider)
Supplement: Tapir (Houston Zoo Website)

   1. fur
   2. shirt
   3. burn
   4. stir
   5. bird
   6. turn
   7. herd
   8. third
   9. learn
   10. search
   11. perfect
   12. birthday
   13. purple
   14. circus
   15. surprise

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. dappled – something has spots, streaks, or patches of different colors or shades
   2. entranced – something has delighted or amazed you
   3. trooped – you moved along with a group of people
   4. circling – something is moving around you
   5. adorable – something is very cute
   6. assortment – a variety or mixture of things
   7. habitat – if a plant or animal lives in a particular place in nature
   8. immense – if something is really big or huge

Words to Know:
  1. care – you look after someone with concern or attention
      The golden froglets are small, but they are able to take care of themselves.
  2. father – a male parent
      Mother and father macaw have the most beautiful feathers in the forest.
  3. interesting – you want to know more about something
      The rain forests are home to some of the most interesting babies you will ever meet.
  4. sweat – a salty liquid comes out through the pores in your skin because you are hot or
      A poison oozes out of their skin. This “sweat” is very deadly.
  5. thumb – the short, thick finger that you have on each hand
      The elephant baby sucks on its trunk just as a human baby sucks on its thumb.
  6. touch – to make contact with your hand or another area of your body
      Look, but don’t touch!
Story 15: A Birthday Mystery (Readers’ Theater)
Summary: A boy tries to guess what gift he will receive for his birthday by asking his siblings to
give him clues.

   1. wish
   2. catch
   3. bath
   4. very
   5. money
   6. huge
   7. price
   8. stir
   9. turn
   10. learn

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. bewildered – you are confused and unable to understand something
   2. evasive – when someone tries to avoid answering a question
   3. mull – when you think through possible solutions to a problem, or the answer to a question
   4. startle – if someone comes up quietly behind you and surprises you
   5. distrust – when someone is not honest with you
   6. witness – if someone sees an event and can tell about it
   7. lock – a group of hairs that hang together
   8. beneath – if you stand under a tree

Words to Know:
  1. especially – more than usually; particularly
      This year I’m especially excited.
  2. interesting – you want to know more about something
      Please, just give me one little hint to make it interesting.
  3. question – a sentence that asks something
      Let me ask you one question.
  4. imagine – to picture something in your mind
      I can’t imagine what it could be if you have to wash it.
  5. minute – a unit of time equal to 60 seconds
      I don’t want to wait another minute.
  6. year – a period of 365 days beginning January 1 and ending December 31
      My birthday is one of my favorite days of the year to celebrate.
  7. enjoy – to get pleasure from doing something
      I enjoy guessing games.
  8. wear – to be dressed in something, or to carry or have something on your body
      Maybe it’s something that I can wear.
  9. wash – to clean with water or soap and water
      You sometimes have to wash it.
  10. father – a male parent
      Alex’s mother and father walk in with the present.
Story 16: Mr. Putter & Tabby Write the Book by Cynthia Rylant
Summary: Mr. Putter decides to write a great mystery novel, but runs into several distractions
Supplement: Interview with Author Loreen Leedy, The Dot (Reynolds), Billy’s Bucket (Gray),
Mae Jemison (Streissguth)

   1. knot
   2. wrong
   3. know
   4. wreck
   5. graph
   6. wrap
   7. knife
   8. tough
   9. phone
   10. laugh
   11. elephant
   12. photograph
   13. handwriting
   14. knuckle
   15. enough

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. disturb – you make a noise that bothers someone
   2. underneath – something is below you
   3. procrastinate – you delay or avoid doing something you need to do
   4. diversion – something that takes you away from what you are doing or thinking about

Words to Know:
  1. cozy – a place that makes you feel warm, happy, and comfortable
      Mr. Putter’s house was so cozy.
  2. enchanting –a person or thing is likeable and enjoyable
      When he finished, Mrs. Teaberry said it was “enchanting.”
  3. instead – you do one thing in place of a second thing
      “I wanted to write The Mystery of Lighthouse Cove, but I wrote Good Things instead.”
  4. thrilled – something made you feel excited and happy
      He did not feel sad at all. In fact, he was thrilled.
  5. review – when you say or write what you think about a play, a book, or a movie
      Every writer loves a good review.
  6. celebrate – if you are happy about something, this is what you do
      To celebrate good reviews and good neighbors, Mr. Putter took Mrs. Teaberry and Tabby
      and Zeke out for vanilla malts.
Story 17: Annie’s Gifts by Angela Shelf Medearis
Summary: Annie struggles to find her own unique and special gift in a family of talented musicians.
Supplement: Sarah Enters a Painting (Susan Katz)

   1. heavy
   2. steady
   3. bread
   4. sweat
   5. head
   6. thread
   7. breath
   8. ready
   9. meant
   10. health
   11. meadow
   12. instead
   13. breakfast
   14. treasure
   15. feather

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. journeyed – you have traveled on a long trip
   2. frail – you feel very weak
   3. horrendous – something you see or hear that is horrible or frightening
   4. melodious – musical sounds that are pleasant to listen to

Words to Know:
  1. stomped – you used your feet to make heavy, pounding steps
      The floor trembled as they stomped their feet to the loud bass beat.
  2. sipped – you took a very small drink of something
      Momma swayed with the sweet rhythm as she sipped her coffee.
  3. entertain – you do something, such as acting or singing, that you think people will enjoy
      When company came, she would entertain the guests.
  4. except – you talk about all but one
      Everyone played their part perfectly, everyone except Annie.
  5. carefree – a person who does not worry about problems
      When Mrs. Mason played the cello, it sounded warm and carefree, like carousel music.
  6. screeching – a loud, high sound that can hurt your ears
      When Annie played the cello, it always sounded like a chorus of screeching alley cats.
Story 18: Ah, Music! by Aliki
Summary: Children will discover a broad overview of music from basic definitions to composing
and performing.
Supplement: Come, My Little Children, Here Are Songs for You (Robert Louis Stevenson)

   1. join
   2. boil
   3. joy
   4. soil
   5. noise
   6. boy
   7. voice
   8. point
   9. toy
   10. coin
   11. destroy
   12. avoid
   13. annoy
   14. loyal
   15. enjoy

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. attract – you make a person want to come to you
   2. territory – an area of land that an animal sees as its home
   3. universal – something everyone in the world knows or experiences
   4. audible – something you can hear

Words to Know:
  1. volume – how loud or soft a sound is
      Music is volume.
  2. expression – using your voice, your face, or your body to add meaning to what you say
      It speaks with expression.
  3. creative – using new or different ideas to make or do something
      Music is a creative art.
  4. performance – when you sing, dance, or act in front of an audience
      The performance is when it is your turn to play.
  5. concentrate – putting all of your attention on one thing
      You concentrate. You do the best you can.
  6. relieved – feeling happy because some kind of worry is gone
      When you finish, everyone claps. You feel relieved and very proud.
Story 19: The Life of George Washington Carver by Joli K. Stevens
Summary: This biography follows the life and accomplishments of George Washington Carver.
Supplement: Nutty Facts About Peanuts (Gail Hennessey)

   1. gear
   2. deer
   3. fear
   4. year
   5. cheer
   6. near
   7. hear
   8. clear
   9. steer
   10. rear
   11. appear
   12. pioneer
   13. volunteer
   14. earrings
   15. nearby

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. brew – you make a drink yourself
   2. snug – clothing that fits close to you
   3. innovation – a new idea or product that solves a problem
   4. edible – something you can eat

Words to Know:
  1. supplies –the materials and equipment needed to do a job
      He had to pay for his books and school supplies himself.
  2. crop – a large planting of one kind of plant
      Planting the same crop every year made the soil poor.
  3. provide – you give something to someone
      George Washington Carver studied other crops to see what would grow well and provide
  4. earn – you get money or some other kind of reward for doing something
      He moved from place to place to earn money for school by doing odd jobs.
  5. committee – a group of people on a project or for a special reason
      He was even asked to speak to a committee of the United States Congress about peanuts.
  6. experiment – a test to try out an idea or find out if something is true
      George Washington Carver helped make the world a better place through his experiments
      and teaching.
Story 20: What’s My Job? (Readers’ Theater)
Summary: Game show contestants must ask questions to guess the job of the mystery guest.

   1. know
   2. wrong
   3. tough
   4. phone
   5. breath
   6. health
   7. soil
   8. joy
   9. deer
   10. rear

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. encountered – you met someone you didn’t expect to see
   2. originated – the time when something started or began
   3. opponent – a person you play against to win a game or contest
   4. impulsive – someone who does things without thinking

Words to Know:
  1. sleuths – people who try to solve crimes or mysteries
      Welcome to “What’s My Job?” – the game show in which super sleuths use their super
      detective skills.
  2. host – a person who introduces guests on a program and talks with them
      Here’s the host of our show, Sandy Beach, to entertain us.
  3. statue – a work of art, often showing a person, that can be seen from all sides. It may be
      made of wood, stone, bronze, or some other hard material.
      A sculptor uses a hammer to make a statue out of stone, and statues are art!
  4. risk – you take a chance of harm or a bad result
      Are you ready to risk a second one?
  5. responds – someone gives an answer to a question
      After our guest responds, the players can try to guess the job of our Mystery Guest.
  6. accurately – doing something without making any mistakes
      Whoever guesses accurately wins a special prize!
Story 21: A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams
Summary: After a fire destroys their home, a girl’s family saves coins in a jar to buy a big,
comfortable chair for them all to enjoy.
Supplement: Saving Money (Mary Firestone), Treasure Map (Murphy), Ant Cities (Dorros), A
Log’s Life (Pfeffer)

   1. out
   2. town
   3. count
   4. crowd
   5. ground
   6. now
   7. found
   8. crown
   9. sound
   10. down
   11. surround
   12. without
   13. cowboy
   14. powerful
   15. cloudless

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. allowance – money you get for doing chores or helping at home
   2. rosy – something looks pink
   3. thrifty – careful about spending money
   4. industrious – hard-working

Words to Know:
  1. bargain – you didn’t have to pay much to buy something good
      Whenever she gets a good bargain on tomatoes or bananas, she puts by the savings.
  2. spoiled – something that is damaged or ruined
      But everything else in our whole house was spoiled.
  3. comfortable – you feel good just as you are
      She has to get as comfortable as she can on a hard kitchen chair.
  4. boost – you lift someone up to reach something
      He had to boost me up so I could put it in.
  5. exchanged – you gave something to someone and you got something else in return
      The bank exchanged them for ten-dollar bills.
  6. delivered – take something from one place and bring it to another
      They know we couldn’t wait for it to be delivered.
Story 22: Serious Farm by Tim Egan
Summary: Farmer Fred takes his work on the farm very seriously. The animals decide to try to
make the farm more fun and set out to find ways to make Farmer Fred laugh.
Supplement: Beyond Old MacDonald (Charley Hoce)

   1. store
   2. fork
   3. pour
   4. score
   5. your
   6. chore
   7. short
   8. more
   9. four
   10. sore
   11. ignore
   12. important
   13. factory
   14. explore
   15. fourteen

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. acquired – you own or buy something
   2. assumed – you believed something without thinking about it
   3. absurd – something is crazy or silly
   4. attempt – you try to do something

Words to Know:
  1. serious – something is important and not at all funny
      He wasn’t a sad fellow, just very serious.
  2. extremely – very much a certain way
      The pigs, the cows, the horses, the chickens, the rabbit, the sheep. All extremely serious.
  3. admit – you agree that something is true even though you might not want to
      “Must admit,” said Bernie, the goat, “I wouldn’t mind smilin’ again.”
  4. barely – you almost can’t do something
      She was barely able to keep her balance.
  5. hilarious – something is very, very funny
      Everyone thought it was hilarious but Farmer Fred.
  6. witty – you say things in a clever and funny way
      “Well,” said Edna, “in that case, you’re witty enough for us, Farmer Fred.”
Story 23: The Bee by Sabrina Crewe
Summary: Children will learn about the life cycle of a bee.
Supplement: Bee Business (Dimarie Santiago)

   1. true
   2. grew
   3. suit
   4. smooth
   5. clue
   6. soup
   7. stew
   8. food
   9. group
   10. fruit
   11. nephew
   12. classroom
   13. cartoon
   14. juicy
   15. newspaper

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. thickens – something becomes more gooey
   2. plentiful – there is a lot of something
   3. role – there are certain things you have to do
   4. diligent – you keep working until you’re done

Words to Know:
  1. pattern – a design in something
      If the flowers are far away, it slowly makes a pattern like an 8.
  2. carefully – you pay close attention to what you are doing so that you don’t make a mistake
      It climbs into the cells and cleans them carefully.
  3. crowd – when people or animals gather in large numbers
      They crowd around the queen bee when she lays her eggs.
  4. sealed – you closed something tightly
      The cells are sealed with wax by worker bees.
  5. attack – you use great force to try to cause harm to something
      The bees will sting any enemies who attack the hive.
  6. disappear – you can’t see something anymore
      When winter comes, the bees disappear.
Story 24: Watching in the Wild by Charnan Simon
Summary: Children will learn about Jane Goodall and her research of chimpanzees in their native
Supplement: Chimp Computer Whiz (Ask Magazine Article)

   1. hair
   2. glare
   3. fair
   4. scare
   5. pair
   6. care
   7. share
   8. chair
   9. rare
   10. stair
   11. airplane
   12. repair
   13. downstairs
   14. haircut
   15. careful

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. extinct – there are no more of a certain kind of animal alive
   2. pledge – you promise to do something
   3. patience – you can wait for someone or something without complaining or getting restless
   4. tedious – something is boring and takes a long time to do

Words to Know:
  1. blended – things are mixed together so you can’t tell there are separate parts
      She put on clothes that blended in with the jungle.
  2. cradled – you held something closely as if you were taking care of it
      She smiled at the baby chimps who perched on their mothers’ backs or sat cradled in their
  3. raggedy – something looks rough and torn at the edges, like a rag
      Old Flo was ugly, with a big nose and raggedy ears – but she was a wonderful mother.
  4. distance – how far away something is
      She would watch them from a distance.
  5. personalities – the ways people act, think, and feel that make them special
      She saw that the chimpanzees had real personalities.
  6. crumpled – you gently crush something or bunch it up
      Many times, chimps used crumpled leaves as sponges to soak up water to drink from hollow
Story 25: Town Hall (Readers’ Theater)
Summary: Students interview town leaders about a new park being built in the community.
Supplement: A Time for Patience (Tom Lynch)

   1. found
   2. down
   3. store
   4. four
   5. smooth
   6. grew
   7. true
   8. fruit
   9. care
   10. pair

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. race – what someone runs in who wants to be the president or a mayor
   2. juggling – you are working on many projects at the same time
   3. preference – when you like one thing better than another
   4. alternatives – if you have several choices

Words to Know:
  1. accomplish – you completed something with good results
      Coming up with a good plan for the park was very difficult to accomplish.
  2. feasible – something can be done
      No, that wouldn’t be feasible.
  3. attend – you go to an event
      We will have music shows and play that people of all ages will want to attend.
  4. report – you tell what you have learned or found out
      Then we’ll report back to our classmates.
  5. area – an open space or a part of a place
      We’re making a big picnic area for families who come to the park on weekends.
  6. serve – you bring people food and drinks
      By listening to everyone, we were better able to serve the community.
Story 26: Where on Earth Is My Bagel? by Frances Park and Ginger Park
Summary: A young Korean boy decides that he wants a New York bagel. With the help of his
friends, he is able to fulfill his wish.
Supplement: South Korea (Susan E. Haberle), Buster (Fleming), Mae Jemison (Streissguth), The
Quetzal’s Journey (Ada & Campoy)

   1. book
   2. should
   3. took
   4. stood
   5. crook
   6. would
   7. look
   8. could
   9. good
   10. shook
   11. cookout
   12. understand
   13. bookstore
   14. cookies
   15. couldn’t

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. belongings – the things you own
   2. fleeing – you are running away from something
   3. crave – you want something very much
   4. correspond – you write a letter or an e-mail to a person

Words to Know:
  1. gently – you do something in a way that is careful and kind
      There were lilacs gently blossoming on every hillside.
  2. replied – you answered someone’s question
      “Yes,” Baker Oh replied.
  3. fragrant – something has a pleasing, sweet smell
      Yum Yung kneaded the fragrant dough and formed it into a ring shape.
  4. smothered – you cover something completely so that it has no air
      Perhaps it came to him in a dream, smothered with cream cheese.
  5. pleaded – you begged someone for something
      “Baker Oh,” Yum Yung pleaded, “please tell me you have my missing bagel!”
  6. grunted – you made a small, deep sound in your throat
      They all grunted as they set the bagel down under a persimmon tree on the quiet hillside.
Story 27: My Name is Gabriela by Monica Brown
Summary: Children will learn about the life of the Nobel Prize winning poet, Gabriela Mistral.
Supplement: Gabriela Mistral (Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy)

   1. claw
   2. fault
   3. draw
   4. haul
   5. crawl
   6. lawn
   7. sauce
   8. paw
   9. caught
   10. saw
   11. daughter
   12. naughty
   13. seesaw
   14. author
   15. because

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. accent – people can tell where you are from by the way you speak
   2. native – the certain place where you were born
   3. aspire – you try very hard to do something
   4. accolade – a special award or praise for something

Words to Know:
  1. beyond – something that is farther away from something else
      When I couldn’t sleep, I would look up at the mountains and wonder what could be beyond
  2. noticed – you observed something carefully
      I noticed the way the words fluttering butterfly sounded together – like a poem.
  3. award – something you receive when you do something others think is very good
      One story won an important award.
  4. create – you use your imagination to make something new
      How else would he create words and tell his stories without it?
  5. literature – stories and poems
      I was given a very special prize – the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  6. grand – something is important and wonderful
      When I accepted the grand award, I thought of the beautiful mountains outside of my
      window in Chile.
Story 28: Let’s Go Rock Collecting by Roma Gans
Summary: Children will be introduced to basic concepts about the formation, types, and uses of
Supplement: Pebbles (Valerie Worth)

   1. ball
   2. talk
   3. fought
   4. hall
   5. bought
   6. all
   7. chalk
   8. small
   9. thought
   10. fall
   11. football
   12. hallway
   13. sidewalk
   14. thoughtful
   15. always

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. absolutely – you definitely have to do something
   2. halfheartedly – you do something without much interest
   3. identify – you figure out what something is
   4. durable – something lasts a long time

Words to Know:
  1. rare –something that is not found or seen very often
      But some, like diamonds and emeralds, are rare.
  2. last – something that will be able to be used for a long time
      Things made with rocks last and last.
  3. common – there is a lot of something or it happens often
      It is the most common of all igneous rocks.
  4. settled – something moved slowly until it came to a rest
      Layer after layer settled on the bottoms of the lakes and seas.
  5. separated – you sorted things into groups
      Now it is darker gray, and its crystals have separated into layers.
  6. collection – a group of things that are kept together
      One way to start a collection is to look for rocks of different colors.
Story 29: The Lizard and the Sun by Alma Flor Ada
Summary: A lizard helps to search for the sun, which has disappeared from the sky.
Supplement: Be Sun Safe (Magazine Article)

   1. break
   2. sleigh
   3. they
   4. steak
   5. eight
   6. obey
   7. great
   8. neighbor
   9. prey
   10. weigh
   11. disobey
   12. weightless
   13. eighteenth
   14. they’ve
   15. neighborhood

Robust Vocabulary:
   1. squatted – you crouched or sat on the ground
   2. chilly – something feels cool or cold
   3. bizarre – something is very strange
   4. extravaganza – amazing entertainment

Words to Know:
  1. peered –look closely at something
      She climbed rocks, scurried up tree trunks, and peered under leaves, searching, always
  2. discovery – you learn something or find something for the first time
      So with great excitement, the lizard ran off to the city to share her discovery.
  3. budge – you move something just a little
      But the rock would not budge.
  4. scampering – running in a playful way
      She was scampering over some rocks when she saw that one of them was shining as though
      it had light inside.
  5. majestic – something important and grand as a king or queen
      And the majestic eagle flew over the mountaintops and the cones of the volcanoes.
  6. entire – all of something
      “Get up, Sun,” said the emperor. “The entire city needs you.”
Story 30: Cross-Country Vacation (Readers’ Theater)
Summary: A family makes a trip from Ohio to California, stopping at many sights along the way.
(Lincoln Museum, Lake of the Ozarks State Park, ruins of a pueblo, San Gabriel Mountains, Santa
Monica Beach)
Supplement: Summer Safety

   1. took
   2. should
   3. draw
   4. caught
   5. fought
   6. all
   7. chalk
   8. steak
   9. neighbor
   10. great

Robust Vocabulary:
   5. acquired – you own or buy something
   6. assumed – you believed something without thinking about it
   7. absurd – something is crazy or silly
   8. attempt – you try to do something

Words to Know:
  1. delay – to keep something from happening as soon as it should
      We’re off without further delay.
  2. fantastic – something is wonderful
      We’ll be driving to some fantastic palces!
  3. spare – to have extra of something that you do not need
      Shut the doors. We have no time to spare.
  4. historical – something that is a part of history
      Our first stop is an important historical site.
  5. impressive – something that is very, very good
      We finally stopped when the sun started to set behind these majestic mountains. It was
  6. upbeat – cheerful
      We’re all feeling upbeat.

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