The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, Office of Ground Water and
Drinking Water (OGWDW), Technical Support Center (TSC) requires contractor support for analytical
laboratory services in conjunction with implementation of the third cycle of the Unregulated
Contaminant Monitoring Regulation (UCMR3).

EPA is responsible for investigating chemical, radiological and microbiological contaminant occurrence in
an effort to characterize drinking water threats. EPA relies on independent research efforts (e.g., United
States Geological Survey [USGS] studies) and is heavily engaged in conducting occurrence studies to
obtain new data. The largest occurrence study is the monitoring program mandated by the Unregulated
Contaminant Monitoring Regulation (UCMR). The UCMR is a 5-year cyclic monitoring program that
allows OGWDW to evaluate contaminant occurrence in finished drinking water. The anticipated
strategy is to select the key contaminants indentified as occurrence priorities, which when combined
with health effects data and available drinking water treatment technologies enable EPA to establish
National Primary Drinking Water Standards (NPDWS) and maximize protection of public health.

Tasks anticipated under this procurement may support the Assessment, Screening, and/or Pre-Screen
elements of the UCMR. Tasks will include support in the following areas:

1. Conducting laboratory analyses, following all required QC using methods promulgated for UCMR3.
An interested small business laboratory will need to have EPA Laboratory Approval for List 1 Assessment
Monitoring methods (EPA Methods 200.8, 300.1, 524.3, 522, 537, 539 and 218.7).
2. Providing logistical support by logging, receiving, confirming appropriate preservation, and sorting
field samples received at their laboratory in support of this contract.
3. Reporting results in a timely manner using an EPA specified electronic format.
4. Preparing monthly reports indentifying any problems encountered as well as the status of the work
completed and on-going analyses.

To ensure sufficient laboratory capacity, it is anticipated that this requirement will be met through
multiple-award, indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity type services contracts. The contracts will be
fixed rate for each Method Analysis. The anticipated contracts will have an ordering period of five years.
Over the five year multiple award ordering period, EPA estimates a sum total of approximately 74,880
sample analysis will be ordered for EPA Methods 200.8, 300.1, 524.3, 522, 537, 539 and 218.7 during the
three year monitoring period for UCMR3. Specific task orders will be competed among the laboratories
awarded these contracts. These task orders will specify one or more of the following tasks to be
completed using one or more analytical methods. In response to a written task order, the successful
offeror (s) shall be responsible for all activities relating to sample receipt, conducting the analyses and
reporting results in support of the UCMR.

Under another existing EPA contract vehicle, EPA will coordinate the preparation of the sampling kits
and the collection of the samples. To reiterate, laboratories will not be responsible for sample shipping
costs, unless these shipping costs are the direct result of chronic sample recollection due to gross
laboratory negligence or incompetence.
Interested parties need to recognize that it will need to have EPA approval for List 1 Assessment
Monitoring methods. To attain EPA approval, UCMR3 laboratory application (s) must be complete
without unresolved deficiencies and firms must have passed an EPA offered proficiency testing (PT)
study for each of the respective methods. For more information regarding the Laboratory Approval
reference the Special Notice posted on 11/28/11 at

All interested parties are hereby invited to submit a capability statement of no more than fifteen (15)
pages, and no smaller than 12 point font. The Government will evaluate each capability statement based
on the interested party’s demonstrated qualifications, capabilities, expertise, experience, and past
performance in each of the areas included in Draft Performance Work Statement. Interested parties
should describe their ability to provide all necessary labor, materials, services, equipment, and facilities
to support the tasked analytical services included in the draft Performance Work Statement. The
applicable NAICS code for this requirement is 541380 with a size standard of $12 million. The projected
start date is September 11, 2012. The solicitation is expected to be posted to the internet on or about
March 21, 2012, as Solicitation Number SOL-CI-12-00020 and can be accessed through the direct link

Interested parties should provide their size status for the above referenced NAICS code, (i.e. large,
small) and whether or not they are a certified hubzone, 8(a), women-owned, small disadvantaged
and/or disabled veteran owned concern. As a reminder, small businesses are required to perform at
least 50 percent of the costs of the contract performance with their own personnel (FAR 52.219-14). The
EPA reserves the right to set this action aside for small businesses. Responses to the above should be
submitted to (Katie Rechenberg, USEPA, 26 West Martin Luther King Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45268, or no later than 15 calendar days from date of posting. A separate
synopsis will be issued for the Request for Proposal (RFP) resulting from this sources source synopsis.

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