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					Read Aloud Lesson Bear’s Bargain by Frank Asch
Scripted by Cynthia McAdams, K Teacher Laurelhurst

Connecting Activity

Close your eyes and think about a time you wanted to learn something new and needed
help. What was it you wanted to learn? Was it when you wanted to learn to ride your
two- wheeler? Maybe you wanted to learn how to write your name, or tie your shoes.
Maybe you wanted to learn how to climb the ladder to the slide all by yourself and slide
on down. Who was it that helped you learn? Was it one of your parents, a sister or
brother? A teacher? A friend? Maker a picture in your mind. You should see yourself and
someone who helped you learn something new. (Point to your forehead and say, right
here, you should see that picture.) Now, think about what you wanted to learn, and who
helped you. Tell your story to the person next to you.

Bridging Conversation and Genre Set-up.

The book that we are about to read is called Bear’s Bargain. It’s about some bear and a
bird that both want to learn something new. Remembering what you wanted to learn and
who helped you will help you understand the characters in this story. The story is a piece
of fiction, a made up story. As good readers, when we read fiction/made up stories, we
need to get ready to meet the characters, who the story is about, find out where the story
takes place, the setting, and pay careful attention to each thing, event, that happens in the


There is a word I want you to think about before we begin this story. It is the word
bargain. When we make a deal, we have made a bargain. I want you to think of a time
you made a deal with someone. Maybe you got to first in a game the first time it was
played, and your friend got to go first the next time. Or, maybe you get to play with the
soccer ball and your friend gets to play with the basketball, then you switch. Think of a
time you might have made a bargain with someone. Make a picture of it. You should see
yourself making a bargain with someone.

Asking Questions

As a good reader, I always begin a book by looking at the illustration and the title on the
cover and I find myself wondering. The first thing I am wondering is…what is Bear
saying to Bird? It looks like they are talking. The questions and wonderings are having us
get really excited to read the book to find the answers.
Explicit and Deliberate Instructional Decisions
                            Bear’s Bargain by Frank Asch

  Think Aloud, Open Ended Questions or Guided Practice                   Objective
                 Specific Teacher Language

  Title Page: Look at Bear and Bird. They are shaking Making connections to understand
  hands. It looks as though they have agreed on
  something, or are shaking on something. Think of the
  word “bargain”. Have you ever told someone you
  would help him or her with something, if they helped
  you? Have you ever made a deal? Remembering a
  time when someone helped me learn something new
  helps me understand the characters in this story.
  Pg. 7 Let’s think about how Bear has helped Bird so Recalling important facts
  far. What has he done to help Bird get bigger so far?
  Is it working? Refer back to the beginning of the
  story. Good readers go back over the story as they are
  reading to gather important information.
  Pg. 11 Let’s think again of all the things Bear has      Sequencing events
  done so far to help Bird get big. Let’s try to
  remember the events in the order that they occurred.
  The teacher helps the students list the events in order.

  Pg.13 Do you think bear helped Bird become bigger?     Relating important information
  Do you think he did kept his end of the bargain?       Making inferences to understand the

  Pg. 11 How will carving a picture on the pumpkin       Predicting next event
  help Bird grow?
  Pg 13 Now that we know how carving the picture         Repairing understandings
  helped Bird get big, let’s correct what we thought
  would happen. Good readers predict what will
  happen, and then correct their thinking when they
  find out what really happened.

  Pg. 15 Do you think jumping off the rock will help     Making inferences to predict events in
  Bear fly? Good readers try to imagine what will        the story.
  happen and think about it
  Pg. 16 What do you think Bear and Bird are going
  shopping for that will help Bear fly?

  Pg. 24 Do you think a kite helped Bear fly? Why or
  why not? Did Bird keep his end of the bargain?

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