Southeast Regional Meeting 5-9-07 by huanghengdong


									Southeast NAPSA Administrators Telephone Conference
May 9, 2007 2:00 PM Eastern Time


Present: Ralph Forehand (FL), Mary Martha Rugg (GA), Kimberly Baker (KY), Edna
Clark (MS), Mildred Washington (SC), Vickie Lawson and Nancy Sentell (TN), Sam
Hubbard (NC), and Doris Ball (AL)

Sam Hubbard opened the meeting. The agenda was as follows: 1. Conference Update; 2.
Elder Justice Act; 3. Membership Update; 4. Board Report; 5. State Reports; and 6. Other

Mary Martha Rugg gave an overview of the upcoming Conference to be held in Atlanta
at the Hyatt Regency. Presenters have been selected. There will be 7 breakout sessions.
Some sessions will be video taped by NCEA and placed on their website for web casting.
An AOA representative will speak at the opening session and a mock trial will end the
session. Registration and selection of sessions can be completed online. There will be a
meet and greet on Tuesday night, a dinner on Wednesday night, and on your own on
Thursday night.

Georgia is making 5 gift baskets to be raffled off and proceeds will fund 2 scholarships to
the conference. It was suggested and the group agreed to make a Southeast Region basket
with each SE State contributing 1-2 items representative of the home State.

Nominations for awards (5 categories) should be submitted to Sam Hubbard or Joe
Snyder. Awards will be presented at the conference.

Advocacy for the EJA was strongly encouraged and everyone was encouraged to join the
Elder Justice Coalition. See Bob Blancato, Executive
Director, is optimistic of the EJA’s passage. 6 Senators, none from the SE have signed as
sponsors. 38 Representatives have sponsored, including Chandler (KY) and Schultz (FL).
Bob Blancato has visited in TN and AL and participated in a telephone conference in NC
soliciting support for EJA. The EJA currently allocates $125 million for State APS

There are currently 513 NAPSA members, 88 are from SE Region. Membership is
currently $225 for agency (6 members); $60 for administrators; $40 for supervisors; and
$20 for social workers. Membership runs through 6/30/08. New memberships after
7/1/07 will be rolling memberships for 1 yr. from the date of joining.
Sam Hubbard discussed AOA/NCEA funding applications, revision of NAPSA logo,
Regional conferences held across the US, and work of the Policy Committee in drafting
an APS bill to be pursued in case EJA is not passed.

Alabama – Doris Ball discussed development of a comprehensive information system,
recent legislation introduced by the Department of Aging related to licensing of in-home
care workers and increased coordination of aging programs, training initiatives, and
dialog with the Medicaid Agency regarding reimbursement for relocation of clients from
nursing homes being closed.

Florida – Ralph Forehand discussed Florida Safe Families System, an APS information
system that includes assessment of ADLs and capacity to consent, referrals to the State
attorney, internal referrals, automated messaging, alert to new cases, due dates, and many
other features. CGI is the contracting company. Both Ralph and Chris Shoemaker will
be retiring 7/31/07!

Georgia – Mary Martha Rugg reported APS transferred to Aging 7/04. They are very
pleased with the change. They have redone their manual. Their automated information
system is called AINS and allows workers to work from home. They have a 7% worker
turnover rate due mostly to retirements. They have recently added a forensic specialist to
their staff. They are guardian to 650 wards. Their training money for the year will be
used to send most of their APS staff (200) to the NAPSA conference.

Kentucky – Kimberly Baker discussed electronic sharing of A/N/E reports and
investigative reports with law enforcement. KY is meeting this month in 9 regions with
their designated APS teams. She sadly reported the murder of an APS social worker.
The death resulted in additional staffing, 2 way radios, and safety training. KY is
continuing its Summer Series on Aging training, is holding a Healthy Aging Conference
in September, and is training beauticians, postal workers, and others on recognizing elder

Mississippi – Edna Clark reports they are still transitioning to the aging program. All 15
staff including 11 front line workers, 2 supervisors, and 2 State Office staff has been
hired. FCS staff is resistant to taking APS reports. 1 frontline worker covers 15 counties.
MS APS has no training budget and finding office space is a challenge. Burnout is a
threat but staff members are hopeful. Staff members are using their personal cell phones
currently but state issued ones are expected. Laptops were issued but did not work.

South Carolina – Mildred Washington reported their automated system for resources is
called ACCESS. They are trying to get laptops for workers. SC legislature is
considering an in-home care licensing bill but its implementation will be costly. They are
also considering Adult Fatality Review Teams. An Alzheimer Council is being
developed for support of caregivers. 3 State office staff members have been added for
support and technical assistance for counties.

Tennessee – Vickie Lawson reports they are also working on an automated system,
contracting, and development of requirements. Staff members are getting new tablets but
are resistant to giving up pen and paper. TN will hold an Elder Abuse Institute the end of
May for members of multi-disciplinary teams. They are also forming a statewide

North Carolina – Sam Hubbard reported considerable work has been done to revise the
APS program through the APS Clearing House Model aimed at significantly improving
response time to reports. The APS statute was rewritten and funding requested through
the Legislature. The Clearing House was not funded.

The group would like to continue issuing a SE Newsletter. State reports for the
newsletter should be sent to Doris Ball by June 15 and she will compile and issue by June

Next telephone conference will be 8/9. The SE Regional Meeting will be held at the
Conference at the end of the day on 9/5.

Respectfully submitted:

Doris Ball

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