Siriously Annoying by williamsjohnseo


									                        Siri-ously Annoying
Siri is the newest addiction for iPhone 4S owners. But is this addiction
getting annoying for the rest of us? When I use my Android phone for
finding information, I’m searching directly on Google. But Siri is an
independent search engine, which is probably why it can’t find
everything. Apple programmed Siri to practically have a personality, which
is probably why people are so addicted to it—even when it’s really not
appropriate. Here are some tips to keep in mind before getting sucked into

Be Aware of Others

Just because you can talk to Siri doesn’t mean you always should. Use the
10-foot rule to determine whether to talk on your phone or not. If you are
within 10-feet of strangers, it’s too close. Texting, email, and social media
apps are still available for you to communicate. James Katz, director of the
Center for Mobile Communication Studies at Rutgers, says that people who
dictate to their phones are creating an inconvenience for others (having to
hear unnecessary noise) rather than dealing with an inconvenience
themselves (typing slowly on a cramped cell phone keyboard). So if you
think it makes you look important to dictate a text to Siri while in a public
place, realize that you’re actually being incredibly rude to those around
you. It also sounds a little silly to dictate punctuation.

Don’t Always Use Speakerphone

You don’t have to use speakerphone to use Siri. Using speakerphone is
appropriate when you’re by yourself or showing Siri off to
friends. Otherwise, make the extra effort of actually lifting the phone to
your ear in order to keep Siri conversations private.

After Two Tries, Use the Web

Don’t keep trying over and over for Siri to answer your question. If she’s
not getting it after the second or third time, it’s probably a question that Siri
can’t answer and you’ll be directed to the web anyway. It’s annoying for
people to hear you try to search for one thing over and over again only for
Siri to give you the same wrong answer. Let it go and turn to your trusted
Google search. Your neighbors will thank you.

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