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Trial Law - Serial Killer Presentation Assignment
You are to do a Power Point Presentation in which YOU teach the class on a Serial Killer of your choice. A
minimum of 10 slides and you must include the following information:
    Who? Name, personal history, interesting facts about your serial killer.
       What? What crime did he/she commit? How? Did he/she leave any ‘calling cards’, their MO? Be detailed
        but keep it clean. Did they present any warning signs prior to the criminal behavior?
       Where? Where did the crimes take place?
       When? Give significant dates of crimes, clues, arrest, etc.
       Why? What was the motive behind the serial killer’s murders/crimes?
       How? How was your serial killer caught? Give specific forensic, look up what forensic means, evidence
        found at crime scenes or anywhere else of significance and how it was used to catch your serial killer.
       Be sure to relate the trial in your serial killer’s case. What happened during the trial? What was the result?
       If there was a trial, if not talk about the investigation, the challenges faced while searching for the killer by
        the police or other law enforcement officials.
Work breakdown recommendations:
       Background of SK Personal Information, biographical information
       Information about the crimes, details, patterns, and killer’s MO.
       Details about the trial, evidence used.
       What happened to the person since the trial?
 You must also include a bibliography citing ALL references used in your research, including web sites. Helpful
Presentations will begin RANDOMLY if you are not ready when you are called 5 points will be deducted for each
day. You will receive grades based on the following: Power Point information presented and oral presentation.
Ted Bundy                                 H.H. Holmes                               Peter Sutcliffe
Richard Trenton Chase                     Edmund Kemper                             The Zodiac Killer
Andrei Chickatilo                         Peter Kurten                              Aileen Wurnos
Albert Fish                               Leonard Lake & Carles Ng                  Dennis Nielson
                                                                                    Albert DeSalvo (Boston Strangler)
John Wayne Gacy                           Henry Landru
                                                                                    Joel Rifkin
Eddie Gein                                Bobby Joe Long                            Gary Ridgeway
Fritz Haarman                             Henry Lee Lucas                           Marcelo Costa de Andrade
John Haigh                                Herbert Mullin                            William Bonin
William Heirens                           Dennis Nilsen
Hillside Strangler                        Richard Ramirez


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