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									                           I Am A Serial Killer
         Through our discussions of forensic psychology and criminal profiling, we are going to research some of the
most compelling psychological profile cases in American history – THE SERIAL KILLER. The serial killer is a
mystery and a challenge to crime solvers. Why do they do what they do? What sets them off to have them start their
killing sprees? Where are they going to strike next and who is the next victim? What can police do to stop them?

Your assignment
        Research the serial killer of your choice. Your job is to create a profile of their background and of the crimes
to help future forensic psychologists.

In your paper, you should answer the following questions:
                The background information on the serial killer:
                     - When were they born?
                     - Where did they grow up?
                     - Did they have a normal or a dysfunctional family life?
                     - Did they go to school? What grade did they go to?
                     - Anything unusual happen in their early years?
                     - Did they exhibit unusual or odd behaviors as a child?

                Their serial killing ways:
                    - What was the year of their first killing?
                    - Who was the victim?
                    - How long did their serial killing ways last?
                    - Did they have a M.O. or their own signature or style of killing people?
                    - Did they have a pattern to their victims (ex. only females)?

                The capture:
                    - When did they get caught?
                    - How did they get caught?
                    - What was their sentence?
                    - Are they still alive today? If so, where are they being held?

                Provide your own theory as to why your individual turned to a serial killer. What
                happened in their childhood that could have led them to become a serial killer?

           There must be a title page which includes: name of serial killer, your name, teacher’s name,
            due date and period – This does not count as a page.
           The paper must be typed (Times New Roman 12) and at least three pages (double-spaced).
           Pictures are not mandatory but they certainly do add to you paper.

           PowerPoint must consist of at least 6 slides.
           Presentation must be between 4-6 minutes.

                        Serial Killer Project Rubric
                        Serial Killer Project Rubric

                             Components                                     Pts.    Pts. Worth
Title page – Name of serial killer, your name, teacher’s name, due                      2
date, & period
     Background Information                                                           10
          -When born, where grow up, family life, schooling, unusual
           and/or behaviors?                                                           10
     Killing Methods
         -When did they start, who was the victim, how long did it last,
           methods, patterns to victims?                                               10
     Capture
          -How caught, when, sentence, where are they today?                            5
     Theory
          -Your ideas regarding why they became a serial killer                         5
     Spelling/grammar                                                                  3
     Double-spaced, Font size 12
     At least 3 pages

                                                           Total Points                50

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