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Samsung Tablet       is designed and
marketed to compete head to head with iPad.

    It is an android-based devices

                       Available in three different sizes,
                       7.0 inches 8.9 inches and 10.1 inches.

7.0 model is good if you are using mostly for texting and email,
if you plan to consume a lot of media, you will be much happier
with 10.1   model.

Samsung Tablet prices are very competitive when
compared to other tablets with similar features and
               Less expensive model equipped with a 16-gig memory
               and the more expensive models offer a 32-gigabyte
               memory for faster speeds and increased functionality.

MODEL COLORS combined with the SLEEK design, makes
this tablet a functional, yet appealing ELEGANT style.

                SAMSUNG made more design
                IMPROVEMENTS and specification
                UPGRADES that put their tablet on the
                same HIGH LEVEL with Apple’s products.

The Samsung Tablet
Galaxy 8.9
  a Wi-Fi Internet
  access only

  it has a sleek look
  and feel
                        .33 inches deep and
                        weight of 1 pound
                        it is a little bit lighter than the iPad2

Galaxy 8.9
  An Android platform
  allows you the flexibility to customize your screens and
  widgets in various ways that are not possible with the iPads.

  With NEW User Interface known as TouchWiz.
       A software with intuitive
      drag and drop function.
      It makes fast and smooth
      manipulating files and apps.

Galaxy 8.9
  Boasts a high-resolution touch screen
             works well for :   watching movies
                                video chatting
                                surfing on the Internet
  With a micro SD slot

  35mm headphone jack

  It Supports Flash
    Plays most online videos
    without any problem.

Galaxy 8.9
  runs off the dual core 1-giga hertz processor with
  Android 3.1 Honeycomb platform.

                The Galaxy has a series of ENHANCED Features
                and Specifications that has led many iPad users to
                drop them and make the switch.

The Samsung Tablet
Galaxy 10.1
   This tablet is Verizon enabled with 4G LTE.
         gives you access to 175 million Adobe Flash compatible web sites

   FEATURES a high-resolution 1280 X 800 screen
   high definition screen that plays 1080p videos

Galaxy 10.1
  PressDisplay for news

  Kobo for e-books

  Zinio for magazines

               These apps provides you with a wealth of
               entertainment and news possibilities to
               keep you busy and informed.

Galaxy 10.1
FIRST tablet to use a true mobile
super chip - the NIVIDIA Tegra 2 dual
core 1-gigahertz processor.

  with Texting and Emailing
  3MP rear-facing camera
        Battery has 9 hour life under
        normal operating conditions.
  With Built-in GPS
        Useful for finding your way.

Galaxy 10.1
  At only 1.3 pounds, this tablet is a bit lighter than the iPad2.

  It is thinner at only .33 inches deep.

  With a micro SD slot and 35mm headphone jack.

The Samsung Tablet is a decent all around device
for someone who wants something that will tackle all of your
electronic endeavours, whether you are at home relaxing on the
couch or on a business trip traveling across the country.

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