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How to Track a Cell Phone
Location through Triangulation?

       A cellular phone location can
           be tracked down through
                   network tower

The Cellular phone’s ACTIVE SIGNAL
are gathered by the three nearest
base station towers within the
phone’s vicinity.

            Cell phone to be tracked NEEDS
             to be TURNED ON to be able to
               send an ACTIVE SIGNAL.

With BASE TOWER TRIANGULATION, the active signal
from the cellular phone that you are tracing down will
gathered 3 NEAREST TOWERS:

      the STRONGEST SIGNAL will be location A
      the SECOND will be location B
      the WEAKEST SIGNAL will be location C

                   These signals will then be coordinated and
                   the point where they will meet will be the
                   approximate cellular phone position.

How to Track a Cell Phone
through GPS Tracking?

          GPS Tracking is another EFFECTIVE
          cell phone tracking system available.

          This works well if the cell phone
          You are tracking down is already
          GPS Enabled.

Using this tracking option is VERY USEFUL especially if you
want to know the exact location of your children when they are
not yet home.

          With GPS cell phone tracking technology it is
          EASY to know where they are just by using :

                         by using your own phone with
                         GPS tracking

                         by going online and using an online
                         map through the INTERNET.

This Tracking Tool is also

       if you have lost your cell
       phone or you have
       forgotten where you
       have left it.

How to Track a Cell Phone through
a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
         REVERSE Cell Phone Lookup is another
         EFFECTIVE cell phone tracking system.

            but it can be quite expensive to use.

            It works just like a telephone
            directory but you have to pay an
            online service provider to get the
            information you need.
A Cellular number can be traced back
to its user by utilizing a reverse cell phone
lookup service provider; you just need to
register to a website that offers such service.

            All you have to do is to FIND the RIGHT
            PROVIDER that can offer you a good service.

            Be AWARE though that there are websites
            that advertise free reverse cell phone
            number lookup.
                                   Do not be fooled by such false
                                   ads, there is simply no such thing
                                   as free reverse cell phone
                                   number lookup.
                  If you want to get the necessary
                  information you need, you will
                  have to pay for them.

The sites also pay for the
information you require from
another party, so it is only natural
that they will ask you to pay too.

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