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									Saudi Arabia
The King & Prime Minister
Silvio Pellas (Committee Chair)

The First Deputy Prime Minister/Crown Prince
Kelley Fenelon (Committee Director)

Minister of Internal Security (Prince Naif)
Delegate: Gerald Awich

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Delegate: Becky Peters

Minister of Justice
Delegate: Ashley Titolo

Minister of Intelligence
Delegate: Jaina Sangtani

Minister of Education
Delegate: Mihai Cucuringhu

Grand Mufti: Saudi Arabia’s highest ranking cleric, and head of the Council of Senior
Religious Scholars
Delegate: Rafi Chaudhury

Minister of Health
Delegate: Nick Snyder

Minister for Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Dawa and Guidance
John Halter

The First Deputy Prime Minister, Crown Prince
Raj Parikh

Minister of Economy and Labor
Delegate: Sarah Nezamuddin

Minister of Defense
Delegate: Scott Anderson

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