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									BENEFITS and USES of iPad

 The iPad gives you the ability to do all while shifting
 back and forth easily between the programs that you
            are using and without hassle.
   The main screen will slide right out of the way and
                                      bring up the bar.

This makes shifting around
EASY for iPad
                           No matter which apps
                           you have open you
                           can do everything on
                           the go,

and close the app at a moment’s
notice without losing your place.
The iPad offers no shortage of time killers as well as
utility apps and truly has something for everyone and
is specially designed to multitask.
The Ease of iPad Multitasking

 How many times have you been looking for
 something, finally found it and then forgot the
 page that you were on?
The iPad multitasking is
designed to make things
as easy as possible.

                   Your programs, even if they are
                   suspended, will go back to where
                   you left off when you open them.
For programs that are still running
in the background and you want to
close, simply pressing on the icon
and holding will force it to close.
To Use iPad Multitasking or Other
Non iPad Devices
        If you are only looking to read or if
        you are going to use one app at a time
        then it may make it a little easier to
        come to a decision.
When it comes to looking at iPad multitasking and other
devices that you can use to carry along, it is important
to compare what the others are going to offer you.
With iPad multitasking,
the speed and convenience
of being able to move swiftly
and without pause, much as
we do with our everyday lives.
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