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					                             TOWSON UNIVERSITY
                         DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS

               Meeting of the USM Vice Presidents for Student Affairs
                              Thursday, March 9, 2006
                                9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                     Minnegan Room, Johnny Unitas Stadium

Present:       Kathleen Anderson (University of Baltimore), Charles Brody (Towson
               University), Ronald Brown (University of Maryland, Eastern Shore),
               Robert Caret (Towson University), Cheryll Collier-Mills (University of
               Maryland, Eastern Shore), Ed Cowell (Salisbury University), Charles Fey
               (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Teri Hollander (University
               System of Maryland), Robert Hradsky (University of Baltimore), Tracey
               Jamison (University System of Maryland),Earl Jenkins (Coppin State
               University), Warren Kelly (University of Maryland, College Park), Brit
               Kirwan (University System of Maryland), Nanette Mack (University of
               Maryland, University College), Alice Manicur (Frostburg State
               University), Deb Moriarty (Towson University), Cynthia Rice (University
               of Maryland, Baltimore), Jana Varwig (Towson University), Joe Vivona
               (University System of Maryland, James White (University of Maryland,
               Eastern Shore), Jesse Wise (Bowie State University), Bernie Wynder
               (Frostburg State University) and Cyndi Zimmerman (Towson University)

After everyone was welcomed to Towson University by Deb Moriarty, introductions
took place. Dr. Robert Caret, President, Towson University, also welcomed the group to

Discussion with Chancellor Kirwan
Chancellor Kirwan was introduced by Deb Moriarty. Chancellor Kirwan discussed the
role of Student Affairs on all campuses and how central it is, as well as the evolution of
a relationship between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs and how valuable this
relationship is on all campuses. Chancellor Kirwan believes the improved quality of life
on all campuses is due to this partnership between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.
Co-curricular activities are so important for students, particularly in their development.

It is important to have Student Affairs staff involved in the living/learning communities.

Chancellor Kirwan values all the work everyone in Student Affairs does and he expressed
his appreciation and thanks for everything everyone is doing.

State/System Update from the Chancellor
Chancellor Kirwan announced that this will be the most successful year ever in higher
education -- RE: Budget. Enrollment growth and demands are being funded. Dollars
are being given to support all new students. More students equal more auxiliary
enterprises. The capital budget news is equally as good.

In-State/Out-of-State Tuition
A Court of Appeals ruling has resulted in the University System of Maryland reviewing
residence rules. A decision will be have to be made within the next few weeks.

Growth of Educational Centers
With the increasing growth at educational centers such as Shady Grove, it is possible that
the head count at these centers will be more than the head count in some of the System
schools. Based on this, how will Student Affairs operate at these types of centers?

The question was asked, “How do we address the students needs who are taking courses
on line?”

It was agreed to invite Stu Edelstein, Executive Director, Shady Grove, and Dave
Warner, Executive Director, Hagerstown, to an upcoming meeting.

Alcohol Abuse
Dr. Kirwan challenged all the Vice Presidents to “push the envelope” when it comes to
this particular topic. He knows a presentation is being done at the March 15 Board of
Regents meeting at Coppin State University and is looking forward to hearing this
presentation, as well as reading the alcohol report. There needs to be some creative
thinking on how we can better educate our students on alcohol abuse. We should be
thinking about ways in which we can be in the forefront in addressing alcohol and drug
issues. We clearly need to do a better job when it comes to educating our students.

The question was asked, “What is going to happen when there is no ‘soft’ money
available to offer alcohol programs?” The consensus was that this is a general problem.
Dr. Kirwan suggested bringing this issue to the attention of the Board of Regents when
making the presentation on the 15th of March.

Dr. Fey asked that with the growing number of high school students going to college, “Is
there a way to obtain a break down on where these students are coming from? Who is
coming in with remedial needs? Can money be gotten to work with these types of

Disaster Plans
All campuses should have satellite telephones for when disasters occur. All campuses
must a have disaster plan or currently working on “tweaking” their disaster plan.

Discussion with Joe Vivona, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Deb Moriarty welcomed Mr. Vivona. Mr. Vivona discussed what his office is
responsible for. He brought the Vice Presidents up-to-date on what is occurring with
Effectiveness and Efficiency (E&E) and the importance of it. Since E&E has begun, the
fund balance has grown by a quarter million dollars.

Mr. Vivona is in agreement that a “Health and Wellness” fee should be considered. He
recommends phasing this in over a three year period (e.g., $33.00 per year for an eventual
total of $100.00 per semester). At the next meeting, the Vice Presidents will continue to
discuss the feasibility of working as a group to move this item forward because it will be
more powerful. Schools in the System want assurances that these additional fees will go
to what they are supposed to be used for. These additional fees can be covered by
financial aid. Each Vice President should bring a listing of all fees to the next meeting
(April 20 at Salisbury University).

Trial Run of Alcohol Report
The report on alcohol education and drug prevention programs on campus will be
presented to the Board of Regents on March 15. The Board of Regents currently has the
Executive Summary. Dr. Moriarty and Dr. Fey gave a trial run of the presentation they
would be making to the Board of Regents concerning this report. After the trial run, a
suggestion was made to limit the amount of time in talking about the problems and spend
more time on what is being done to correct the problems. Any changes to this report
must be given to Deb Moriarty today.

Event Related Misconduct Policy
Dr. Clement sent information to all the Vice Presidents concerning what they are doing at
the University of Maryland, College Park concerning the Event Related Misconduct
Policy. There needs to be student input on this policy. April 15 is the deadline to have
this policy implemented.

Dr. Fey was recently elected as the Vice President for NASPA, Region II.

It was suggested to invite the staff from the Shady Grove and Hagerstown learning
centers to these USM Vice Presidents for Student Affairs meetings. It may be best to
send the meeting invitations to the Directors of these centers and have them delegate who
they would like to have attend these meetings.

Future agenda items should include:
    Diversity as it relates to Muslim and Non-Muslims On Campus
    How to communicate more strategically with the Regents

Salaries – Dr. Fey will e-mail folks (Directors and up). Ms. Jamison will look into what
is already out there relating to salaries. Mr. Hradsky will talk with Seth to see where he
left this.

E-2 Campus – (allows you to text message your student population if you have their cell
phone numbers). The only drawback to this is that students may not want to give their
cell phone numbers. E-2 costs approximately $1.00 per user for unlimited use.
Dr. Moriarty and Mrs. Zimmerman will draft a schedule for future USM Vice Presidents
meetings and this draft will be provided at the April meeting.

It was suggested to invite the Registrar’s in the System schools to a future meeting to
discuss what is done when a student is expelled. There is no standard practice to flag
someone who has been expelled. Can a question be added to the Admissions

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia L. Zimmerman


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