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					Technological advancement in the world has seen most third world countries embrace modern ways
of doing business. The use of internet has therefore penetrated almost every sphere of urban life in
these countries, with a good percentage of people especially the youth, using the social networking
sites to share ideas and communicate important messages on issues that affect their day-to-day
lives. Most businesses in the third world countries are now using the internet to run their affairs.

This has been necessitated by the urge to remain competitive in the global market. The introduction
of cheap web hosting services has therefore come at an opportune time. Cheap web hosting services
have enabled the most businesses to have websites. This is a good development since even growing
businesses with limited cash flow can afford to advertise their services in the web and reach their
target audience globally. In this case, you will find that the rate of job creation in most third world
countries will go up and are the people’s standards of living. Cheap web hosting services has seen
the creation of many online businesses in the developing countries.

These businesses may be subsidiaries of companies that operate globally .In this case, there has
been an extensive transfer of technology from developed countries to developing countries.
Increase in the number of online businesses has led to the creation of both direct and indirect jobs.
Most countries in the have very high unemployment rates and such new online businesses play an
important role in fighting unemployment.

Since most third world countries are bedeviled with poor governance, most people are relying on
social networking sites to fight the ills of the government of the day. Some courageous third world
citizens have been able to have their own websites, where people are invited to share their views on
various issues of importance, thanks to cheap web hosting service providers.

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