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The Dr. Thomas Johnston Collection_ 1900


									The Dr. Thomas Johnston Collection, 1900
Dr. Thomas Johnston was a man of considerable importance in Sarnia
at the end of the 19th century: he served as Councilor and Mayor of the
city, was elected Member of Parliament for West Lambton, helped
establish the Sarnia General Hospital and was honoured as a veteran of
the Fenian Raids.

Dr. Johnston was an avid collector of native tools and projectile points,
becoming a leading authority on their style and significance. This
collection is important because it was gathered very early, was
published in the annual Ontario Archaeological Report of 1901, and has
received further academic interest recently.

Dr. Johnston was able to collect this material through friendly relations
with members of the Sarnia Chippewas. Natives would often visit the
Johnston home, and one of his children was ceremonially 'adopted' by
the band to honor the doctor and acknowledge his service to their

Through his personal contact with natives, his foresight and curiosity,
Dr. Johnston was able to leave this extensive and interesting collection
for us today.

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