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					                                                                                                 BONZIE COLSON

                   THE COLSON FILE                             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
Born:                                                              Bonzie Colson is in his third season
November 1, 1967                                               on the Boston College basketball staff, his
                                                               eighth season as a member of a collegiate
Responsibilities:                                              coaching staff. Colson came to Boston

Academic liaison; business administration; office management   College in June 2001 after serving the

                                                               previous three years as assistant coach at
Education:                                                     George Washington University.
Bachelor’s — University of Rhode Island (1990)                     Colson’s appointment reunited the
                                                               former University of Rhode Island basket-
Coaching Experience:                                           ball star with Al Skinner, who coached
Assistant Coach, University of Rhode Island (1991-93)          Colson for one season at URI and then gave Colson his first collegiate
Head Coach, Frank Ballou (D.C.) High School (1993-98)          coaching job.
Assistant Coach, George Washington University (1998-2001)          Colson got his start in the coaching profession as an assistant coach to
Administrative Assistant, Boston College (2001-present)        Skinner at Rhode Island from 1991-93. The Rams earned postseason
                                                               berths in each of his two seasons (NIT in 1991-92; NCAA in 1992-93).
                                                                   A 1990 Rhode Island graduate, Colson spent three years as an assistant
                                                               coach at George Washington University. Prior to that, he served five years
                                                                              (1993-98) as head coach of both the junior varsity and varsi-
                                                                               ty teams at Frank Ballou High School in Washington, D.C.
                                                                                   A graduate of Dunbar (D.C.) High School, Colson
                                                                               enjoyed a fine playing career at Rhode Island. He was a
                                                                               four-year starting center for the Rams. Colson still ranks
                                                                               among the school’s career leaders in blocked shots. He was a
                                                                               key member of the URI team that advanced to the regional
                                                                               semifinals of the 1988 NCAA Tournament. Colson served
                                                                               as team captain in his senior season. He received the Harold
                                                                               S. Greenfield Award for outstanding athletic and academic
                                                                               achievement in 1988-89.
                                                                                   Colson played professionally in France before beginning
                                                                               his coaching career.
                                                                                   Colson and his wife, Cyndi, have one son, Bonzie II (7).

                                                                                                                               2003-04 BOSTON COLLEGE BASKETBALL

             SUPPORT STAFF

                                          STEVE BASIEL                                                                      DARD MILLER
                                          Associate Head Athletic Trainer                                                   Learning Specialist/Assistant Director,
                                                                                                                            Learning Resources for Student-Athletes
                                                Steve Basiel is in his 16th year at Boston
                                            College, his seventh as the head men’s basket-                                      Dard Miller, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in edu-

                                            ball trainer. He previously served nine years as                                cation from Boston College and a master’s

                                            the head hockey trainer.                                                        degree in special education from California
                                                As the men’s basketball trainer, Basiel not                                 State (Pa.) University. She earned her bachelor’s
                                            only treats all injuries, but also oversees the                                 degree in elementary and special education from
                                         athletes’ rehabilitation, coordinates team travel                               Slippery Rock University.
             and hotel accommodations, and plans team meals.                                       Dr. Miller is in her 15th year in Boston College’s Office of Learning
                 A 1983 graduate of the University of Washington, Basiel earned his            Resources for Student-Athletes. She works closely with the men’s basketball
             master’s degree in biomechanics from Indiana University in 1988. While            program, serving as the team’s academic advisor. Miller also consults with
             at Indiana, he served as a graduate assistant in the athletic training cur-       her office colleagues on learning issues for all of the university’s varsity stu-
             riculum, while working with the school’s football, wrestling and swim-            dent-athletes.
             ming teams.                                                                           Dr. Miller’s research interests are in the areas of differentiated instruc-
                 Basiel worked as an athletic trainer at the Sports Medicine Clinic in         tion, teacher training and learning styles.
             Seattle from 1983-86.                                                                 She and her husband, Ed Huff, have one son, Wilson Miller Huff.
                 Basiel is a certified member of the National Athletic Trainers
             Association (NATA) and is a licensed athletic trainer in the
             Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

                                          GEORGE MUMFORD                                                                      FR. TONY PENNA
                                          Sports Psychologist                                                                 Chaplain to Athletics

                                              George Mumford, a successful sports psy-                                           Father Tony Penna is in his sixth year as
                                          chologist, works closely with the men’s basket-                                    Chaplain to Athletics and his 12th year over-
                                          ball program. In addition to this responsibility,                                  all at Boston College. Like the chaplains who
                                          Mumford also works with several other Boston                                       preceded him, Fr. Tony has become an
                                          College teams.                                                                     important, in-house spiritual presence in
                                             During his career, Mumford has served as a                                      Conte Forum, where athletes, coaches and
                                       sports psychologist and personal and organization                                  administrators have come to rely on his judg-
             development consultant for many organizations. Over the last nine sea-            ment and skills, especially during the more stressful junctures of the ath-
             sons, he has worked closely with NBA coach Phil Jackson. In the last              letic calendar and academic year. His Wednesday morning liturgies —
             eight years, Mumford has been a part of six NBA World Championships,              with their down-to-earth homilies — have become a special time of the
             three with Jackson’s legendary Chicago Bulls teams and three with the Los         week for the Conte Forum community. Coaches, players and administra-
             Angeles Lakers.                                                                   tors look forward to these Masses, as they ask God’s blessings upon their
                 Working with the Boston College teams, Mumford is responsible for             lives and all they do in the name of Boston College and its athletic pro-
             the development of mindfulness programs. He is also responsible for the           grams.
             implementation of strategies for enhancing individual and team perform-               Fr. Tony also teaches in the University’s theology department. His
             ance as well as team synergy. He has effectively studied and analyzed suc-        courses, The Courage to Know and Living Truthfully, remain popular
             cessful people and organizations, assessing how individuals and groups are        among students who desire a better understanding of themselves and their
             able to consistently operate at optimal levels of performance.                    extraordinary relationship to God.
                 Mumford graduated from the University of Massachusetts with an
             accounting degree. He received a master’s of education in counseling psy-
             chology from Cambridge (Mass.) College in 1987.

                                                                                                 LEARNING RESOURCES

                              FERNA L. PHILLIPS, PH.D.
                              Director, Learning Resources for Student-Athletes

                                  Dr. Ferna L. Phillips holds a doctorate in counseling psychology from Boston College, a master’s degree in edu-

                              cation with a concentration in counseling from Suffolk University and earned her bachelor’s degree in history from

                              Salem State College, Salem, Mass.
                                  Dr. Phillips is currently in her fourth year as the director of the office. She served as the associate director of the
                              office since its inception in 1984 and began her employment career at Boston College as an assistant director of
                              financial aid. Previously she has served as director of counseling and interim director for the African-American
 Dr. Ferna Phillips           Institute at Northeastern University; community education coordinator for the Boston Metropolitan Council for
      Director                Educational Opportunity (METCO), and a teacher in the Boston public school system.
                                  Dr. Phillips served as president of the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) and cur-
                              rently serves on the executive board as the Historian for the organization. She was awarded the Distinguished
                              Service award from the organization in June 2003. Dr. Phillips was also selected as Outstanding Alumni for Salem
                              State College for 2003.
                                  She has two sons, Gregory and Jason Phillips, and was recently married to Leo Osgood, Jr., associate dean for
                              undergraduate education and director of the Office of Minority Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

             Tim Boyle                            Shena Latta                         Jonathan Gomes                          Lee LeBlanc
         Associate Director                        Academic                              Academic                            Administrative
                                                   Counselor                             Counselor                             Secretary

                              ONE OF AMERICA’S TOP 40 UNIVERSITIES
   Once again in 2003, US News & World Report has ranked Boston College among the Top 40 Universities
in America — the only BIG EAST institution to achieve a Top 40 ranking.

                Boston — Where The World Comes To Learn
    Of the Top 40 Universities in America (as ranked by US News & World Report), five are located in the
greater Boston metropolitan area (Boston College, Brandeis, Harvard, MIT, Tufts). Greater Boston is home
to 129 colleges and universities, each year enrolling more than 412,000 students.

                 BC Among America’s Best Athletic Programs
    In its March 18, 2002 issue, US News & World Report honored Boston College as one of the top 20 ath-
letic departments in the country. The magazine ranked each Division I school on four criteria: Gender equi-
ty, graduation rates, won-loss records and total number of sports offered. Additionally, to be honored on
the Honor Roll, a school could not have committed any major NCAA infractions in the past 10 years.

                                                                                                                          2003-04 BOSTON COLLEGE BASKETBALL


                 BC’s strength and conditioning staff is charged with putting the power                                TODD RICE
             into BC sports.                                                                                           Director of Strength and Conditioning
                 Coordinated by Todd Rice, the director of strength and conditioning
             operations, BC’s strength and conditioning program is designed to improve                                       Todd Rice is in his second year as Boston
             the size, strength, quickness and speed of all student-athletes.                                           College’s director of strength and conditioning.

                 The impressive Conte Forum weight room, adjacent to the football                                       He joined the Eagles in August 2002 after

             locker room, covers more than 7,000 square feet and can accommodate                                        spending five years as the head strength and
             more than 100 student-athletes at a time. The room contains more than                                      conditioning coach at the University of
             25,000 pounds of free weight and selectorized machines.                                                    California. At Cal, he and his four assistants
                 The room provides several modes of training to meet the diverse needs                                  directed the strength and conditioning program
             of the numerous student-athletes at Boston College.                                                    for 27 sports.
                                                                                             Prior to joining the Cal staff, Rice worked three years (1994-97) as the
                                                                                          head strength and conditioning coach at Yale.
                                                                                             Rice has also worked at the University of Illinois, the University of
                                                                                          Wisconsin, Ball State University and the San Francisco 49ers.
                                                                                             A 1987 graduate of Wisconsin-Platteville, Rice has since earned a master’s
                                                                                          degree in kinesiology from Illinois in 1993.



                                                                                                                            2003-04 BOSTON COLLEGE BASKETBALL

             SPORTS MEDICINE
                 The BC sports medicine staff tends to the
             health care needs of some 800 student-athletes in
             31 varsity sports. Services include on-site first
             aid, evaluation and treatment of all athletic-relat-
             ed injuries, as well as full rehabilitation therapy.
             Both surgical and non-surgical injuries are reha-

             bilitated within the department, bringing stu-

             dent-athletes back to full participation.
                  BC student-athletes receive the finest med-
             ical care available for the prevention, diagnosis
             and treatment of athletic injuries. Steve Bushee,
             assistant athletic director/sports medicine, over-
             sees the training room operation and serves as the
             head athletic trainer for the football team.
                 Bushee is assisted by a staff of four full-time
             athletic trainers, all of whom are certified by the
             National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA)
             and licensed by the Commonwealth of
             Massachusetts. Six resident trainers, also certi-
             fied and licensed and recent graduates of strenu-
             ous athletic training curricula, support the full-
             time staff.
                 Overseen by Dr. Tom Nary, Head Team
             Physician and Director of Health Services, five
             team physicians serve as the medical corps for the
             Sports Medicine department. These include two
             orthopedic surgeons, an internist, a general prac-
             titioner and a sports medicine/emergency medi-
             cine physician. Other specialists are on call for
             consultation on the care and treatment of
             injuries, while the medical staff confers as needed
             with numerous medical specialists in the greater
             Boston area.                                                                        Steve Basiel works on Nate Doornekamp.
                 The Sports Medicine facilities in Conte
             Forum occupy approximately 3,000 square feet.          area containing the latest in technical equipment   general health concerns, overnight observation
             They include a rehabilitation area containing          for treatment of injuries.                          and post-operative care.
             equipment used for development of strength,                Cushing Hall, adjacent to Conte Forum,              St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, a short two-
             balance, reflexes and muscular coordination            houses Student Health Services, which provides      mile drive from campus, houses the offices of
             along with a LIDO isokenetic rehabilitation and        daily care for all students through its physician   both orthopedic surgeons. This allows the athlet-
             testing machine, whirlpools, physician exam            and nursing staffs. BC Health Services is avail-    ic training staff easy access to hospital facilities
             rooms and offices, as well as a separate therapy       able around the clock for the management of         for emergency care and diagnostic tests.

                        Dr. Thomas Nary                         Dr. Diane English                   Dr. John McManama                    Dr. Pierre d’Hemecourt


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