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									Jon S. Rice                                                                            (770) 920-2166
Email:                                                 cell phone (770) 366 0562

                                                   Experience Profile

This experience profile uses the following codes

1 = school or limited experience
2 = some knowledge
3 = good working knowledge
4 = above average
5 = expert level

Languages                                               Editors
COBOL                                    5              TSO/ISPF                 5
Easytrieve Plus                          5              Xedit                    5
CICS Command level                       5              Roscoe                   5
Natural                                  3              ICCF                     5
Gener/OL                                 5              Panvalet                 5
Assembler                                5
RPG                                      3              Operating systems
Powerbuilder                             4              MVS                      5
C                                        3              VSE                      4
Java                                     3              VM                       4
Javascript                               3              OS/390                   5
Vbscript                                 3              Z/OS                     5
FTP                                      5
Smalltalk                                5              Utilities
PL/1                                     4              IDCAMS                   5
                                                        Syncsort                 5
Procedural languages                                    MVS Utilities            5
Clist                                    5
REXX                                     5              PC software
RPF programs                             5              Windows 7                5
                                                        Windows Vista            5
Map generators                                          Windows 2000             5
BMS                                      5              Windows XP               5
SDF                                      3              Microsoft Word           5
Mfast                                    4
GT Software                              5              Other
                                                        VSAM                     5
Databases                                               Endevor                  5
System 2000 (S2K)                        5              Intertest                5
ADABAS                                   5              Abend-aid                5
DB2                                      5              Xpediter                 5
CA-Datacomm                              5              CA Librarian             5
IDMS                                     2              SQL                      4
IMS                                      2              QMF                      5

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Jon S. Rice

Jon S. Rice                                                                                                  (770) 920-2166
6340 Shallowford Way                                                                              cell phone (770) 366 0562
Douglasville, GA 30135-5428                                                                  Email:

March 1995                 Programmer Analyst, Eagle Data Systems, Douglasville, GA
to present                 Spare time activity: developed Windows applications using objects and scripts worked with Adabas,
                           ReXX, Visual Basic, C, C++, PERL, JAVA, HTML, Python, Powerbuilder, Smalltalk, Microsoft
                           Visual Studio 2005, PL/SQL, Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio. Webmaster for Georgia
                           Toastmasters. Operating systems were Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, COBOL
                           and LinuX

June 2009                  Smalltalk developer, ETG Engineering, Newnan, GA (Unalisys)
To August 2009             Analyzed smalltalk medical billing programs to find out if these programs would work for Unalisys
                           Modified smalltalk programs and ODBC database to meet client needs. Documented bugs and
                           documented fixes for bugs. Used PL/SQL to add new tables and to modify tables for the client’s
                           needs Tools used includes VA Smalltalk, Windowbuilder Pro, PL/SQL, PERL, ReXX, Microsoft
                           Sharepoint and Windows XP

March 2009                 Programmer analyst, Upper Ranch Co, Mississauga, Ontario (Unisource)
To May 2009                Converted programs from assembler macro CICS to COBOL command level programs Tools used
                           includes COBOL, assembler, XEDIT, VSAM, JCL, Track, VM, CMS, VSE, Microsoft Excel, Visio
                           and Word

September 2007             Programmer/analyst, Codesoft, Smyrna, GA (Assurant Solutions)
To January 2009            Modified COBOL programs to use ACH to transfer funds instead of check Add new code to select
                           how refunds and adjustments are handled Fixed problems with cancel letters Tailored programs
                           according to customer needs Fixed production problems Tools used includes COBOL, assembler,
                           CICS, Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Easytrrieve Plus, ReXX, PL/1, PERL, CLIST, Xpediter, VSAM, IDCAMS,
                           GDGs, JCL, File-Aid, ENDEVOR, Microsoft, Excel and Word

October 2006               Programmer/Analyst, Cox-Little, Greenville, SC (US Foodservice)
To May 2007                Modified COBOL programs for the Prime project which involved new procedures for pricing
                           products Built order guides by producing a comma delimited file FTPing the file to the PC and
                           creating an Excel spreadsheet Tools used includes COBOL, Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, CICS, COBOL,
                           ReXX, CLIST, Xpediter, Ideal, CA-Datacom, DB2, SQL, VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS, JCL, PERL,
                           File-Aid, ENDEVOR change management, FTP, Tibco, TCP/IP, dialog manager, QUICKJOB,
                           assembler, Microsoft Word and Excel

May 2006                   Lead Software Engineer, Sapphire Technologies, Dallas, TX (MBNA/Bank of America)
To October 2006            Supported test and production platforms as part of the Customer Account Relationship Application
                           (CARA), did on call support and on site support for US and Europe. Checked for problems in test
                           environment Investigated testing failures Used Excel to build test plans. These test plans
                           incorporated all different combinations of conditions and the expected results for these combinations.
                           Used Excel for test plans, Tools used includes COBOL, Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, CICS, COBOL,
                           Easytrieve Plus, ReXX, PERL, CLIST, Xpediter, DB2, SQL, VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS, JCL,
                           File-Aid, NDM (Connect Direct), Comparex, ENDEVOR change management, Microsoft Word and

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Jon S. Rice
October 2005              Programmer/Analyst, Cox-Little, Greenville, SC (US Foodservice)
To January 2006           Modified COBOL programs for product level cutoff overrides. Analyzed changes needed in copy
                          books to resolve program change conflicts Tools used includes COBOL, Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, CICS,
                          COBOL, ReXX, CLIST, Xpediter, Ideal, CA-Datacom, DB2, SQL, VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS, JCL,
                          PERL, File-Aid, ENDEVOR change management, FTP, TCP/IP, dialog manager, QUICKJOB,
                          assembler, Microsoft Word and Excel

July 2005                 Assembler Programmer Analyst, eXLtech, Warren, PA (Blair)
To September 2005         Modified assembler programs and created new programs for Blair Credit Portfolio Sale. Promoted
                          programs for QA testing. Tools used included DOS/VSE, ICCF, CICS, JCL, ReXX, PERL, Intertest,
                          CA-Datacomm, FTP, TCP/IP, CICS command level and Assembler

June 2004                 Configuration Manager/Endevor Administrator, Sharp Decisions, Dallas, TX (MBNA)
To November 2004          Did analysis of current systems, designed changes and wrote design documents to insure that code is
                          not regressed as concurrent projects are moved into production. Designed improvements to
                          ENDEVOR compatible compile to be more consistent with ENDEVOR compiles. Wrote a ReXX
                          routine to interface with RACF. Tools used included OS/390, ISPF, TSO, CICS, VSAM, GDGs,
                          IDCAMS, DB2, SQL, JCL, QMF, RACF, ENDEVOR change management, ENDEVOR API’s,
                          ENDEVOR exits, ReXX, CLIST, Assembler, Dialog Manager, Test Director, CA-7 and COBOL.

October 2003              Contract Programmer/Analyst, Teksystems, Atlanta, GA (Assurant Group - Fortis, Inc.)
To March 2004             Wrote programs for the extended warranty application to gzip a file, FTP to another site and send an
                          email to notify the user Wrote a program to build a comma delimited file to FTP to the user Also, did
                          various other enhancements to other CICS and batch programs Tools used included OS/390,
                          DOS/VSE, OS/390, COBOL, CICS, VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS, ENDEVOR change management,
                          VBscript, Javascript,, ReXX, Assembler, JCL,, Barnard tools, Fujitsu COBOL, NDM, and Lotus

February 2003             ReXX Programmer, TekSystems, Rocky Mount, NC (RBC Centura)
To April 2003             Converted RPF programs to ReXX and SPF panels using Dialog Manager. This conversion included
                          setting up a runtime environment using variable pools. Worked with operations staff and end users to
                          help them use the tools. Tools used included OS/390(z/OS), ISPF, TSO, ReXX, Dialog manager,
                          Assembler, MS-Office suite 2000, CA-7, Zeke, Zebb and Lotus notes.

August 2002               Contract Programmer/Analyst, Staffing Technologies Atlanta, GA (Certegy)
To August 2002            Duties included systems analysis and design and modifying existing code for commercial credit card
                          processing to bill to a central account. Had weekly meetings with other team members in order to
                          coordinate changes to the software. Tools used included. Tools used were COBOL, MVS, CICS,
                          VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS, ReXX, ENDEVOR change management, and Windows 95.

July 2001                 Contract Programmer/Analyst, Comforce, INC Atlanta, GA (Georgia Dept of Revenue)
To January, 2002          Duties included systems analysis and design and writing programs to purge records from the
                          taxpayer database using COBOL and SQL Wrote an interface to retrieve file name. Also helped with
                          design of the purge process. Tools included TSO/ISPF, JCL, COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, Tablebase,
                          DB2, SQL, SPUFI, Platinum utilities, REXX, Easytrieve Plus, Xpediter, Intertest, FileAid, VSAM,
                          GDGs, IDCAMS, Assembler, $AVRS, Changeman, Panexec, Panvalet, Oracle, MS Word and
                          Excel. Operating systems were MVS, MS Word, MS Excel, and Windows NT.

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Jon S. Rice

August 2000                Contract Programmer/Analyst, Metamor. Inc, Atlanta, GA (Georgia Dept of Education)
to July 2001               Duties as member of the help desk team included systems analysis and design and testing and
                           modifying payroll and personnel programs on a client-server system for expanded tables for breaking
                           down pay into accounting groups. Converted audit file to exceed one million account limit. Wrote a
                           utility to display audit file and related files. Participated in program walkthroughs and team meetings.
                           Tools used were AcuCOBOL, REXX, C, MS Word, Excel, Oracle, and Crystal Reports. Operating
                           systems were Windows NT and Windows 95.

April 1999                 Contract Programmer/Analyst, EDP Contract Services, Atlanta, GA (Fulton County Schools)
to January 2000            Duties included systems analysis and design and converting programs from CSP and RPG to
                           easytrieve plus. Created new versions of Smalltalk programs to add new records and add processes
                           and SQL to process the new records. Wrote interfaces to the operating system in assembler. Tools
                           used were COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, Intertest, Assembler, DB2, SQL, ICCF, Easytrieve Plus, CSP,
                           Visual Age for Smalltalk, RPG, DB2, SQL, Panexec, Panvalet, Ditto, VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS and
                           VSE/ESA JCL.

Sept. 1998                 Contract Programmer/Analyst, Matrix Resources Inc., Atlanta, GA (ChoicePoint Inc.)
to February 1999           Duties included systems analysis and design and writing programs to parse data for input to database.
                           This input either updated a current record or added a new record. Wrote a program using native
                           ADABAS calls. Wrote debugging interfaces in assembler. Tools used included TSO/ISPF,
                           ROSCOE, COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, FileAid, Assembler, REXX, ADABAS, Natural, OS/390
                           JCL, ENDEVOR change management and SAS.

August 1998                Contract Programmer/Analyst, Maxim Group, Atlanta, GA (Promina Health Services)
to Sept 1998               Duties included doing remediation for year 2000 and writing tools in REXX to run under VM to
                           scan for patterns that could be two digit years. Wrote a ReXX tool to help expedite the process and
                           to improve accuracy in finding dates in programs. Tools used included REXX running under VM,
                           XEDIT and COBOL/COBOL II.

March 1998                 Contract Programmer/Analyst, Technical Directions, Atlanta, GA (GTE Wireless)
to July 1998               Duties included systems analysis and design and writing a routine to handle special billing, doing
                           research for Y2K program changes, doing analysis for correcting a problem with the way a file is
                           being updated. Communicated with technical and non-technical staff to Write documents for
                           business requirements. Also wrote technical documentation. Tools used included TSO/ISPF,
                           FileAid, COBOL, CICS, REXX, MVS JCL, ENDEVOR change management, DB2, SQL, QMF,
                           NDM and IMS.

February 1998              Contract Programmer/Analyst, HL Yoh, Atlanta, GA (Southern Company)
to March 1998              Duties included fixing a problem whereby an IDMS database was not being properly updated Tools
                           used included IDMS, VM, COBOL, and REXX.

February 1997              Contract Programmer/Analyst, Computermart, Atlanta, GA (GA Dept. of Revenue)
to February 1998           Duties included systems analysis and design and writing programs to improve the old system and to
                           become Y2K compliant included was a CICS program to produce database files for report requests,
                           Writing a batch program to produce a flat file that was used to produce correspondence using APF
                           (Advanced Printer Functions) which used page definitions, and form definitions produced by ISIS.
                           Tools used included TSO/ISPF, FileAid, Panexec, Panvalet, Xpediter COBOL/COBOL II, CICS,
                           REXX, MVS JCL, Tablebase, DB2, SQL and QMF.

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Jon S. Rice
July 1996                 Contract Programmer/Analyst, Ciber, Atlanta, GA (Coca Cola Enterprises)
to January 1997           Duties Included systems analysis and design and writing programs to convert CARMS accounts
                          receivable files. Extracted data from an AS/400 to convert to CARMS. Languages included
                          COBOL/COBOL II, REXX. Tools used included IBM utilities, VSAM, SQL, QMF, DB2, SQL,
                          MVS/JCL, ISPF/TSO, NDM, and FileAid.Hardware was IBM Mainframe and AS/400

February 1996             Contract Systems Analyst, Software Service Corporation, Atlanta, GA (Equifax)
to June 1996              Duties included doing system analysis for CICS and batch programs written in assembler and C.
                          Modifying assembler programs. Tools used included TSO/ISPF, CICS, ROSCOE, MVS/JCL,
                          Assembly, REXX, and Dialog Manager.

October 1995              Contract Programmer/Analyst, RMS, Atlanta, GA (MCI)
to January 1996           Duties included writing detail design specifications for programs, JCL and procs, and writing
                          programs in COBOL II. Tools used included COBOL II, CICS, TSO/ISPF, MVS/JCL, VSAM,
                          GDGs, REXX, Panexec, NDM, and Panvalet.

March 1995                Contract Programmer/Analyst, CCC, Atlanta, GA (Total Systems)
to October 1995           Duties included modifying existing CICS programs and writing new programs using IBM assembler.
                          Used Assembler, Xpeditor, IBM utilities, VSAM, MVS/JCL, ISPF/TSO, REXX, CLIST, NDM, and
                          Dialog manager.

March 1994                Contract Programmer/Analyst, CPI, Atlanta, GA (FSG)
to March 1995             Duties included modifying existing CICS programs, support production runs, and solving production
                          problems. Wrote RPF programs to support Roscoe. Used CICS, COBOL II, IBM utilities, VSAM,
                          GDGs, MVS/JCL, CA-Datacomm, Easytrieve Plus, NDM and REXX.

July 1993                 Contract Programmer/Analyst, Brannon and Tully, Atlanta, GA (Total Systems)
to January 1994           Duties performed in this position included modifying assembler batch and CICS programs,
                          modifying procs, testing programs. Also wrote CLISTs and REXX procedures. Did technical
                          interviews for Brannon and Tully and acted as sight coordinator. Tools used were Xpeditor, Abend-
                          aid, IBM utilities, VSAM, GDGs, MVS/JCL, SMS and HSM.

December 1991             Contract Programmer/Analyst, AGSI, Atlanta, GA (Delta Airlines)
to July 1993              Duties performed in this position included writing programs to convert payroll to Tesseract payroll
                          system and writing a test plan using Microsoft word for Windows. Records were built to create
                          payroll records. Other software tools used included IBM utilities, VSAM, GDGs, ADABAS, and

August 1991               Contract Programmer/Analyst, Brannon and Tully, Atlanta, GA (Amoco Fabrics and Fibers)
to November 1991          Duties performed in this position included fine tuning of VSAM files and reorganizing VSAM files
                          to remove splits and improve performance. Also wrote a CLIST to generate JCL to reorganize
                          VSAM files.

March 1990                Contract Programmer Access Inc, Atlanta, GA (Dyatron Corp – Birmingham, AL)
to August 1991            Duties performed in this position included writing modules for CICS and batch programs.
                          Wrote programs for a voice response system and for employee benefits system. Also wrote
                          programs that interfaced with ADABAS to retrieve payroll and human resources information
                          for reporting. Editors used were TSO/ISPF and Vollie. Languages included COBOL II, COBOL
                          and Easytrieve Plus. Operating systems used were MVS and VSE.

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Jon S. Rice

December 1987              Contract Programmer Brannon and Tully, Atlanta, GA (Georgia Baptist Hospital)
to February 1990           Duties performed in this position included writing programs in command level and macro level
                           CICS in COBOL, Assembler, Easytrieve Plus, and RPG. Duties in this position were conversion
                           from VSE to MVS, writing new programs, and transferring programs from one operating
                           system to another. Applications were credit approval and materiels management which included
                           purchasing, accounts payable, manufacturing and Walker purchasing. Hardware was IBM 3080
                           and 3090. Editors used were TSO/ISPF, Vollie, CMS Xedit, and ICCF. Software included
                           VSAM, GDGs, IDCAMS, ReXX, EXEC, EXEC2, VOICE, PROFS, VMLIB, Panexec,
                           Panvalet, Abend-aid, and Intertest. Operating systems included MVS, VSE, and VM.

January 1987               Contract Programmer Computer Horizons, Atlanta, GA (TVA – Knoxville, TN)
to December 1987           Duties performed in this position included helping write a document tracking system using
                           System 2000 data base system. Also worked with system analysis on system.Worked with
                           COBOL, CICS, VSAM, GDGs, TSO, Roscoe, Intertest and Natural language. Operating system
                           used was MVS.

August 1986                Systems Programmer Atlanta News Agency, Atlanta, GA
to January 1987            Installed Easytrieve Plus, handled systems crash, worked with Buffalo magazine system. Was in
                           charge of systems security.

July 1983                  Programmer Analyst Hamilton County Government, Chattanooga, TN
to May 1986                Duties performed in this position included maintaining a payroll and human resources system.
                           writing a conversion program to convert to a new payroll and human resources system, helping
                           write a business tax system written mainly in command level CICS. Writing batch and online
                           programs for a general ledger system using ADABAS. Languages and tools worked with
                           included COBOL, Easytrieve Plus, Gener/OL, Assembler, ICCF, VSAM files, and DOS/VSE
                           JCL & Hardware was an IBM 4341.

March 1983                 Contract Programming Management Associates, Inc., Chattanooga, TN
to July 1983               Duties performed included helping to convert COBOL programs written to run on IBM
                           equipment using macro level CICS to run on NCR equipment running under IMOS V. Wrote
                           screen inquiry, file maintenance, and on-line update programs. Language used was RM

September 1981             Systems Analyst Datalogic, Inc., Chattanooga, TN
to March 1983              Modified a utility billing package for individual clients and made ongoing improvements and
                           enhancements. Made modifications to payroll and human resources, general ledger and
                           accounts payable packages for individual clients. Wrote some utilities for Datalogic. Also made
                           improvements to a word processor program. Language used was COBOL. Hardware used
                           included NCR 8130's, NCR 8140's, NCR 9010's, NCR 8200's, and NCR 9020's. Files were on
                           disk, flexible disc, and cassette. Operating systems included IMOS II, IMOS III, IDPS/SF,
                           IDPS/LF, and MDPS. Language used was COBOL.

January 1977               IT Director, Ammar's Inc., Bluefield, VA
to August 1981             Converted all applications from a Century 50 with 16k memory running batch mode to a
                           V-8455 with 1 Meg of memory multi-processing environment running under B-3. Converted
                           outside vendor system from COBOL 68 to COBOL 74. Wrote an inventory system that
                           included product numbers and an item count in addition to the dollar amount. Wrote on-line
                           system for printing labels for warehouse and store using operator input.

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Jon S. Rice
October 1974              Programmer Analyst Cabell-Huntington Hospital, Huntington, WV
to January 1977           Modified payroll and human resources system, cost system, and budget system. Wrote fixed
                          asset system. Computerized printing of time cards and converted payroll and human resources
                          update from a source-destination to a father-son update. Worked with NEAT/3 Level I and
                          Level II and NCR COBOL Worked with disc, magnetic tape, card, and printer files. Wrote
                          utility programs and a five-card dump.

March 1973                Computer Operator. First Huntington National Bank, Huntington, WV
to September 1974         Worked with CIF batch programs and the Savings and Loan on-line system. Worked with 657
                          disc, papertape, card reader, and printer of an NCR Century 200.

EDUCATION                 Morehead State University, Morehead, KY
                          B.S. Mathematics, Physics

                          MTI Business Colleges, Sacramento, CA
                          Programming, Basic Accounting

AFFILIATIONS              Mensa, Toastmasters, Optimists (past president)
REFERENCES                To be provided upon request

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