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JOB DESCRIPTION Position Title Assistant Director of Marketing


									                                      JOB DESCRIPTION

Position Title: Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
Division:       Administration
Supervisor: Director of Admissions & Assistant to Head of School

Position Summary:
The Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications supports the Director of Marketing in
completing the work of the Marketing & Communications Office (MARCOM) which is responsible
for planning and support in five key areas: advertising, public relations & internal communication;
event support; written & digital branding; website maintenance; and collateral materials &

    ▪   Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of teaching, or
    ▪   Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years of marketing or related work, or
    ▪   Master’s Degree
    ▪   Marketing degree
    ▪   Previous experience working in a marketing department; or with marketing roles within
        other departments; and
    ▪   Previous experience working in a small, multi-cultural team; or
    ▪   Previous experience working with volunteers
    ▪   Marketing professional
    ▪   Background in marketing, journalism and/or editing, web design, graphic design
    ▪   Previous expatriate experience
    ▪   Excellent spoken and written English
    ▪   Proven skills in Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
    ▪   General high comfort level working with computers, learning new software
    ▪   Native English speaker
    ▪   Familiarity with Adobe InDesign, Word Press, graphic design
    ▪   Familiarity with the U.S. educational system
    ▪   Oral fluency in Mandarin

General Expectations
   Detail oriented
   Flexibility
   Team player
   Ability to adhere to deadlines
   Customer oriented
   Comfortable interacting with people from other cultures
Job Specific Expectations will be assigned from the following:
    Implement an annual strategic communications plan and process
      o Consult the school administration as needed to ensure the implementation of the
         defined MARCOM strategies in all external communications
      o Develop web marketing strategies, objectives and implementation
      o Identify and negotiate contracts with key local and international publications
      o Design advertisements in the branding platform (including recruitment ads)
      o Determine advertising and public relations timeline/deadlines
      o Research and submit public relations content
      o Manage student “opt-out” marketing process

      Develop and maintain relationships with local publications to pursue PR opportunities and
       showcase major Concordia events and activities.

      Develop content for MARCOM collateral projects and oversee school message
       management, including but not limited to:
        o Concordia Report
        o High School Profile
        o Printed School Calendar
        o School DVD
        o Public Website Content Maintenance
        o Recruitment materials
        o Visual Communication
               Photograph events
               Photo & Video management & archiving
        o Gifts

      Organize, manage and support school-wide events/activities. Including but not limited to:
        o Dedications
        o Annual auction gala dinner fundraiser
        o International History Day
        o Literary Festival
        o Sporting events
        o Campus guests (Poetry Alive, visiting authors etc)
        o School awards and recognitions
        o Staff/student photos
        o Extracurricular events (drama, music, PSO)
        o Faculty & staff end-of-year dinner
        o High School Graduation

      Manage projects associated with the LCMS
        o Submit editorial, photos, etc to LCMS publications
        o Prepare for LCMS campus visitors

      Implement school brand management and development
        o Influence the use of consistent communication and design guidelines
        o Use of main school logo and school mascot logo (Phoenix)
        o Official school colors

      Other duties as assigned

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