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					Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Private Elementary Schools – Vice Principal Information

Advanced Generation Schools (AGS), located in Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia, deliver British Columbia curriculum to Saudi Arabian and
international students, Grades K – 3. These newly established bilingual
private schools, one for kindergarten students and one for primary
students, are endorsed by esteemed Dr. Tareq Alsuwaidan and
committed to deliver progressive, innovative curriculum while
emphasizing mastery of Arabic and the application of Islam in daily life.

AGS’ motto, “Creative Minds Do NOT Think Alike” represents a
commitment to deliver a program that emphasizes inquiry, curiosity,
comprehension and creativity to their students.

School Facilities:
Phase one: Two newly constructed buildings, kindergarten (pre-school, KG1 and KG2) and elementary.
The kindergarten building has 11 classrooms and the elementary building has 16. The kindergarten
classrooms have red educational kitchenettes and bathrooms.

 Each building has:
    a central library equipped with resources, references and advanced technology so students can
      access Canadian and international library resources
    an air-conditioned courtyard (420 sq meters) used for P.E., assemblies and social events
    outdoor playground (kindergarten: 675 sq meters, primary: 3000 sq meters) with primary play

Qualifications for Vice Principal:
    British Columbia teacher certification
    female
    fluent in English
    5 years or more as an elementary school vice principal
    culturally sensitive, team player and leader, ability to adapt to a new work environment
    ability to integrate technology into curriculum
    ability to use data to inform decisions about instruction
    works with the Principal to develop and assess curriculum, staff development, school policies,
        relationships with the school community, student performance, resources, budget

About the Job:
    September 2010 – June 2012
    school delivery, 185-190 days a year
    school hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm, Saturday – Wednesday

Academic Holidays:
    Mid term Vacation: (7-10 Days)
    Summer Vacation: Beginning July to end of August and dates will change in subsequent years (7-
      8 Weeks)

                                      It’s Academic Educational Staffing
                                 1500-885 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC
                                      O: 604-696-1002 F: 604-909-1746
       End of calendar year Break: 3 Days
       Eid Al-Adha Saudi Holiday (7-10 Days)

Highlights of Vice Principal’s Employment Benefits:
    Annual salary US $72,000 plus benefits
    No income tax deducted by Saudi Arabia and very low cost of living
    Private accommodation provided free of charge with all the modern amenities in a secure
       compound (See details and photos below)
    A fifteen-day-wage end of service award for every one year service for the first five years
    Round trip business airline ticket
    Excess baggage allowance (US$200-400 depending on length of stay with AGS)
    Visa and residency fees covered
    Airport pickup
    Cell phone and desktop computer loaned for stay
    Free transportation to and from school and for occasional excursions
    Medical insurance – Buma gold level coverage
    Orientation session before departure a
    Orientation session upon arrival
    Professional development

Accommodation Provided for Vice Principal:

       Furnished air-conditioned private accommodation in a secured compound provided rent free.
       Apartment amenities include kitchen, satellite TV, Internet, and laundry facilities.
       Utilities charges paid for by the School

                                     It’s Academic Educational Staffing
                                1500-885 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC
                                     O: 604-696-1002 F: 604-909-1746
About Jeddah, Saudi Arabia pop. 3.4 million

This cosmopolitan Saudi Arabian city is located on the Red
Sea and is the country’s second largest after the capital,
Riyadh. Jeddah is known as the Paris of the Middle East
because of its beauty and its wealth as a commercial centre.
It is also called the Bride of the Red Sea because of the
wonderful coastline and beaches.

It is the gateway to the Holyland and many Muslims pass
through as they journey on the Road to the Two Holy
Mosques, Mecca and Medina.

Jeddah has an interesting history which can be traced back
2500 years. The architecture with the traditional decoration
and historical buildings of the Old City remain. There are two
well-known museums. It is also famous for approximately
1000 sculptures by international and local artists on display
throughout the city.

There are many shopping opportunities, Tahlia Street being the important fashion and upscale shopping
centre. Fine restaurants offer cuisine from around the world: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian,
Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Egyptian, Moroccan, French and Italian. World famous fast food
chain restaurants are also in Jeddah as well as Starbucks.

Football, soccer, is the most popular sport. There are many opportunities to enjoy waterparks and
watersports, the diving being the best in the world.

The climate is warm to hot. Temperatures range from average 26C in the winter to average 35C in the
summer. The month of August is particularly humid. Rain is scarce but there are thunderstorms in the

Cultural Considerations in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

       Alcohol and narcotics are not permitted in Saudi Arabia.
       Women are not permitted to drive.
       Women are required to wear modest clothing when in public.
       There are no Christian churches, Jewish synagogues or other non-Muslim places of worship in
        Saudi Arabia. Only Muslims can openly celebrate religious holidays. People of other religions
        must celebrate in the privacy of their homes.

                                      It’s Academic Educational Staffing
                                 1500-885 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC
                                      O: 604-696-1002 F: 604-909-1746

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