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SPRING 2012 SPORTS _ RECREATION Personal Fitness Trainer by wuzhenguang


									SPRING 2012                                                                                      SPORTS & RECREATION
                                                  to work in the fitness field.                     Date:          Mar 3 - May 5
  Sports & Recreation                             W.I.T.S. is an approved CEU provider for          Time:          Sat 9am-2pm
  M.A. Physical Education                         International Association of Continuing           Meetings:      6
    Administration . . . . . . . . . . . .31      Education and Training (IACET), Board of          Location:      EE 1210 & Riviera Fitness
  Personal Fitness Trainer                        Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOC) and                    Club
    Certificate of Completion . . . .74           the American Occupational Therapy                 Fee:           $524
  Sport & fitness Psychology                      Association (AOTA). College credits towards a     Instructor:    WITS Staff
     Certificate ( Online) . . . . . . . .74      degree can also be acquired through our           Course No.:    NHEX 110 Sec 01
                                                  affiliation with the American Council on          Reg. No.:      22084
 Personal Fitness                                       Now approved by AOTA for
 Trainer                                                Occupational Therapists!          
                                                  We are proud to announce that we have
 Certificate                                      been approved by the American                     Schools/178390557941
                                                  Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
***NEWLY MODIFIED***                                                                                 For more information:
                                                  for Occupational Therapists in the U.S.
The Program                                                                                          personalfitnesstrainer.html or
Whether you are looking to change careers or      Certificate requirements
                                                                                                     WITS Customer Service: (888)330-9487
just want to enhance your knowledge, this         The National Exam is held on the 9th week.
                                                  Proof of CPR/AED and internship is required
course provides you with all the information
you need to become a Certified Personal           before the certificate can be issued.              or visit
                                                  Costs, Books, & Materials
What You Will
                                                  Students are also required to purchase a
                                                  textbook, Fitness Professional’s Handbook,
                                                                                                     Sport & Fitness
                                                  5th edition by Howley and Franks.
The course is taught
over an eight-week                                Students are to read chapters 1, 3, 5 and 6
                                                                                                     Psychology Online
period consisting of
16 hours of lectures including the following
                                                  for the first class.                               Certificate Program
topics: anatomy, exercise physiology,              1-Hour Orientation                                Achieve optimal performance
nutrition, musculoskeletal injuries, and           Free to the public.
health screening. The program also includes        Come learn about the personal Fitness             & apply team-building
16 hours of “hands-on” practical training          Training Certificate program from the             techniques
that prepares you to work individually with        experts. You’ll also get an overview of the
clients. Written and practical lab testing will    personal fitness training industry and           Program Description          Online!
                                                   trends.                                          The online Sport &
be held on the 9th week.                           Call 310-243-3741 to make your
                                                   reservation for this free orientation            Fitness Psychology Certificate Program
Employment Outlook                                                                                  addresses a growing demand for techniques
Top personal fitness trainers make $60,000 or                                                       that contribute to optimal performance.
                                                   Date:           Feb 22, 2012
more a year while the median salary is nearly                                                       Participants will acquire an understanding of
                                                   Time            Tue 6:30pm
$30,000 according to the Bureau of Labor                                                            psychological principals and knowledge that
                                                   Location:       CSUDH EE 1210
Statistics. Employment in California for                                                            enhance sports performance, teamwork,
                                                   Course No.: NHEX 100 Sec 01
fitness trainers is due to increase over 50%                                                        fitness, and well-being. This is not a
                                                   Reg. No.:       22083
from 2002 to 2012.                                                                                  certificate in coaching. Courses focus on the
                                                  Scheduled Classes                                 psychological aspects of performance,
Who Should Attend
                                                                                                    teamwork and fitness.
Fitness enthusiasts or anyone seeking a new
career in the health and fitness industry.        Fitness Certification                             This is an academic Certificate Program,
                                                  This course includes 16 hours of lectures that    consisting of five senior-level courses, each
                                                  include the following topics: anatomy,
Eligibility Requirements                          exercise physiology, nutrition, musculoskeletal   carrying three semester units. Take one
There are no prerequisites required for the       injuries, and health screening. It also           course or complete the certificate.
program. Proof of CPR is required before the      includes 16 hours of “hands-on” practical
certificate can be issued.                        training covering evaluating clients,             Location
                                                  equipment usage, biomechanics or exercise         Courses are offered online using the
                                                  and weight-training techniques and program        Blackboard course management system and
Special Features                                  design.
A thirty-hour internship will help prepare you                                                      can be taken anytime, anywhere.
                                    Register by Phone (310) 243-3741 • •
SPRING 2012                                                                                        SPORTS & RECREATION
                                                 people who participate in sports may have as
  Sport & Fitness                                well as applied to the promotion of mental         “I thouroughly enjoyed your Sport
  Psychology Online                              health.                                            and Fitness Psychology courses.
  Certificate Program                            PSY 486: Internship in Sport and Fitness           The certificate program well
                                                 Psychology                                         exceeded my expectations. It has
(Continued)                                      Supervised application of psychological            provided me with knowledge that I
                                                 principles applied to sports and fitness to
Who Should Attend                                promote performance and optimal well-being.
                                                                                                    am applying on a daily basis to
Anyone involved in sports, fitness, coaching,                                                       assist others in our physical
and team building, such as athletes, trainers,                                                      readiness programs. Thank you.”
coaches, fitness instructors, managers,          Spring 2012 Online Schedule                                                 -Chad W., Coach,
health professionals, therapists, and                                                                             U.S. Navy’s Fitness Program
individuals interested in performance and        Sport Psychology
psychology.                                      3 Units
Parent coaches will learn how to build           Introductory course in the Sport & Fitness
cooperative teams. High school coaches can       Psychology Certificat program. You will learn
use these courses towards a teaching             about the important role psychology is playing    Internship in Sports and Fitness
credential. Fitness instructors can increase     in the world of sports today. Topics include:     Psychology
their employability. Athletes have an            importance of personality, temperment and         3 Units
opportunity to advance their careers.            mood in sports setting; issues in youth sports,
                                                 including emotional abuse and exploitation;       Prerequisites: Completion of PSY 480, 481,
Faculty                                          strategies to prevent excess stress and           482, 483; permission of coordinator
                                                 burn out in young athletes; strategies to         This course provides supervised application
Beverly B. Palmer, Ph.D. Professor,
                                                 facilitate character development in athletetes    of psychological principles applied to sports
Department of Psychology, California State                                                         and fitness exercise. Students will apply
                                                 of all ages; psychological techniques that
University, Dominguez Hills. Dr. Palmer is an    improve performance.                              psychological principles; create individualized
expert in creating online instructional                                                            fitness programs; identify individual sports
                                                 Date            Jan 23 - Mar 16
programs that are maximally interactive and                                                        and exercise needs and implement a program
                                                 Location        online                            to meet those needs; train individuals in
engaging. Dr. Palmer has a private practice
                                                 Fee             $699                              techniques to improve team performance;
as a clinical psychologist.
                                                 Instructor      Mark Cartiglia, PhD               describe ethical issues in delivery of sports
Mark Cartiglia, Ph.D. Instructor, Department     Course No       PSY 480 Sec 41                    and exercise services.
of Psychology, California State University,      Reg. No         22303                             Course requirements include identification of
Fullerton. His areas of interest include                                                           an appropriate fieldwork site, completing
psychological testing and sport psychology.                                                        supervised hours at a site, and submitting
                                                 Psychology of Coaching and                        weekly written logs. This course is graded
Courses                                          Team Building                                     CR/NC only.
PSY 480 Sport Psychology                         3 Units                                           Date            Jan 17 - May 11
In-depth analysis and application of             Group processes, team-building techniques,        Location        on site & online
psychological principles and research in         leadership skills, and interpersonal              Fee             $699
motivation, psychophysiology, personality,       communication skills will be applied to the       Instructor      Beverly Palmer, PhD
cognition, and emotion in sport settings.        enhancement of team sports performance
PSY 481 Applied Sport and Fitness                and individual well-being.                         For more Information:
Psychology                                       Learn to use effective coaching and team-          Contact Joanne Zitelli at
Scientific research results in the field of      building tools in sports, whether you are a        Visit the program website
psychology are used to illustrate how            professional coach, high school coach, parent
participation in sports and physical activity    coach, or athlete. This course shows you how
can facilitate psychological development and     these tools can be used in a variety of           Course No      PSY 486 Sec 41
physical well-being.                             everyday situations.                              Reg. No        22302
PSY 482 Psychology of Coaching and               Date            Apr 2 - May 11
Team Building                                    Location:       online
Group processes, team-building techniques,       Fee             $699
leadership skills, and interpersonal             Instructor      Beverly Palmer, PhD
communication skills will be applied to the      Course No.      PSY 482 Sec 41
enhancement of team sports performance           Reg. No.        22304
and individual well-being.
PSY 483 Contemporary Issues in Sport and
Fitness Psychology                                Course outlines available at:
Psychological theories will be applied to the
identification and treatment of problems

                          Register by Phone (310) 243-3741 • •

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