Long-Term Benefits Of Scrubbers

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					Long-Term Benefits Of Scrubbers
There are a number of immediate benefits to purchasing scrubbers, such as ease of
use, the most effective floor cleaning possible, and health benefits. Of course, a
clean environment is a healthy environment even if it is a commercial one.
Employees need to be healthy and safe, but what are the long-term benefits of
purchasing scrubbers?

Knowing the long-term benefits can help make an informed decision easier when
making a purchase or considering making one. Here are some of those long-term

• The life of the floor is extended by keeping dirt and grime off of it. If dirt and grime
is allowed to remain on the surface, it can wear it away. Material that is fibrous or
gritty can scratch at the finish, causing it to deteriorate prematurely.

• Productivity is increased due to not having to use inadequate floor cleaning
machines or having to constantly struggle with the functionality of an old or low-
quality machine.

• If a business has had to employ more than one person to take on the bulk of the
floor cleaning work, there are scrubbers that can be operated efficiently by a single
person. This can cut payroll costs. One scrubber can finish the work of two people in
the same period of time. Overtime costs that are the result of cleaning tasks taking
too long are also reduced due to the increased efficiency, tank capacity, and the
right cleaning capabilities.

• Scrubbers that are of a high quality will last longer. Even if a higher price must be
paid initially, not having to prematurely replace the floor cleaner means not
spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new machine. For instance, an
average quality cleaner may last 5 years with a high quality cleaner lasting 10. If a
company spends several thousand on a ride-on machine to then have to replace it
five years later, that is the same as paying double versus paying a little more for a
machine with twice the lifespan.

• The carbon footprint of the business is made smaller due to a reduction in
wastewater production. High quality scrubbers use very little water and chemicals to
adequately clean and this is important to the preservation of groundwater, as well as
the amount of chemicals that individuals within the facility are exposed to.

Overall, the long-term benefits of owning top-quality scrubbers are immediate,
which means these floor cleaners pay for themselves again and again. By keeping the
work environment safe and clean; increasing productivity while decreasing payroll
costs and overtime; and preventing premature replacement, the business benefits
significantly on a financial level. Factor in that high quality means being friendlier to
the environment and all information needed to make an informed buying decision is
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Description: Top-quality scrubbers display benefits immediately, but there are long-term benefits that have an even higher impact on the overall operations of the business. These benefits range from the impact on finances to employee and community health.