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					Berhe, Tekeste Berhe
Dr.Kenneth Cottrell
April 27, 2007
                    “Questionnaire: A Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.”

   1. What tendencies in present-day American society is Vonnegut satirizing? Does the story argue
       for anything? How would you sum up its theme?
       Vonnegut is satirizing the aspect in the contemporary American society which struggle to
       unified and standardized people behavior to lower their capacities and self-improvement. The
       author emphases the importance of excellence in intellect and physical qualities.
   2. Is Diana Moon Glampers a “flat” or a “round” character? (If you need to review these terms,
       see the discussion of the character in Chapter Three and in the Glossary.) Would you call
       Vonnegut’s characterization of her “realist”? If not, why doesn’t it need to be?
       Diana Moon Glampers is a flat character because she’s not a central role and remains constant
       along the story. Vonnegut description of Diana is not realist, depicting Diana as cold as a
       robot in personality and in action.
   3. From what point of view is the story told? Why is it more effective than if Harrison Bergeron
       had told his own story in the first person?
       The story is told from an outsider of the story but still the narrator sounds integrated in the
       time of the story. The outsider is more effective because it gives us the chance to judge the
       story without be influenced by Harrison’s rebel character.

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