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									Currently I am Chairman of Migco and we hope to file an NDA in 2011 for our natural
treatment for migraine headache. Please visit the Migco Website to learn more about
the Company and migraine headache in general,

         Please visit the Research Directions Website to learn more about the Company
         and the services they offer,

         Don't miss Derek Lowe's excellent commentary on drug discovery and the
         Pharma Industry in general at In the Pipeline

        Follow the links below to a useful poster on the Top 200 Selling Pharmaceuticals
         of 2010 and the FDA and ICH Websites

       Top Pharmaceuticals Poster Njarðarson Group.url
       U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page.url   ICH Guidelines.url


We have all been there. We need an answer to a safety question and we need it NOW! Below is a list
of web sites that I find particularly useful for finding information on safety and hazard analysis –no
doubt there are others but these should give you a good start. Enjoy
    (1) OSHA
    (2) ACS Green Chemistry Institute
    (3) US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Workplace Safety & Health
    (4) The Laboratory Safety Institute
    (5) Chemical Processing
    (6) NIST WebBook
    (7) Chemical Compatibility Chart
    (8) The Safety Library

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