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					  2011 State of the Department

Those that cannot or will not change
will become irrelevant.
               Chair Search

Search Committee formed & charged
Tyler & Company engaged
Short list and interviews to begin Fall 2011
New Chairman or Chairwoman July 2012
      Department of Medicine

Faculty Development
Patient Care
Business of Medicine
 Faculty Promotions - Professors

Walter “Jay” Brzezinski, MD   Joseph Romagnuolo, MD, MSc
 General Internal Medicine    Gastroenterology & Hepatology
        & Geriatrics

 Shakaib Rehman, MD              Adrian Van Bakel, MD, PhD
General Internal Medicine                Cardiology
      & Geriatrics
Faculty Promotions – Associate Professors

       Diane Kamen, MD, MSCR      Juan Carlos Velez, MD
           Rheumatology &              Nephrology

       Christopher Lawrence, MD     Dannah Wray, MD
          Gastroenterology &        Infectious Diseases

                                  John Zhang, DVM, PhD
                                     Rheumatology &
Faculty Promotions – Associate Professors

      Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, PhD     Patrick Cawley, MD, MBA
       Biostatistics & Epidemiology   General Internal Medicine
                                             & Geriatrics

           Amy Bradshaw, PhD            Dee Ford, MD, MSCR
              Cardiology              Pulmonary & Critical Care

                                            Kelly Hunt, PhD
                                      Biostatistics & Epidemiology

    John Feussner, MD, MPH
Distinguished University Professor
 Executive Senior Associate Dean
        for Clinical Affairs
                David W. Ploth, MD
    Arthur V. Williams, Jr., M.D.
       Professor of Medicine

    Division Director (1987-2011)

   President, Southern Society for
    Clinical Investigation (2003)

    Editor, The American Journal
   of the Medical Sciences (2006- )

Founder’s Award, Southern Society for
     Clinical Investigation, 2007
             Steven A. Sahn, MD

   Division Director (1983-2011)

Alfred Soffer Award for Editorial
Excellence, ACCP (1997 and 2008)

Edward Livingston Trudeau Medal
          ATS (2010)

Inducted Colorado Thoracic Society
       Hall of Fame (2011)
             New Leadership Roles

 Gary Gilkeson, MD    Paul McDermott, PhD     Mark Lyles, MD, MBA
   Associate Dean        Associate Dean       Chief Strategic Officer
  Faculty Affairs &     Faculty Affairs &    MUSC Clinical Enterprise
Faculty Development    Faculty Development

   Ben Clyburn, MD          Deborah DeWaay, MD        Brad Keith, MD
 Vice Chair, Education       Associate Vice Chair   Associate Vice Chair
Associate Dean, Graduate      Medical Education      Medical Education
   Medical Education
                       Chief Residents

 Linda Meyers, MD         Courtney Cave, MD   Richard Bayer, MD
Endocrinology Fellow       GIMG Faculty       Cardiology Fellow
               Chief Residents

Edward Kilb, III, MD   Sarah Allen, MD Andrew Schreiner, MD
 Education Awards & Honors

              Julius Sagel, MD
2011 MUSC Foundation Teaching Excellence Award
Education Awards & Honors

     The Julius Sagel Excellence
         in Medicine Award
   Loretta Jophlin and Jenny Riley
 Education Awards & Honors

E. Benjamin Clyburn, MD    Lawrence C. Mohr, MD
Executive Committee        Distinguished Service Medal
Internal Medicine Review   Uniformed Services University
Committee, ACGME           of the Health Sciences
                Education Awards & Honors
          2011 Excellence in Teaching Award

Christopher Parsons, MD            Valerian Fernandes, MD

 Paul McDermott, PhD                 T. Rogers Kyle, MD
Education Awards & Honors
     Housestaff Awards
Graduating Residents & Fellows
Outgoing Residents/Fellows that went into Academic
Medicine Positions (fellowship or faculty):
17 of the 30 internal medicine residents
3 of the 7 emergency medicine residents and
12 of 27 fellows

Of those going into private practice:
11 in South Carolina
10 in the south (GA, FL, NC, TN)
Remainder to places like NE, ME, IN, IL
Internal Medicine Residency

P. Darwin Bell, PhD         Edward Jauch, MD
Vice Chair Research         Associate Vice Chair
                       New Research Faculty

Kent Armeson, MS    Holly Battenhouse, MS   Lydia Foster, MS   Erica Johnson, MS     Viswanathan
 Biostatistics &        Biostatistics &      Biostatistics &     Biostatistics &   Ramakrishnan, PhD
  Epidemiology          Epidemiology         Epidemiology        Epidemiology        Biostatistics &

Bethany Wolf, PhD          Sundar               Harinath      Santhosh Mani, PhD   Libby Dismuke, PhD
  Biostatistics &   Balasubramanian, PhD    Kasignaesan , PhD     Cardiology         General Internal
  Epidemiology           Cardiology            Cardiology                          Medicine & Geriatrics
                  Research Honors

       Yubin Kang, MD                  Andrew Kraft, MD
2011 American Society of Oncology             Fellow
   Career Development Award         Royal Netherlands Academy
                                       of Arts and Sciences
 Research Honors

      Donald Menick, PhD
   PI for NIH Training Grant
Renewed for 36th consecutive year!
                      Research Day Winners
         Junior Basic Science Faculty                        Junior Clinical Science Faculty

Courtney Haycraft, PhD     Patrick Nasarre, PhD                   Ashley Miller
  Assistant Professor            Instructor                     Nurse Practitioner
     Nephrology            Hematology/Oncology                 Hematology/Oncology

   Graduate Student           Medical Student     Post-doctoral Fellow           Clinical Fellow

  Denise Kimbrough             Krupa Desai        Benjamin Neely, PhD        Takamitsu Saigusa, MD
     Cardiology                                       Nephrology                  Nephrology
                            Research Awards






             2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011
             New NIH Awards
Bandyopadhyay       R03   155,550
Bandyopadhyay       R03   157,501
Cen                 K01   132,786
Cooper              R21   221,250
Egede               R01    81,120
Huang               R01   368,750
Hunt                R01   184,375
Markiewicz          K01   115,448
Zhang               R01   255,150
        VA Funded Faculty

  John Arthur                     Tamara Nowling
  Darwin Bell                     James Oates
  Amy Bradshaw                    Lina Obeid
  George Cooper                   Terrence O’Brien
  Leonard Egede                   Leah Siskind
  Gary Gilkeson                   Ashley Snider
  Yan Huang                       John Zhang
  Maria Lopes-Virella             Michael Zile
  Paul McDermott

Grand Total: 33 VA 1/8’s and $3,575,700 in funding!
        Dept of Medicine Clinical Trials

• 90 new Pharma trials each year
• $3.5 M Income and Expenses
• Study Management
   – Update of Dept. Clinical Trial Policy
   – Best Practices
• Related Initiatives
   –   Dept/Institutional Clinical Operations Group
   –   Western IRB (WIRB)
   –   SCTR (Clinical Data Warehouse; SPARK)
   –   EMR (EPIC)
Centers of Economic Excellence
          Inflammation and Fibrosis Research
          (Dr. Rick Silver & Dr. Gary Gilkeson)
           2 Endowed Chairs to be established

                           Renal Disease Biomarkers
                                     (Dr. John Arthur)
                     2 Endowed Chairs to be established

  Molecular Proteomics and
  Cardiovascular Disease and Prevention
  (Dr. Michael Zile)
  Volpe Chair and Spaulding-Paolozzi Chair

Peter Zwerner, MD
    Vice Chair
Clinical Operations
                         Clinical Leaders

    Patrick Cawley, MD, MBA       John Feussner, MD, MPH        Mark Lyles, MD, MBA
    Executive Medical Director,   Executive Senior Associate    Chief Strategic Officer
              MUH                  Dean for Clinical Affairs   MUSC Clinical Enterprise

                                  Service Line Leaders:

Marcy Bolster, MD       Alice Boylan, MD      K. Mark Payne, MD        Eric Powers, MD
 Musculoskeletal          Critical Care        Digestive Disease       Heart & Vascular
          Veterans Affairs

William Merrill, MD   Florence Hutchison, MD
     Vice Chair           Associate Dean
 Veterans Affairs         Veterans Affairs
            New Clinical Faculty – General IM

Kiran Anand, MD Anand Achanti, MD   Courtney Cave, MD Leah Clanton, MD   Jason Coker, MD   Woody Coker, MD, MS
   Instructor       Instructor      Assistant Professor  Instructor         Instructor          Instructor

     James Hadstate, MD         Keri         Cara Litvin, MD    Mark Lyles, MD, MBA    Danielle Scheurer, MD, MS
         Instructor     Holmes-Maybank, MD     Instructor        Assistant Professor      Assistant Professor
                          New Clinical Faculty

Thomas Todoran, MD     Benjamin Wince, MD     Sam Mardini, MD         Andrew Brock, MD      Christopher Rife, MD
 Assistant Professor    Assistant Professor   Clinical Instructor     Assistant Professor    Clinical Instructor
     Cardiology             Cardiology        GI & Hepatology          GI & Hepatology        GI & Hepatology

             Frank Brescia, MD      Yubin Kang, MD          George Simon, MD       Neeta Somaiah, MD
                 Professor         Assistant Professor      Associate Professor    Assistant Professor
            Hematology/Oncology   Hematology/Oncology      Hematology/Oncology    Hematology/Oncology
                             New Clinical Faculty

Andrew Goodwin, MD       Chitra Lal, MD           Nichole Tanner, MD       Evgenia Kagan, MD       Corey Hatfield, DO
 Assistant Professor    Assistant Professor       Assistant Professor      Assistant Professor         Instructor
   Pulmonary &            Pulmonary &                Pulmonary &            Infectious Diseases     Rheumatology &
    Critical Care         Critical Care              Critical Care                                    Immunology
      Medicine               Medicine                  Medicine

            Ruth Campbell, MD        Roberto Pisoni, MD           Daniel Venancio, PA         Sue Zayac, PA
            Associate Professor      Assistant Professor           Clinical Instructor      Clinical Instructor
               Nephrology               Nephrology                Emergency Medicine       Emergency Medicine
National Recognition

         • GI & Hepatology #24
         • Nephrology #41
         • Rheumatology #17
National Recognition

        109 Department of Medicine Physicians

           Recognized for Heart Disease
          and Stroke Treatment Excellence
         by the American Heart Association
 Clinical Honors

        Eric Powers, MD
 Lewis W. Blackman Patient Safety
        Champion Award
South Carolina Hospital Association
Business of Internal Medicine

                      Cathy Wood, MBA
                          Vice Chair
                   Finance & Administration
Employees of the Quarter
                 Revenue Sources
             FY 11
 College /       , 1%
   6%                       State, 3%

Clinical Revenue

             Jane McCullough
          Director of Development
Philanthropy Highlights
Philanthropy Highlights
New Endowed Chair Holders
Giving Back!
    2011 State of the Department

Change is inevitable….
    except from a vending machine.

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