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					Administration - Intermediate 2

Course Outline
Intermediate - 2 Administration focuses on 3 areas of Study:

   Administrative Services
   Information Technology for Administrators
   Presenting and Communicating Information              Sub Sections
Administrative Services:                                  1. Course Notes

                                                          2. Home Work Tasks
This unit covers the knowledge and understanding
part of the course. It includes the following topics:     3. Power Point Revision

      The Role of the Administrative Assistant           4. Revision Questions
      The Work Environment
                                                          5. Past Paper Questions
      Functional departments
      The Uses of Internet and office Technologies
      Business and Travel Accommodation.

Information Technology for Administrators:

This unit concentrates on the use of information technology to carry
out an administrative task. Pupils are required to:

   Create and use spreadsheets
   Create and use flat databases
   Create and use word processing documents.

Presenting and Communicating Information:

This unit concentrates on the use of information and communications
technology to present and communicate information. Pupils are
required to:

   Use the internet to search for and extract information for a given
   Use ICT (email, -e-diary, and word processing documents) to
    present and communicate information
   Use presentation software to present and communicate


Internal Assessment

Internal Assessments are written and IT tasks which the pupils will take
when they will finish each unit. They will complete Internal Assessment
in class time, under exam conditions. There will be 3 Internal
Assessments (NABS).

Area of Study - 1 Administrative Services:

                 Total Duration = 1 Hour

Area of Study - 2 Information Technology for Administrators:

                 Total Duration = 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Area of Study - 3 Presenting and Communicating Information:

                 Total Duration = 1 Hour 30 Minutes

The pupils must achieve at least 60% marks to pass each NAB.

If the pupil fails an internal assessment, he/she will be allowed to sit the
assessment again, pupil will not get the same assessment but a
different one. This resit would usually happen shortly after the first
attempt at the assessment.
External Assessment

The external Assessment is based on a written paper and a practical
paper. Total marks available are 100.

Paper 1: Theory paper
         Total Duration = 1Hour
         Total Marks = 40

Section A: All questions are compulsory. There will be total 5 questions,
           each will have 2 -3 parts. The marks allocation is 20

Section B: Requires pupils to choose 2 from 3 Questions. Each question
           will have 3 or 4 parts. The marks allocation is 20 marks.

Paper 2: Practical paper
         Total Duration = 1Hour and 20 minutes
         Total Marks = 60

Tasks 1 and 2 comprise a spreadsheet and database task. Both will be
recalled and amended by the pupil. These tasks will test integration of
knowledge and skills across both IT units. The mark allocation is 45

Task 3 is a word processing document. Pupils may be required to recall
a template. Pupils will be required to integrate data from the
spreadsheet and/or database. The marks allocation is 15 marks.


Successful completion of the course will normally lead to study at
Administration Higher Level

Career Path
      Administration and Management
      Computing and ICT
      Human Resources
      Transport and Distribution
 Travel and Tourism
 Hospitality

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