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                                                 MSU PartnerS                        at M i c h i g a n S tat e U n i v e r S i t y

                       tHe CaMPaIGn FOr MSU

                      MSU PartnerS                                                                             Summer 2007

Steelcase and Frey Foundations
Give $2 Million for Medical School

               he Steelcase Foun-             “We believe in the
               dation and the Frey       mission and the value of
               Foundation will con-      this project to the Grand
               tribute $1 million        Rapids community
each to the MSU College of Human         specifically and to med-
Medicine to support construction of      ical education in general,”
the Secchia Center, the future home      said Frey Foundation
of the MSU College of Human              President Milt Rohwer.
Medicine in Grand Rapids. Located        “The goals to create an
in Grand Rapids, the Steelcase and       efficient pipeline for
Frey foundations each have a long        bringing effective new
and generous history of supporting       therapies from bench to
both regional initiatives and MSU.       bedside and to become
     Grand Action, a nonprofit           an economic growth
organization of 250 West Michigan        engine by attracting top
civic and community leaders, serves      students and faculty to       Artist’s preliminary rendering of the Secchia Center
as a critically important partner with   the region are attainable.”
MSU in development activities for             In 2008, MSU College of
the $40 million campaign for the         Human Medicine second-year stu-                  the foundation continues the legacy
Secchia Center.                          dents will begin studies in a leased             of giving that was established by its
     “The headquartering of the          facility in Grand Rapids. The college            founders. While community needs
MSU College of Human Medicine            plans to enroll its inaugural class              have increased dramatically and con-
in Grand Rapids and the dynamic          of 100 first-year students in Grand              tributions each year total millions of
synergy between Michigan State           Rapids in 2010, when the new                     dollars, the foundation’s mission has
and its partners will greatly enhance    facility opens. The Secchia Center               remained constant.
medical care and economic develop-       will include teaching laboratories,                   The Steelcase Foundation
ment in the region and strengthen        classrooms, offices and student areas.           enables a broad range of agencies
the role of Grand Rapids as an           Once the program is at full capacity,            and organizations to meet human
international leader in health care      enrollment in Grand Rapids will be               needs, solve community problems,
and biomedical research,” said           approximately 350 students.                      and enrich lives through the arts
Steelcase Foundation Executive                The Steelcase Foundation was                and education. Foundation grants
Director Susan Broman. “We are           established in 1951 to support chari-            are generally made to organiza-
pleased to support this exciting         table, artistic and life-enhancing               tions, projects and programs in the
project that will benefit our region.”   programs. More than 50 years later,              areas of arts and culture, education,
                                                                                                              continued on page 5


    HeWlett Foundation Funds Trade ProJect
    in Africa
               r. John M. Staatz of the      “Within three years, we went from              Drs. Staatz and Dembélé are
               MSU Department of             a central headquarters to 25 regional     grateful to the William and Flora
               Agricultural Economics        stations broadcasting important news      Hewlett Foundation for a recent
    has been assisting the agricultural      for the farmers, such as crop prices,     grant of $400,000 to assist in their
    community in Mali since the 1980s.       transportation costs, and other factors   efforts to establish a wider, interna-
    First, he worked with Malian col-        that help the farmers figure out how      tional network and to promote stable
    leagues to help Malian farmers and       to bargain based on the latest avail-     and reliable regional trade practices
    stakeholders benefit from liberaliza-    able information,” Dr. Staatz said. In    within the West Africa market.
    tion of grain markets, as Mali shifted   Mali about 70 percent of the popula-           Dr. Staatz said that Michigan
    to a more market-oriented economy.       tion routinely listen to the market       State University has been a presence
         In the 1990s, with the support of   reports broadcast by Market Informa-      in Mali and throughout the region
    USAID/Mali, he and his colleague         tion Systems (MIS). The information       for a long time and has established
    Niama Nango Dembélé, visiting            has helped Malian farmers increase        excellent networks, including many
    associate professor, were asked to       their annual income.                      Malian MSU alumni, for helping the
    advise the Mali government and                Now, Dr. Staatz and Dr.              community. MSU’s success has been
    main farmers’ organization on how to     Dembélé are working to expand the         due in large measure to the commit-
    restructure and decentralize the agri-   effectiveness of MIS across national      ment of MSU’s Malian collaborators
    cultural market information system       borders by linking the Malian             and institutions. “We can help them
    in Mali. The result was a network        system more effectively with MIS in       educate lawmakers and advocate for
    that collects and broadcasts current     neighboring countries. The expanded       more effective trade policies,” he said.
    information from different markets.      network is a pilot project, which they         The project team will also help
                                             expect will show similar benefits in      with educating the stakeholders
                                             the neighboring countries and could       about options that can reduce
                                             gradually expand to include the 15        the costs of regional trade, such as
                                             countries that comprise the Eco-          group action to reduce trade barriers.
                                             nomic Community of West African           “Helping to establish the regional
                                             States (ECOWAS).                          networks and helping everyone
                                                  “There is a need for more            along the supply chain work effec-
                           $1.2 B
                                             effective West Africa market infor-       tively is one of the keys to establish-
                           $1.1 B
                                             mation systems,” Staatz said. “Mali       ing a strong regional economy,” said
                           $1.0 B
                                             trades extensively with its neigh-        Staatz. “That is our goal.”
                           $900 M
                                             bors, particularly in Niger, Guinea            The William and Flora Hewlett
                           $800 M
                                             and Burkina Faso. The farmers and         Foundation has been making grants
                           $700 M
                                             the traders throughout the region         since 1967 to help solve social and
                           $600 M
                                             need to be aware of the big picture       environmental problems at home
                           $500 M
                                             that affects crossing borders with        and around the world. The founda-
                           $400 M
                                             livestock, grains or other crops. The     tion concentrates its resources on
                           $300 M
                                             MIS network will provide answers          activities in education, the environ-
                           $200 M
                                             to key questions, such as what are        ment, global development, perform-
                           $100 M
                                             the government policies, who is reli-     ing arts, philanthropy and popula-
                                             able, who are the other traders with      tion, and makes grants to support
         CaMPaIGn GOaL: $.2 BILLIOn
                                             whom they can deal, what are the          disadvantaged communities in the
        StatUS tO GOaL: $.373 BILLIOn
                                             standards required by importers, and      San Francisco Bay Area.
    As of August 4, 2007
                                             what are the import regulations.”

                                                    MSU PartnerS
GE Gives MRI for Medical Care and
Research in Malawi

              his is a rare and extra-     deafness, behavioral changes, cogni-            to East Lansing, where they will be
              ordinary gift.” Dr. Terrie   tive disabilities, and possibly epilepsy        interpreted by the MSU radiologists
              Taylor was speaking          later in life), and the MRI may help            and help to advance the research of
about the donation by GE of a              to identify the changes associated              Dr. Taylor and others.”
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)           with that damage.                                    Dr. Kampondeni is grateful for
scanner to Michigan State University            Dr. Sam Kampondeni, Malawi’s               the GE gift. He noted that GE has
for medical research and patient care      only radiologist, has worked in his             a large presence in South Africa and
in Malawi.                                 profession for nine years using CT              that there are MRIs in Zimbabwe
     GE’s donation has a cash value                                                        and South Africa. “However, they
of more than $1.3 million. Dr. Taylor                                                      are not accessible to the majority of
indicated that its true value cannot                                                       people in the Malawi region because
be measured in dollars and cents. “It                                                      they cannot afford to fly to those
is difficult to predict the impact of                                                      countries,” he said. “Now all will
GE’s gift and what this MRI will                                                           have access to this technology at
mean in the effort to understand                                                           their doorstep.”
and find treatments for diseases that                                                           Dr. Kampondeni listed major
are devastating across the African                                                         benefits of this gift for the hospital:
continent and in other parts of the                                                        “It will improve our clinical care
world.”                                                                                    of patients. Before this, we lacked
     Dr. Taylor is a university distin-                                                    the eyes to see what we needed to
guished professor in MSU’s College                                                         see. As a government hospital, the
of Osteopathic Medicine. She has                                                           service will be free to patients. As a
been working on an autopsy-based                                                           teaching hospital, Queen Elizabeth
study of fatal cerebral malaria for                                                        Central will be able to improve the
the past ten years. This work has          Dr. Sam Kampondeni, Malawi’s only radiologist
                                                                                           way we teach our doctors. The MRI
dispelled some prior widespread                                                            will expand our research horizons.
assumptions and improved the                                                               We will help Terrie Taylor in her
medical world’s understanding of           scanners, ultrasound and conven-                work on cerebral malaria and assist
malaria, a disease that annually kills     tional technologies. To prepare for             with all other disease research.”
about two million African children.        the new MRI at Queen Elizabeth                       Dr. Taylor said that at least 10
She is excited about the new oppor-        Central Hospital in Blantyre,                   other scientists from Michigan State
tunities to learn even more about the      Malawi, he traveled to East Lansing             University currently conducting
disease. The imaging technology will       in 2007 to receive training in the              medical research in Malawi, Zambia,
make it possible to examine children       equipment.                                      Mozambique and elsewhere in the
during life. Findings in those who              Technicians also trained by                region will benefit from the MRI
survive can be compared to findings        MSU will operate the MRI. “On                   in Blantyre as will other medical
in those who die, and repeated             around-the-clock shifts, our techni-            schools and humanitarian organiza-
imaging over the course of the illness     cians will be able to provide MRI               tions working in the region.
will be invaluable in helping doctors      services for 18 patients every 24                    The MSU College of Osteo-
determine if there are conditions or       hours,” said Dr. Kampondeni. “I                 pathic Medicine is constructing a
triggers that lead to death. Approxi-      will interpret the readings and also,           $400,000 building for the MRI.
mately 10 percent of survivors are         through a dedicated Internet satel-             A grand opening is planned for
neurologically damaged (blindness,         lite access, send the images directly           February 2008.


    Knight Foundation Challenge Grant for
    Environmental Journalism

             he Knight Center for Envi-        classes and professional workshops                 which is broadcast on WKAR-TV.
             ronmental Journalism at           for the study and practice of envi-                Students are also encouraged to join
             Michigan State University         ronmental journalism. The center’s                 the Environmental Journalism Asso-
    has been issued a challenge grant          faculty conduct research and bring                 ciation, which provides opportunities
    from the John S. and James L.              to MSU environmental experts and                   to build professional experiences and
    Knight Foundation to help build an         veteran journalists from around the                network with reporters.
    $800,000 endowment by the year             world as guest lecturers.                               Gifts to the Knight Center
    2010. For every three dollars raised            In addition to academics, envi-               for Environmental Journalism are
    toward the endowment, the Knight           ronmental journalism students gain                 tax deductible as provided by law.
    Foundation will award the center an        practical experience by writing for                Additional information about the
    additional dollar—up to $200,000 in        EJ Magazine, the center’s award-                   Center is available at http://ej.msu.
    matching funds. Once complete, the         winning publication, and working on                edu/about.php.
    endowment will be used to:                 an environmental television program,
      · Support scholarships for
        students and professional
      · Increase training and education
        opportunities through the
        development of online courses.
      · Conduct outreach and research
        efforts that will improve the
        quality of environmental
         The environmental journalism
    program at MSU was launched in
    1994 with a $1,000,000 endowment
    grant from the John S. and James L.
    Knight Foundation. This grant cre-
    ated the nation’s first endowed chair
    in environmental journalism and Jim
    Detjen, an award-winning science
    and environment reporter for the
    Philadelphia Inquirer, was hired to fill
    the chair in January 1995. Detjen is
    also the co-founder and past presi-
    dent of the Society of Environmen-
    tal Journalists.
         The Knight Center was created
    in 1998 with an additional endow-
    ment grant of $500,000 from the
    Knight Foundation. Detjen directs          Director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Jim Detjen with Hannah Northey, a
    the center, which offers numerous          master’s graduate of the program

                                                  MSU PartnerS
$1 Million from Forest                                                             Steelcase and Frey Foundations
                                                                                   continued from page 1

Akers Trust for Art                                                                health, human services, environ-
                                                                                   ment, and community and economic
Museum and Sports Field                                                            development. Special consideration
                                                                                   is given to grant requests involving
                                                                                   people who are disadvantaged, dis-
                                                                                   abled, young or elderly.

           wo entirely different MSU       part of this university. It will give
           facilities recently attracted   visitors a wonderful place to view           The Steelcase Foundation
           the attention of the Forest     great photography, sculpture and        provides grants to organizations
Akers Trust—the intramural sports          paintings, but also, students and art   in the following manufacturing
field on the east side of campus (IM       scholars will have a secure place to    communities: Grand Rapids,
East Field) and the planned new art        study some of the valuable, yet frag-   Mich.; City of Industry, Calif.;
museum on Grand River Avenue.              ile, works on paper that are in the     Markham, Ontario; and Athens,
The Forest Akers Trust has donated         university’s collection.”               Ala. More than 100 grants were
$500,000 for each project.                      The Eli and Edythe Broad Art       awarded during the last fiscal year.
     “We were happy to be able to          Museum is currently in the design       The foundation also provides match-
support both,” said Forest Akers           phase. The approximately 45,000         ing gifts to educational, arts and
Trustee Roger Wilkinson. “The in-          square foot structure will focus on     culture, and environmental programs
tramural facilities are an important       modern and contemporary art, while      for Steelcase employees, retirees and
part of campus life. Not everyone          continuing to showcase the univer-      directors.
makes the varsity squads, but thou-        sity’s extensive holdings from other         The Frey Foundation, based in
sands of students every year use           styles and periods. At its location     Grand Rapids, is one of Michigan’s
those fields for organized competi-        facing the City of East Lansing, the    largest family foundations. Grants
tions and for pick-up games.”              Broad Art Museum will be equally        are provided primarily to nonprofit
     The Forest Akers grant will be        welcoming to visitors from the cam-     organizations in Western Michigan
used to make drainage and light-           pus and from the town.                  for projects to enhance children’s
ing improvements at IM East Field,              Forest Akers served on the         development, protect natural
where students play soccer, football,      MSU Board of Trustees from 1940         resources, promote the arts, and
sand volleyball, lacrosse, rugby, and      to1958. In the early 1960s, he estab-   expand philanthropic and civic
other activities. Wet conditions,          lished the Forest Akers Trust Fund      action.
grading problems, and poor light-          to support students of Michigan              The Frey Foundation was
ing severely restricted the usability      State University. Over the years, the   established in 1974 and permanently
of the field. With improved storm          trust has provided substantial sup-     endowed in 1988 from the estate
water runoff and better lighting,          port to projects with broad appeal to   of the late Edward J. and Frances T.
students will get greater use of the       the MSU community. In 2001, the         Frey. Mr. Frey was longtime chief
sports facilities. “Drainage and           trust was inducted into the Joseph R.   executive officer of Union Bank
outdoor lighting aren’t high-profile       Williams Society in recognition of      (now Chase) and founded Foremost
issues,” said Wilkinson, “but we all       its more than $5 million in contribu-   Insurance Co. in Grand Rapids. It
remember how important it is to get        tions to MSU. Today’s Forest Akers      was the next generation, David G.
outside and enjoy a good pick-up           Trustees—Roger Wilkinson, Stephen       Frey, Edward J. Frey Jr., John M.
game as a healthy outlet from study        Terry, Brian Breslin and Nancy E.       Frey and Mary Caroline (Twink)
and classes.”                              Craig—continue the tradition of         Frey, that developed the family
     “We also wanted to help the art       giving to MSU that Forest Akers         foundation that operates today.
museum project,” Wilkinson contin-         initiated more than 40 years ago.
ued. “It is going to be an important


    Kellogg Foundation Sponsors
    Health Policy Forum

               $60,000 grant from the        impartiality,” she said. “We see our    impact, the Foundation targets its
               W.K. Kellogg Foundation       role as that of an honest broker        grants toward specific areas. These
               will help the MSU             encouraging and facilitating open       include: health; food systems and
    colleges of Human Medicine,              dialogue and exchange of ideas.”        rural development; youth and
    Nursing, and Osteopathic Medicine,            In addition to the Kellogg         education; and philanthropy and
    and other health organizations in        Foundation and the three MSU            volunteerism. Within these areas,
    the state in their efforts to improve    health professions colleges, the        attention is given to exploring
    the health-focused policymaking          MHPF is sponsored by the                learning opportunities in leadership;
    process in Michigan through a series     Michigan Department of Commu-           information and communication
    of high-level forums for decision-       nity Health, Michigan Depart-           technology; capitalizing on diversity;
    makers.                                  ment of Human Services, Graduate        and social and economic community
         The Michigan Health Policy          Medical Education, Inc., Health         development.
    Forum (MHPF) originated in 1986          Management Associates, Michigan
    when policy stakeholders from state      Association of Health Plans,
    government (legislative and execu-       Michigan Association for Local
    tive), community health organiza-        Public Health Plans, Michigan
    tions, and health professions colleges   Health & Hospital Association,
    agreed to meet regarding non-            Michigan Health Council, Michigan
    partisan, timely health policy infor-
    mation. Since then, with MSU as
    the convener and administrator, the
    MHPF has offered over 40 sessions
                                              At the May 2007 forum, health professionals
    led by expert speakers on relevant
    health policy topics.
                                               and decision-makers used the opportunity to
         The most recent forum, in           review, discuss and evaluate ideas and concerns
    May 2007, featured speakers from
    Brandeis University, the Cleveland       on topics relating to globalization in the health
    Clinic, and the Michigan Health
    Council. Health professionals and                         care professions.
    decision-makers used the opportu-
    nity to review, discuss and evaluate
    ideas and concerns on topics relating    Osteopathic Association, Michigan
    to globalization in the health care      Primary Care Association, Michigan
    professions.                             Public Health Institute, Michigan
         Denise Holmes, director of the      State Medical Society, and Public
    Institute for Health Care Studies        Sector Consultants.
    at MSU, noted that there are often           The W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    difficult topics that need to be         was established in 1930 “to help
    considered objectively. “The struc-      people help themselves through the
    tural location within Michigan State     practical application of knowledge
    University contributes to having the     and resources to improve their
    forum accepted as a neutral organi-      quality of life and that of future
    zation with integrity and                generations.” To achieve the greatest

                                                   MSU PartnerS
Interactive Edge Shares Software &
Expertise With Students

          nteractive Edge has part-      through complicated information                      engine with flexible end-user tools
          nered with Michigan            systems,” said Brian Yarnell, director               to summarize and illustrate useful,
          State University to pro-       of product management at Inter-                      compelling information on demand;
vide software (valued at more than       active Edge. “We feel that Michigan                  and has proven itself highly effective
$750,000), data and expertise to         State University is helping to drive                 as a point-of-impact solution for
students majoring in Retailing and       the consumer goods retailing/manu-                   distributed sales and management
Food Industry Management.                facturing industry forward by                        teams. Interactive Edge is a Micro-
Interactive Edge will present relevant   providing its students with the know-                soft® Certified Partner and a SAP
topics to students in a classroom        ledge, skills and abilities to become                Certified Integration Partner. The
setting and provide students with its    the leaders of tomorrow. We’re proud                 company is the recipient of mul-
flagship software, XP3 Presentation      to be part of that.”                                 tiple Consumer Goods Technology
Builder and XP3 Data Tools.                   Interactive Edge LLC develops                   awards, including “Best in Class for
      “Today’s job market is competi-    and markets data solutions designed                  Sales Force Automation & Analyt-
tive, and to give students an edge,      to put the right information in                      ics” and “#1 in Customer Experi-
it’s imperative to supplement book       the right hands at the right time.                   ence,” for two consecutive years. Fur-
learning with hands-on experience        The company’s flagship solution,                     ther information about the company
and exposure to industry experts.        the award-winning XP3® Suite,                        and XP3 Suite is available at www.
At Michigan State University, we         combines a powerful data analysis          
are aggressively working to pro-
vide this edge to our students by
partnering with industry leaders,”
said Dr. Geoffrey Pofahl, MSU
assistant professor. “Interactive Edge
is on the forefront of technology in
the consumer goods retailing and
manufacturing arena. The fact that
their software tools are designed for
business users with varying degrees
of technical knowledge makes this
organization a great fit for the
university environment.”
      “XP3 Presentation Builder and
XP3 Data Tools give business users
the ability to quickly and easily
transform data into insight at the
point of impact—in front of a buyer
or other audience, directly in
Microsoft Office. I think tools like
ours are a great way to get students
thinking about the real business
goals of applying information in
a persuasive way, without getting
bogged down doing the grunt work         Brian Yarnell, director of product management at Interactive Edge, addressing a class during a March
of massaging data and working            2007 visit to campus


    MSU and the Bioeconomy

               ioeconomy describes a           aimed at solving some of the most             Michigan has every component
               future in which we rely         complex problems in converting            necessary to succeed and to lead in
               increasingly on renewable       natural materials to energy. Ken          the bioeconomy:
    resources to meet society’s needs for      Keegstra, MSU university distin-            •	 The commitment of the state
    energy, chemicals and raw materials.       guished professor of plant biology             government
    Instead of an economy dependent on         and of biochemistry and molecular
                                                                                           •	 Grant programs and start-up
    the planet’s limited supply of nonre-      biology, will be the executive director
                                                                                              capital (such as the 21st Century
    newable resources such as petroleum        of the center.
                                                                                              Jobs Fund, administered by the
    and coal, biomass (plant material and           Researchers at MSU have been
                                                                                              Michigan Strategic Economic
    municipal and livestock waste) will        conducting bioeconomy research for
                                                                                              Investment and Commercial-
    be converted into electricity, fuels,      many years. Now, the OBT offers
                                                                                              ization Board, which recently
    plastics and the basic components of
                                                                                              awarded MSU $13.1 million for
    chemical processes. Michigan State
                                                                                              11 research projects)
    University is committed to helping
    our state become a major player in                                                     •	 A strong community of leading
    the new bioeconomy.                                                                       bioeconomy research organiza-
         MSU’s Office of Biobased Tech-                                                       tions
    nologies (OBT) was established                                                           •	
                                                                                              Michigan State University
    in 2006 to identify, encourage and                                                       •	
                                                                                              MBI International
    support research programs that will                                                      •	
    position Michigan State University
    as a world leader in the development                                                   •	 Biomass sources including
    of the bioeconomy. In just one year,                                                      diversified agriculture and
    OBT Director Steve Pueppke and                                                            abundant forestry resources
    OBT Associate Director Bruce Dale                                                      •	 Available water resources
    are starting to see the results of their                                               •	 Industrial infrastructure
         In June 2007, the U.S. Depart-                                                    •	 Proximity to major markets
    ment of Energy (DOE) announced                                                            “Above all else, a thriving eco-
    that MSU is a significant partner                                                    nomic future requires the creation of
    in one of three new DOE bio-                                                         new, knowledge-based industries,”
    energy research centers, funded by         Dr. Steve Pueppke                         said MSU President Lou Anna K.
    the largest federal grant exclusively                                                Simon. “Because of our intellectual
    for research endeavors in MSU’s            the campus community, state offi-         capital and our record of entrepre-
    history. The OBT was instrumental          cials and private businesses a central    neurial success, Michigan State
    in helping secure the grant. MSU           location and point of focus for infor-    University is singularly positioned
    will partner with the University of        mation and expertise.                     to help develop those industries and
    Wisconsin-Madison in establishing               “The OBT allows us to pack-          shape that future. I expect the OBT
    the DOE Great Lakes Bioenergy              age all of the univesity’s talents and    will play a pivotal role in this critical
    Research Center (GLBRC). The               technology together,” Pueppke said.       effort. The OBT and our preeminent
    center, based in Madison, will be          “Private companies and citizens           scientists are dedicated to addressing
    funded with $125 million over five         need one point of contact at MSU to       problems and opportunities of today,
    years. MSU will use approximately          meet all their bioeconomy needs. The      but, more importantly, of the future.”
    $50 million for basic science research     OBT is that point.”

                                            MSU PartnerS
Examples of MSU Research & Development
in Biobased Technologies
•	 MSU is partnering with the            for airport runways, and             •	 Dr. Laurent Matuana (Forestry)
   University of Wisconsin-              biodegradable polymers. Fifteen         is investigating the use of
   Madison to establish the              of DNP’s patents resulted from          hardwood species and sawdust
   Department of Energy (DOE)            Dr. Kris Berglund’s research.           in the manufacture of wood-
   Great Lakes Bioenergy                                                         plastic composites and foams.
                                       •	 Dr. Mariam Sticklen (Crop and
   Research Center, one of three
                                          Soil Sciences) is using genetic     •	 Dr. Donatien-Pascale Kamden
   new DOE bioenergy research
                                          engineering to increase plant          (Forestry) is researching ways
   centers. The center, based in
                                          cellulose in order to make it          to recycle preservative-treated
   Madison, will be funded with
                                          more economically feasible to          wood for new products.
   $125 million over five years.
                                          generate biofuels and related
   MSU will use approximately                                                 •	 Dr. Kurt Thelen (Crop and
                                          bioproducts from renewable
   $50 million for basic science                                                 Soil Sciences) is growing
   research aimed at solving some                                                crops on abandoned industrial
   of the most complex problems        •	 Dr. Christoph Benning                  brownfields for use in ethanol
   in converting natural materials        (Biochemistry and Molecular            or biodiesel production and to
   to energy. MSU Distinguished           Biology) has isolated the gene         investigate whether the crops
   Professor Ken Keegstra (Plant          in Arabidopsis plants (a relative      are effective in cleaning up
   Biology and Biochemistry               of canola) that controls lipid         contaminated soils.
   and Molecular Biology), is the         production in cells; experiments
                                                                              •	 Dr. Lawrence Drzal and others
   executive director of the center.      have achieved oil yields 20 times
                                                                                 in Chemical Engineering
                                          what can be obtained from
•	 MSU Distinguished Professor                                                   and Materials Science are
                                          unmodified plants.
   Kris Berglund (Forestry and                                                   developing biofibers for use in
   Chemical Engineering and            •	 Dr. Dennis Miller (Chemical            the auto industry and in other
   Materials Science) provides            Engineering and Materials              industrial sectors. Currently,
   the research that is powering          Science) is leading research on        Europe requires that 80% of
   Working Bugs, a Webberville            economical ways to produce             automobiles be recyclable.
   company that creates and               ethyl lactate as a byproduct           Biofiber-based products used in
   refines microbes that can be           of ethanol. Ethyl lactate is a         auto manufacturing include seat
   used in chemical processes such        high-performance, nontoxic,            backs, door panels, trunk lining,
   as fermentation, catalysis and         biodegradable solvent.                 dashboards, insulation, and door
   other reactions that are used to                                              armrests.
                                       •	 MSU researchers are exploring
   produce chemicals, foods and           options for converting glycerin     •	 Using biobased materials
   fuels.                                 to chemical products that can          from crop residue in place of
•	 MSU has partnered with Wayne           be used to produce nontoxic            petroleum-based products in
   County and Diversified Natural         antifreeze or fuel additives.          pharmaceuticals is another area
   Products (DNP) of Scottville,                                                 where MSU research is focused.
                                       •	 Dr. Ramani Narayan (Chemical
   MI to develop a biotechnology                                                 AFID Therapeutics of Lansing
                                          Engineering and Materials
   park to produce succinic acid                                                 uses licensed discoveries made
                                          Science) has produced eco-
   and ethanol. Succinic acid is a                                               by Dr. Rawle Hollingsworth
                                          friendly, biodegradable polymers
   petrochemical substitute with                                                 (Chemistry and Biochemistry
                                          made from corn starch that can
   a wide range of uses including                                                and Molecular Biology).
                                          be used in lieu of petroleum-
   biodegradable solvents, deicers        based foam packaging materials.


     AT&T Sponsors MSU
     Awards Program

                  ichigan State University             ing and learning. Cash awards of                  in the College of Communication
                  Libraries, Computing                 $1,500 were given for the best fully              Arts and Sciences. The best blended
                  and Technology held                  online course and the best blended                course award was won by Dr. George
     its annual awards program in April                and enhanced MSU course. Blended                  M. Garrity, professor of Micro-
     2007, generously funded by AT&T.                  courses are in-person courses that                biology and Molecular Genetics.
     The MSU AT&T Awards for                           effectively use online tools to enhance           Additional information about the
     Instructional Technology recognizes               teaching and learning. First prize for            awards program and current and past
     and encourages best practices in the              online courses was awarded to Lisa                winners is available at http://att-
     use of technology to enhance teach-               Lindsay, visiting assistant professor   

     Pattie McNeil (left) receives an honorable mention award for her “Blended” class in Food Safety and Professional Development. Presenting the award
     are David Gift, vice provost, Libraries, Computing & Technology; and Joan Predko, director, Virtual University Design & Technology. Representing
     AT&T is Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Robin Gleason (right).

                                 MSU PartnerS
           Bradley and Earhart Foundations
           Give to Symposium

                                    he Symposium on Science,       Constitutionalism,” which cor-
                                    Reason, and Modern             responded with increased public
                                    Democracy has received         attention to the high court following
                         grants of $30,000 and $50,000,            the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist,
                         respectively, from the Lynde and          the retirement of Justice O’Connor
                         Harry Bradley Foundation and the          and the Senate debates over con-
                         Earhart Foundation. Both gifts have       firmation of their successors, Chief
                         been designated to provide oper-          Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.
                         ational support for the symposium.              In 2004, the symposium was
                              Founded in 1989 in the               awarded a challenge grant from the
                         Department of Political Science at        National Endowment for the
                         Michigan State University, the            Humanities (NEH) for the purpose
                         symposium is a center for research        of creating a permanent endowment.
                         and debate on the theory and practice     The symposium was one of only four
                         of modern democracy. It sponsors          institutions to receive the “We the
                         lectures, conferences, publication, and   People” award in 2004, the first year
                         teaching, as well as graduate, post-      the award was granted by the NEH.
                         doctoral and senior fellowships.          It is given sparingly to recognize
                              To date, the symposium has           model projects that advance the
                         sponsored almost two hundred lec-         study and teaching of American
                         tures at Michigan State University        history and culture.
                         and more than a dozen inter-                    The Lynde and Harry Bradley
                         national conferences in such venues       Foundation is a private, independent
                         as Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, and          grantmaking organization based
                                                                   in Milwaukee. Its grants support
                                                                   research and educational projects,
 Founded in 1989 in the Department of Politi-                      programs, and other activities that
                                                                   effectively further the Bradley broth-
  cal Science at Michigan State University, the                    ers’ philanthropic intent and honor
                                                                   their legacy.
symposium is a center for research and debate on                         Harry B. Earhart began his
  the theory and practice of modern democracy.                     foundation in 1929 using profits
                                                                   from his White Star Oil Company.
                                                                   Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the
                         Munich. Participants—drawn from           Earhart Foundation provides fel-
                         among the world’s most prominent          lowships to young scholars, usually
                         and accomplished academics, jour-         graduate students or junior faculty,
                         nalists, policy analysts, and novelists   who are committed to the principles
                         —deliver original essays on an            of a free society and who show the
                         annual theme. In the spring term of       potential for high-quality work in
                         2007, for instance, the symposium         political philosophy, economics, and
                         sponsored a conference on “The            other disciplines in the humanities
                         Supreme Court and the Idea of             and social sciences.

C   o r p o r aCt e
      C          o r
                  o r p o r a t e
                                   a a d
                                 p o rn t e
                                    a n d
                                                                                                                                        a no u
                                                                                                                                        F o d n

      Amount Raised (FY 2006-2007)
      Significant cash and in-kind gifts received include the following:

      Donor                                                        College/Department                                              Amount

      3M Foundation                                                Engineering/Student Affairs & Services                             100,000
      Accident Fund Company                                        Business/Intercollegiate Athletics/MSU Museum/                      70,160
                                                                       Miscellaneous/Osteopathic Medicine/Social Science/
                                                                       Student Affairs & Services/Wharton Center
      Alcoa, Inc.                                                  Business/Social Science                                             35,750
      American Physicians Assurance Corporation                    Intercollegiate Athletics/Osteopathic Medicine/ Wharton Center      49,650
      Ameriental Group, LLC                                        Intercollegiate Athletics                                           31,850
      APEX Spring & Stamping Corporation                           Intercollegiate Athletics                                           28,000
      Auto-Owners Insurance Company                                Broadcasting Services/Engineering/Human Medicine/                   36,968
                                                                       Intercollegiate Athletics/Law/ Wharton Center
      Bio-Soil Solutions, LLC                                      Natural Science                                                     35,000
      Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.                            Natural Science                                                     25,000
      Bioplastics & Polymers, LLC                                  Engineering                                                         60,000
      Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan                           Broadcasting Services/Intercollegiate Athletics/Nursing/            28,634
                                                                       Osteopathic Medicine/Social Science/Student Affairs & Services
      Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation                Human Medicine/Intercollegiate Athletics                           122,099
      Boeing Company                                               Education/Engineering/Business                                   1,761,000
      Brenan Hospitality Management Group                          Intercollegiate Athletics/Miscellaneous                             20,000
      Century Specialties, Inc.                                    Campus Planning & Administration/Intercollegiate Athletics          55,694
      Chevron Corporation                                          Natural Science/Social Science                                      25,000
      The Christman Company                                        Agriculture & Natural Resources/Engineering/                        31,540
                                                                       Intercollegiate Athletics/Wharton Center
      Coles Quality Foods, Inc.                                    Intercollegiate Athletics                                           30,000
      Consumers Energy                                             Agriculture & Natural Resources                                     32,876
      Craig Murray Productions LLC                                 Communication Arts & Sciences/General University/                   64,781
                                                                       Intercollegiate Athletics
      DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund                             Business/Engineering/Social Science                                205,500
      Delta Dental of Michigan                                     Broadcasting Services/Intercollegiate Athletics/Social Science/     83,780
                                                                       Wharton Center
      Demmer Corporation                                           Engineering                                                         42,550
      Dow Chemical Company                                         Business/Engineering/Natural Science/Social Science/               122,750
                                                                       Veterinary Medicine
      Dow Chemical Company Foundation                              Business/Engineering/Natural Science/Social Science                 29,964
      Dow Corning Foundation                                       Natural Science                                                     66,600
      DTE Energy                                                   Agriculture & Natural Resources/Social Science                      21,561
      DTN Management Company                                       Agriculture & Natural Resources/Intercollegiate Athletics           24,710
      E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company                             Agriculture & Natural Resources/Natural Science                     33,050
      Erc, Inc.                                                    Natural Science                                                     50,000
      Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company                           Agriculture & Natural Resources/Communication Arts & Sciences/ 71,690
                                                                       Wharton Center
      Ford Motor Company                                           Business/Engineering/Intercollegiate Athletics                     250,349
      Ford Motor Company Fund                                      Business/Engineering/Honors College/Natural Science/               160,000
                                                                       Social Science/Student Affairs & Services
      Forest Health Services, LLC                                  Intercollegiate Athletics                                          135,600
      Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith PC                            Agriculture & Natural Resources/Broadcasting Services/              81,644
                                                                       Human Medicine/Intercollegiate Athletics/
                                                                       Social Science/Wharton Center
      GE Foundation                                                Engineering                                                         75,000
      General Motors Foundation                                    Business/Engineering/Law/Social Science                            308,000
      Green Meadow Farms, Inc.                                     Agriculture & Natural Resources                                     25,685
      GreenStone Farm Credit Services                              Agriculture & Natural Resources/Veterinary Medicine                 90,446
      Guidant Foundation                                           Business/Osteopathic Medicine                                      150,000
      Harrison Roadhouse                                           Broadcasting Services/General University/Intercollegiate            36,400
                                                                       Athletics/University Scholarships/Wharton Center
      Henry Mast Greenhouses, Inc.                                 Agriculture & Natural Resources/Intercollegiate Athletics           30,500
      Honeywell Hometown Solutions                                 Business/Social Science                                             30,000
      Ingham Regional Medical Center                               Human Medicine/Nursing/Miscellaneous/                              116,010
                                                                       Osteopathic Medicine

n nd t o
o ud a a t ii o nn G i F ti F t p o r t
d a t i o n    G i F t r e pr e o r te                  G                                            r               p o

       Interactive Edge                                Agriculture & Natural Resources/Communication Arts      757,500
                                                           & Sciences
       Jackson National Life Insurance                 Broadcasting Services/Intercollegiate Athletics/         27,457
                                                           MSU Museum/Music/Social Science/Wharton Center
       Kellogg Company                                 Agriculture & Natural Resources/Engineering/            408,820
                                                           Intercollegiate Athletics
       Kraft Foods, Inc.                               Agriculture & Natural Resources                          20,000
       Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, LLC                   Agriculture & Natural Resources/Veterinary Medicine     101,753
       LaSalle Bank                                    Arts & Letters                                           50,000
       Lear Corporation                                Engineering/Law                                          22,428
       Logicbox, Inc.                                  Engineering                                              20,000
       Lumidigm, Inc.                                  Engineering                                              35,000
       Masco Corporation                               Business/Social Science                                  59,390
       McKay Properties, Inc.                          Intercollegiate Athletics                                80,000
       Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company       Intercollegiate Athletics/Wharton Center                 97,820
       Microsoft Corporation                           Communication Arts & Sciences/Engineering/Social         75,500
                                                           Science/Student Affairs & Services
       Mid Michigan MRI, Inc.                          Miscellaneous/Osteopathic Medicine/Wharton Center/       23,000
                                                           Veterinary Medicine
       Motor City Bowl                                 Broadcasting Services/Intercollegiate Athletics           54,980
       National Turfgrass Federation, Inc.             Agriculture & Natural Resources                           23,000
       Noble International, LTD                        General University/Intercollegiate Athletics           3,794,775
       Oakland Veterinary Referral Services            Veterinary Medicine                                       28,021
       Olympia Entertainment                           Intercollegiate Athletics                                 40,000
       Paragon Casino Resort                           Agriculture & Natural Resources                           50,000
       Pfizer, Inc.                                    Agriculture & Natural Resources/Osteopathic              197,720
                                                           Medicine/Veterinary Medicine
       Pfizer Foundation                               Agriculture & Natural Resources/General University/      31,500
                                                           Veterinary Medicine
       Powis Corporation                               Agriculture & Natural Resources                          40,220
       PPG Industries, Inc.                            Engineering/General University                           56,050
       PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP                     Business                                                 55,000
       Pulte Corporation                               Agriculture & Natural Resources                         275,390
       RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company                     Osteopathic Medicine                                    200,000
       Replidyne, Inc.                                 Natural Science                                          32,500
       Richmond Brothers Management Specialists, LLC   Intercollegiate Athletics/Wharton Center                 29,600
       Rockford Construction                           Intercollegiate Athletics                                52,000
       Rossman Group                                   Broadcasting Services/Osteopathic Medicine/              28,490
                                                           Social Science
       R S Engineering, LLC                            Intercollegiate Athletics                                23,000
       Shell Oil Company                               Business/Engineering/Miscellaneous/Natural Science/     198,500
                                                           Social Science/ Student Affairs & Services
       Siemens Corporate Research                      Engineering                                              30,000
       Signa Chemistry, LLC                            Natural Science                                          65,000
       Southern Cattle Company                         Agriculture & Natural Resources                          42,000
       Sparrow Health System                           Intercollegiate Athletics/Osteopathic Medicine/          26,132
                                                           Student Affairs & Services
       Spartan Motors, Inc.                            Intercollegiate Athletics                                22,296
       Steelcase, Inc.                                 Engineering/General University/Natural Science           36,500
       Steelcase Foundation                            Human Medicine                                          200,000
       Student Book Store, Inc.                        Arts & Letters/Broadcasting Services/Intercollegiate     76,509
                                                           Athletics/MSU Museum /Natural Science/Student
                                                           Affairs & Services
       Sun Wah Education Foundation                    Education                                               250,000
       Sutton Advisors, PLC                            Arts & Letters/Intercollegiate Athletics                 50,250
       Syngenta Crop Protection                        Agriculture & Natural Resources/Libraries, Computing     68,162
                                                           & Technology
       Target Corporation                              Business/Social Science                                  28,600
       TEVA Neuroscience, Inc.                         Osteopathic Medicine                                     88,000
       TIAA CREF                                       Libraries, Computing & Technology/Wharton Center         20,000
       Universal Companies, Inc.                       Human Medicine/Intercollegiate Athletics                 42,129
       Union Pacific Foundation                        Business/Engineering/Student Affairs & Services          58,000
       Universal Forest Products, Inc.                 Human Medicine/Intercollegiate Athletics                 32,000
       West Marine Products, Inc.                      Agriculture & Natural Resources                         105,700
       Woodruff Coal Company                           Intercollegiate Athletics/Natural Science                28,347

C   o r p o r aCt e
      C          o r
                  o r p o r a t e
                                   a a d
                                 p o rn t e
                                    a n d
                                                                                                                                a no u
                                                                                                                                F o d n

      Amount Raised (FY 2006-2007)
      Significant cash and in-kind gifts received include the following:

      Donor                                                        College/Department                                       Amount

      Talbert & Leota Abrams Foundation                            Intercollegiate Athletics/Natural Science                   21,000
      Academy for Educational Development                          General University                                       1,250,000
      AGA Foundation                                               Agriculture & Natural Resources                             50,000
      AGC Education and Research Foundation                        Agriculture & Natural Resources                             25,000
      AKC Canine Health Foundation                                 Veterinary Medicine                                         56,152
      Forest H. Akers Trust Fund                                   International Studies & Programs                           397,933
      American Floral Endowment                                    Agriculture & Natural Resources                             65,820
      American Meat Institute Foundation                           Agriculture & Natural Resources                             48,733
      Americana Foundation, Inc.                                   Agriculture & Natural Resources                             52,861
      American Quarter Horse Association                           Veterinary Medicine                                         20,558
      Associated Students MSU                                      University Scholarships                                     31,000
      Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation                             Social Science                                              25,000
      Broad Foundation                                             Arts & Letters/Business/Education/Music                     80,686
      Burroughs Wellcome Fund                                      Natural Science                                            130,000
      Canadian Consulate General                                   Arts & Letters/International Studies & Programs/            20,658
                                                                       Law/MSU Museum
      Canadian Golf Superintendents                                Libraries, Computing & Technology                          25,000
      Carnegie Corporation of New York                             Education                                                 183,000
      Coleman Foundation                                           Law                                                        97,744
      Corn Marketing Program of Michigan                           Agriculture & Natural Resources                            61,799
      Council of Michigan Foundations                              General University/Lifelong Education                      52,869
      Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation                                 Veterinary Medicine                                        28,717
      Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                                   Agriculture & Natural Resources/Human Medicine             44,003
      Dart Foundation                                              Arts & Letters/Broadcasting Services/Music/                90,838
                                                                       Natural Science
      DeRoy Testamentary Foundation                                Business                                                   `50,000
      Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow Foundation                         Social Science                                              25,000
      Downtown Coaches Club                                        Intercollegiate Athletics/Music                             29,082
      Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation                           Natural Science                                             20,000
      Earhart Foundation                                           Social Science                                              70,000
      ECI Users Group, Inc.                                        Business                                                    20,000
      Foundation for Recreational Boating                          Agriculture & Natural Resources                             45,261
      Fratcher Foundation                                          Business/Veterinary Medicine                                60,000
      Freeman Foundation                                           International Studies & Programs                            37,400
      The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation                          Communication Arts & Sciences/Natural Science              666,000
      Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation                       Agriculture & Natural Resources/Veterinary Medicine        105,000
      William T. Grant Foundation                                  Social Science                                              25,000
      Grayson Jockey Club Research Foundation, Inc.                Veterinary Medicine                                        123,268
      Gustafson/Murphy Family Trust                                Agriculture & Natural Resources                            390,000
      William & Flora Hewlett Foundation                           Agriculture & Natural Resources/Education                  430,000
      William & Sarah E. Hinman Endowment Fund                     Graduate School/University Scholarships                     41,900
      Institute for Supply Management                              Business                                                    22,500
      Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc.        Engineering                                                 20,000
      International Corrugated Packaging Foundation                Agriculture & Natural Resources                             35,412
      Irwin Foundation                                             Veterinary Medicine                                         50,000
      Robert Wood Johnson Foundation                               Human Medicine                                             123,619
      Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International          Natural Science                                            125,000
      W. K. Kellogg Foundation                                     Agriculture & Natural Resources/Communication            4,843,196
                                                                       Arts & Sciences/Education/Natural Science/Nursing/
                                                                       Social Science/Veterinary Medicine
      Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation                      Human Medicine                                            167,356
      Leelanau County 4-H Youth Association                        Agriculture & Natural Resources                            40,000
      Lumina Foundation for Education                              Education                                                  30,000
      MBG Marketing                                                Agriculture & Natural Resources                            69,686
      MBI International                                            Engineering                                                29,452
      James S. McDonnell Foundation                                Natural Science                                           107,273
      Metropolitan Process Service                                 Communication Arts & Sciences                              20,000
      Michigan 4-H Foundation                                      Agriculture & Natural Resources                           170,957

n nd t o
o ud a a t ii o nn G i F ti F t p o r t
d a t i o n    G i F t r e pr e o r te                          G                                                 r                      p o

       Michigan Apple Research Committee                      Agriculture & Natural Resources                                       153,171
       Michigan Education Association                         Education/Social Science                                               25,256
       Michigan Horse Council, Inc.                           Agriculture & Natural Resources/Veterinary Medicine                    54,824
       Michigan Milk Producers Association                    Agriculture & Natural Resources/Veterinary Medicine                    53,850
       Michigan Potato & Carrot Industry Commission           Agriculture & Natural Resources                                        62,691
       Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee                   Agriculture & Natural Resources                                       236,726
       Michigan State Bar Foundation                          Education/Law                                                          23,273
       Michigan State Chapter of the National Wildlife        Agriculture & Natural Resources                                        32,000
        Turkey Federation
       Michigan State Horticultural Society                  Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         54,798
       Michigan Turfgrass Foundation                         Agriculture & Natural Resources/Intercollegiate Athletics              148,140
       Michigan Vegetable Council, Inc.                      Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         20,000
       Michigan Veterinary Specialists                       Veterinary Medicine                                                     27,951
       MSU Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan                       Intercollegiate Athletics/Miscellaneous/University Scholarships         25,716
       MSU Alumni Club of West Michigan                      Campus Planning & Administration/Human Medicine/                        36,480
                                                                 Intercollegiate Athletics/Social Science/University Scholarships
       MSU COM Student Osteopathic Medical Association Osteopathic Medicine                                                          22,500
       MSU Federal Credit Union                              Agriculture & Natural Resources/Arts & Letters/                        684,913
                                                                 Broadcasting Services/General University/Human
                                                                 Medicine/Intercollegiate Athletics/International
                                                                 Studies & Programs/MSU Museum/Miscellaneous/
                                                                 Music/Nursing/Osteopathic Medicine/Social Science/
                                                                 Student Affairs & Services/University Scholarships/
                                                                 Wharton Center
       MSU Orange County Alumni Club                         University Scholarships                                                 35,165
       Charles Stewart Mott Foundation                       General University/Miscellaneous                                        50,000
       National Blood Foundation                             Human Medicine                                                          64,826
       National Grape Co-op Association, Inc.                Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         79,723
       National Social Norms Resource Center                 Miscellaneous                                                           49,450
       New Detroit, Inc.                                     Lifelong Education                                                      20,000
       Joe D. Pentecost Foundation                           Intercollegiate Athletics                                               43,000
       Pickle Packers International, Inc.                    Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         38,267
       Rebounders Club                                       Intercollegiate Athletics                                               69,169
       Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology Engineering                                                             30,000
       Sinai Medical Staff Foundation                        Human Medicine/Osteopathic Medicine                                     25,000
       Alfred P. Sloan Foundation                            Natural Science/Social Science                                         271,000
       The Spencer Foundation                                Education                                                               20,000
       Charles J. Strosacker Foundation                      Natural Science                                                        100,000
       Sugarbeet Advancement                                 Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         64,000
       Mildred Swanson Foundation                            University Scholarships                                                 32,500
       John Templeton Foundation                             Natural Science                                                        192,596
       Templeton Advanced Research                           Osteopathic Medicine                                                   171,557
       W.B. & Candace Thoman Foundation                      Honors College                                                          22,000
       United Cerebral Palsy Research                        Human Medicine                                                          25,000
       United States – Japan Foundation                      International Studies & Programs                                        51,106
       Washington State Tree Fruit Research Commission       Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         78,409
       Weaver Moschetti Family Foundation                    Agriculture & Natural Resources                                         20,000
       Matilda R. Wilson Fund                                Veterinary Medicine                                                    500,000

        MSU PartnerS                                                                                                           Non-Profit Org.

        University Development                                                                                                  U.S. Postage
        Michigan State University                                                                                                PAID
        300 Spartan Way                                                                                                        East Lansing, MI
                                                                                                                                Permit No. 21
        East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1005

 MSU Partners Summer Edition, 2007
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                                                   Tel: (517) 884-1019
                                                   Fax: (517) 432-1129
                                                                                          Lou Anna K. Simon
                                                                                          Charles H. Webb
                                                                                          Vice President
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 MSU Partners is a publication of Michigan State                                          University Development     Associate Director
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                                                   Dart Foundation
                                                      Dart Foundation

                    SU President Lou
                    Anna K. Simon (center)
                    presents a Kedzie
        Society memento to Dart
        Foundation Executive Director
        James Lammers and Grants
        Manager Claudia Deschaine.
            In January, President Simon
        hosted a special luncheon to honor
        the Dart Foundation for its contri-
        butions of more than $1 million to
        MSU programs. President Simon
        was joined in thanking the Mason,
        Michigan based foundation for its
        many gifts through the years by
        the deans of colleges and directors
        of programs that have benefited,
        including the Kresge Art Museum,
        the MSU Museum, WKAR
        Broadcasting, and the colleges of
        Engineering, Communication Arts
        and Sciences, and Natural Science.

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