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									Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in Las
Vegas. Car accidents not only involve automobile drivers, but passengers
as well. If you have had an accident due to another individual's
negligent or intentional acts then seeking assistance from a car accident
lawyer in Las Vegas will make it easier for you to file a case. If you
are seeking a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, Shumway Van & Hansen may
be of interest to you. Kevin R. Hansen, an experienced car accident
lawyer in Las Vegas, can provide a free consultation and give you
recommendations regarding your case.   After reviewing your case, Shumway
Van & Hansen will provide you with the efficient car accident lawyer in
Las Vegas that is best suited to assert your claims. We have many
experienced lawyers and some that focus specifically on personal injury
matters. Working with an experienced car accident lawyer can offer you
piece of mind knowing that the counsel you receive is tried and tested.
We have a dedicated team that will focus on your case the moment you
decide to file.   Having been involved in accident may not only leave you
with physical scars, but emotional scars as well. Here at Shumway Van &
Hansen we are not only hired to litigate your case, but to make it easier
on your part. We work to make it more convenient for you and we will
process all legal actions needed to move your case forward and to keep
pressure on the other parties involved. By centering our service on our
clients, we try to exceed the expectations set forth by our clients.
Client satisfaction is the foundation of our business and is what allows
us to function as a contributing member of the community.   Negligence
and recklessness are primary contributing factors in many car accidents.
If all of drivers in Las Vegas were vigilant and aware of their
surroundings, there would be no need to file lawsuits. When drivers fail
to pay adequate attention to the road, text or drink while driving they
are putting themselves and others at risk. If you are injured in an
accident where the other person was negligent or careless then you can be
an advocate for justice by ensuring that a civil debt is paid to all
those who were affected by their negligence.   A car accident in Las
Vegas is a horrible thing, but we can provide counsel and assistance
associated with achieving the justice that you or your loved ones
deserve. Call Shumway Van & Hansen (702-478-7770), or visit our website
( for more information about how to set up a
consultation with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas. You can also stop
by our office at 8985 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89123

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