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  AT&T Joins With iKeepSafe to Promote Mobile Safety Resources                                                           Media Contact

  & Campaign, Urging Youth to Learn Smart Cell Phone Habits
                                                                                                                        Jennifer Finlinson
  New Program Will Provide Educators and Parents with Critical Tools to Help Kids
  Use Mobile Devices Safely

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  Rochester, NY ( February 28, 2012                             ShareThis                  
  Today, iKeepSafe and AT&T*are proud to announce in the launch of                                            
  Mobile Safe a program that offers resources for parents and
  educational games for students, with the goal of teaching kids smart and
  safe mobile habits. The program launched at an event at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY.
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  The Mobile Safe resources are available today at The program focuses on six                   Press Releases on your site?
  principles of cell phone use:
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  1. Identity/Reputation Presentation and Monitoring: Use cell phones to portray yourself in safe, healthy,
  and fun ways while protecting both identity and reputation;
  2. Relationship Management Online and Offline: Maintain relationships using communication that best
  balances clarity and convenience for a healthy interaction in a given situation;
  3. Multitasking: Focus on one activity at a time, as appropriate, so you can actually do more, have more
  fun, and stay safer;
  4. Domains of Use: Learn strategies for non-disruptive phone use that also keeps you connected and
  5. Responsibilities to Self, Family, and the Law: Learn how to use cell phones in ways that do not put
  yourself or your families at risk; and
  6. Maximize the positives: Learn the positive entertainment, social and safety opportunities that come
  with a cell phone.

  "We're deeply committed to equipping parents and children with the tools they need to stay informed,
  and are pleased to be working with iKeepSafe on proactively addressing this important issue of mobile
  safety," said Marissa Shorenstein, president of AT&T New York. "As more and more kids use mobile
  devices and at younger ages it's critical that they understand how to use this devices safely and
  responsibly. Mobile Safe will help achieve just that."

  The Mobile Safe curriculum was developed through a cooperative agreement between the U.S.
  Department of Justice and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), INOBTR ( I
  Know Better ), a non-profit organization focused on educating kids through public awareness to keep
  them safe; and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe), a non-profit international alliance focused
  on teaching youth about using new media devices and platforms in safe and healthy. iKeepSafe partnered
  with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); the Center for Media and Child Health at Children s
  Hospital (CMCH) at Boston and Woogi World, a virtual school for K-6 students to develop the resources.

  A leader in consumer education and safety initiatives, AT&T supported an evaluation of these new
  resources in conjunction with CMCH. The robust analysis examined data collected during a six-month long
  pilot, and assessed the curriculum s effectiveness. Researchers compared the educational games to each
  other as well as considered their individual strengths and weaknesses. Based on the findings, Woogi
  World game developers improved the games for future use nationally.

   It s important to arm this new generation of cell phone users with information to be responsible, ethical
  and resilient when using technology, iKeepSafe CEO and President, Marsali Hancock said. We are proud
  to have the support of a mobile leader like AT&T to empower educators and parents to teach these
  important lessons to youth to promote cell phone safety.

  In addition to the Mobile Safe curriculum, a new public awareness campaign launched today in Rochester
  aiming to teach area youth about safe and smart cell phone use. The Cell Phone Smart campaign
  supports the Mobile Safe curriculum and is comprised of educational public service ads that will appear at
  area movie theaters, as well as radio PSAs that will air on local stations. In addition, grassroots materials
  such as posters, brochures and fact sheets will be distributed and made available for community leaders
  to use as awareness tools. Additional cell phone safety resources can be found online at the campaign s
  website, All campaign materials are available for download at                                                                                          2/29/2012
AT&T Joins With iKeepSafe to Promote Mobile Safety Resources & Campaign, Urging ...                                                             Page 2 of 2

  The campaign kicked off officially with an event gathering educators, education administrators and local
  officials invested in protecting Rochester s youth through this public awareness initiative.

  More information on AT&T s safety initiatives can be found at:

  *AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the
  AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.


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    Safer Internet Day
    ( Internet Day is a day to celebrate how children and adults can
    learn from each other when they meet online and across digital devices. In honor of the day s theme, Connecting generations and educating
    each other, iKeepSafe experts & partners have created these new resources:

    -Teachers Connecting Generations Through Technology (

    -iKeepCurrent Curriculum (

    -Parents Guide to Facebook (

    Additionally, iKeepSafe has teamed up with KSL s Deanie Wimmer to produce the following video about how educators can use Facebook to
    their benefit:

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