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The Mouse Deer And Crocodiles


									                       The Mouse Deer And Crocodiles

Briefly was 40 crocodiles that were marching from the side of the river at the side foreign him. The
mouse deer agilely jumped from one crocodile to the following crocodile until succeeding in crossing the
river. Afterwards he jumped above tebing that could not be covered by the crocodile while smiling glad.

Of course crocodiles angry very felt was cheated. They shouted mentioned the mouse deer as the rancid
swindler. Acknowledged as Sang the mouse deer by him the chaotic animal, the trade person, the
manipulation trade person and the enemy of the number crocodile of one of tricks. However elegantly
the mouse deer listened to all the words of dozens of crocodiles beneath it. Afterwards after they were
quiet, the mouse deer began to answer their charges.

“Dengar the crocodiles. Your enemy who was biggest not I. But two weak characteristics in the character
of the crocodile. You the easy crocodile nation was manipulated by anyone by making use of two big
holes in your character” said mouse deer .

“Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh “

“Today I am kind-hearted divided my knowledge about crocodile psychology. Knowledge that was more
valuable than one thousand mouse deer meats. Moreover only thin mouse deer meat like aku”
continued mouse deer .
“Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh “

There were two big holes in your character. Two holes that made you find it easy to be hypnotised or
was made use of. First was the requirement that was abundant on the safe feeling that made you easy
was intimidated and the two were the feeling of the greed that made you easy was tantaliseds.

“Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh “ violently the crocodile.

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