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									Injury is a medical term which means damage to a biological organism
which can be classified on different basis. If we classify injury, we
will do it in 3 ways, by cause, by location and by activity. Now lets
describe each.      By Cause: There can be many reason in by cause like
traumatic injury, a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical
injury, as from violence or accident, other injuries from external
physical causes, such as radiation injury and burn injury, injury from
infection, injury from toxin or as adverse effect of pharmaceutical drug,
metabolic injury, complications of diabetes, injury due to autoimmunity,
injury due to cancer and injury secondary to any other diseases.

  By Location: Wound, an injury in which skin is torn, cut or punctured,
brain injury, spinal cord injury, nerve injury, soft tissue injury and
cell damage including direct DNA damage.      By Activity: In this there
can be only two reasons, one is sports injury and other is occupational
injury.      A 44-year-old man was rushed to Seattle's Harborview Medical
Center after his van crashed into the back of a semi truck on Tuesday on
Interstate 82 just south of this Kittitas County town. He was identified
as Lawrence Prindle. He was headed east of the highway when his 2006 Ford
van collided with a two-trailer semi driven by 67-year-old Henry Severin.
Both vehicles were towed from the scene, and one lane was closed for
about four hours.      According to a Washington State Patrol news
release, the cause of the crash is under investigation, but alcohol and
drugs are not believed to have been involved. Prindle was listed in
serious condition this morning.      If you or a family member was
injured in an accident in Seattle caused by another person or vehicle, it
is important to contact a seattle personal injury attorney. You may have
lost a parent, child or spouse who provided both financial and emotional
support. If your loved one was killed because of the negligence of
another, you should not be forced to suffer financial consequences for
the rest of your life. You need to contact a lawyer who can handle cases
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