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iTunes goes Gaga
       Stephanie Anderson
                                                                                                       Rahm Emanuel for new mayor
                                                                                                         PHS   Namrata Patel
                                                                                                                                                                     make sure it is proficient and effective
                                                                                                                                                                     by streamlining Chicago’s energy use
                                                       board 100 singles charts.
                                         reporter                                                                                                                    and enhancing the city’s arts and
                                                          It is the title track of the five-time-
  The entire planet has clearly gone                   Grammy-winning singer’s new album.                Chicago, Illinois welcomes its new                          culture.
gaga for Lady Gaga.                                    It is due to be released on May 23rd.           mayor, Rahm Emanuel, on February                                In addition, Emanuel launched a
  After she “hatched” out of en egg at                    Lady Gaga has been so successful             22, 2011. After two decades of Mayor                          post-election web site that allows people
the Grammy Awards, the attention                       that she looks to someday turn her              Daley’s incumbency, the city is now                           to share ideas and submit resumes.
the media gives her continues to rise a                career in a whole new route - starring          handed over to the former White                               Emanuel’s new web page was created
hundredfold. She has wild outfits, live                in movies. After being asked by Sirius          House Chief of Staff as Daley retires.                        to gather ideas, channel news
stunts, and continues to belt her heart                XM, she replied, “I think at some               However, citizens cannot help but feel                        releases directly to the public, and
out to sold-out concerts. She has even                 point, yes. I think I’m sort of destined        insecure as a new face brings new                             “attract a wide range of applicants
conquered the popular social website,                  for the screen at some point.”                  changes as well.                                              from across Chicago” to apply for
Twitter, with more followers than                         Alongside all this new excitement,             This election began with controversies                      unspecified jobs in his administration.
anyone else on the site. “Just Dance,”                 sources say that if there was ever a            over Emanuel’s residency and the                              President Barack Obama, who
“Paparazzi,” the Grammy-award-win-                     movie about her life, Lady Gaga says            great debate over his eligibility to                          Emanuel served as White House
ning “Bad Romance,” and chart-topper                   she would like to be played by Marisa           be a candidate after his service in                           Chief of Staff, also submitted resumes
“Telephone” have already embedded                      Tomei, the Oscar-winning actress                the White House. After the lower                              online after he was elected in 2008.
themselves into music history. So it                   from My Cousin Vinny.                           courts ruled in his favor, Emanuel                            Emanuel is using his site, www.
seems that the world has found a new                      Lady Gaga may have earned an-                faced a tougher fight as the Appellate              , to allow people to
favorite in the quirky singer.                         other substantial handful of critical           Court ruled against him. The case                             “engage in conversation with the
  Apple announced that Lady Gaga’s                     and commercial successes, but that              was brought into the Supreme Court,                           mayor-elect.” Emanuel has also set
new single “Born This Way” has                         doesn't mean she's going to rest. Re-           which claimed the Appellate Court                             up a non-profit board by the same
broken iTunes' record as the fastest-                  cently, she lent her voice to accompany         decision “fundamentally flawed.” A                            name to raise money until he officially
                                                                                                       greater challenge laid ahead as the                           enters office on May 16.
                                                                                                       candidates geared up for upcoming                               On March 11, during a town-hall
                                                                                                       elections to replace Daley.                                   meeting with Chicago high school
                                                                                                         One of Emanuel’s biggest opponents                          students, Emanuel blamed a “severe
                                                                                                       was Gary Chico, a close associate                             shortage” of high schools, in part, for
                                                                                                       to Daley and a familiar face in the                           a 200,000-person decline in the city’s
                                                                                                       corporate world. Backed up by the                             population in the 2010 U.S. Census.
                                                                                                       African American community and                                “We don’t have enough high school
                                                                                                       small businesses around the city, Chico                       spaces. We have a severe shortage
                                                                                                       went head-to-head with Emanuel.                               where parents early on say, 'There’s
                                                                                                         After a 55% vote margin, Emanuel                            not a good local high school.' I’m not
                                                                                                       beat out Chico and took the throne                            taking the risk and they leave. That
                                                                                                       as Chicago’s new mayor, avoiding an                           is a fact, and I’ve got to address that
                                                                                                       April election run-off.                                       problem." That's his first priority.
                                                                                                         On March 10, Emanuel declared
                                                                                                       the members of remaining transition
                                                                                                       committees. This varied group of
                                                                                                       community, business and non-profit
                                                                                                       leaders from across the city will provide
                                                                                                       recommendations to the Mayor-
                                                                                                       elect about strengthening Chicago’s
                                                                                                       economy and raising public safety,
Lady Gaga coming out of an egg at the GrammyAwards                                      Internet
                                                                                                       stimulating and expanding public
selling single ever on the worldwide                   Elton John’s for an original duet in the        transportation and infrastructure.
Apple iTunes store. It managed to rack                 computer-animated feature Gnomeo                  These seven committees complete
up more than one million downloads in                  and Juliet called “Hello, Hello” which          the Mayor-elect’s Transition Team:
just five days, with some sources say-                 can only be heard in its original form          Economic Development and Planning,
ing that might have been influenced                    in the film. The singer also performed          Public Safety, Transportation and
by her appearance at last month's                      at Boardwalk Hall Arena in Atlantic             Infrastructure, Social Services and
Grammy awards.                                         City, New Jersey, wearing a trans-              Healthcare, Energy, Environment and
  As if that weren’t enough, Apple                     lucent dress and the top portion of a           Public Space, and Arts and Culture.
has said that the song apparently                      nun’s habit.                                    These committees will be ensuring
influenced by Madonna had hit the                        On March 7, Gaga recorded “Mon-               the way Americans receive social
No. 1 spot in over 23 countries, going                 ster’s Ball” in New York City, and will         services and healthcare; they will
straight to the top of the U.S. Bill-                  show on HBO later this year.                                                                               Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel                         Internet

           News in                                       Local: On March 8, Chris Medina,
                                                       who was booted off from American Idol
                                                                                                         National: Workers are leaving
                                                                                                       Chipotle in Washington D.C. and
                                                                                                                                                                       International: The body of a U.S.
                                                                                                                                                                     exchange student from California
          60 seconds                                   on February 23, received a $45,000
                                                       2010 Dodge Grand Caravan van for
                                                                                                       Virginia since they got notices that
                                                                                                       the U.S. immigration officials audited
                                                                                                                                                                     was pulled out of a Madrid river on
                                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday, March 9, ten days after he
 PHS   Aanchal Bhushan                                 his fiancée Juliana Ramos. She suf-             restaurants. A review of 'Help Wanted'                        disappeared following a night on the
                                                       fered a traumatic brain injury when             websites, including Chipotle's, showed                        town, a police official stated. The cause
                                                       her car hydroplaned on a wet road and           a superior level of hiring in those mar-                      was unknown, but there were no signs
                                                       slammed into a pole. Braun Ability              kets other than Ohio, where the com-                          of foul play in the death of 22-year-old
                                                       and Mobility Works are donating the             pany has double the units. Chipotle                           San Diego State University business
                                                       van that is outfitted with an auto-             Chief Executive Monty Moran called                            student Austin Bice. Roommates had
                                                       mated ramp, which will enable Ramos             the departures “very limited” and said                        reported him missing after he failed
                                                       to be wheeled right into the van and            they came after he told employees the                         to return home following the night
                                                       buckled up. Chris has been very caring          U.S. Immigration and Customs En-                              out. An autopsy was done and it's not
                                                       and helpful to Juliana and her family           forcement evaluated worker eligibility                        clear when the results will be released.
                                                       to make sure she is taken care of the           documents at the 60 or so restaurants                         Bice’s body was found in the Man-
                                                       right way. Even though he got cut,              in Virginia and Washington, D.C.                              zanares River, a shallow, slow-moving
                                                       Medina's appearance on American                 Earlier, a comparable check resulted                          waterway that runs through western
                                                       Idol brought attention to help Juliana          in the firing of 450 undocumented                             Madrid, in a spot not far from the
                                                       make her struggle easier.                       workers at Minnesota’s restaurants.                           nightclub where he was last seen.

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March 2011

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