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Pisces Personality Astrology and Horoscope Prediction for Sun Sign


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									Like its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisceans are
always torn between choices whether to seek the light or sink into the
darkness. Pisces is well liked for their kind and sympathetic nature.
Their charm of manner and carefree nature will impress many. You are
compassionate, and unless pushed to the wall, will rarely hurt anyone. A
Piscean can be very caustic but the sarcasm is not always direct and
generally goes unnoticed. However, this can land you in a spot every once
in a while. You find it difficult to conform and follow rules or to cope
with discipline.       Pisces Personality Traits :

  When the going gets really rough, the Piscean may try to flee down
river and hide amongst the vast schools of fish swimming lazily around.
The very weak-willed among you are likely to indulge in alcohol and drugs
to escape. Alternatively, you might be able to pour out your emotions in
creative arts. You put your emotions in poetry or short verse but seldom
open up to those around you on a personal basis. Although you might be
impractical and somewhat uneasy with the real world, you are brave and
prefer a lot of independence. Pisceans like to delve in spiritual matters
and lots of you are fascinated by the occult.       Pisces Work Profile :
Being a water sign, Pisces, you are a lot more creative than the other
zodiac signs. Your ideas are truly unique and you will impress your
seniors at work. You perform better under the leadership of a strong
leader. You need guidance and are not confident of your own talents. You
need to believe in yourself first. You are gifted and are brilliant
artistically.       Pisces Personality Likes :      The Pisces
personality likes to be adored and admired. They are happy as long as you
notice how creative they are. Compliment them if you wish to impress
them. Pisces likes to wander into their dream world and they like to
escape reality. They are drawn towards the mysterious occult sciences.
Pisces likes movies, paintings, photographs and sculptures.       Pisces
Personality Dislikes :      Pisces dislikes having to face hard facts.
They would rather be left alone with their thoughts and dreams. They
don't like the obvious and are bored by things that are common. They have
a tendency to be attracted towards the unusual more often than not.
Pisces is the most easily influenced among all zodiac signs but they
regret following bad examples. Never criticize a Piscean as they will
find it hard to forgive you. They don't take criticism easily and find it
hard to remain friends will people who have a tendency to point out
faults.      David Daniel is a professional astrologer. Find Indian
astrology with horoscope and live astrological prediction, pisces
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