Astrology - A Pseudoscience by anamaulida


									Astrology is based on the belief that there is a relationship between
events in the lives of people and astronomical events. The Indian,
Chinese, and Mayan cultures have great belief in astrology and use it to
predict events based on celestial movements. Astrology is a
pseudoscience since it focuses on heavenly bodies and uses scientific
information provided about them like the movements of the planets and
other heavenly bodies. The conclusions drawn by them based on this
scientific information are not absolutely verifiable and there is no
research to back the hypotheses. It also ignores any information which
goes against their surmises. Astrology - Mathematical Calculations The
popularity of astrology lies in the fact that people have always been and
will always be curious about their future. In difficult times, people
are interested in knowing their future so they can prepare themselves for
any eventuality that unfolds in their lives. Astronomy and astrology
were considered interchangeable at one point in time. Astrology is based
on mathematical calculations and if the raw data given is not absolutely
correct, the interpretation is also likely to go wrong. When bogus
astrologers compromise on data and make false predictions, it leads to
all astrologers, the genuine and the fake, being tarred with the same
brush of disbelief. In its purest form, astrology attempts to answer
some of the questions the journey through life throws up. Although it is
mostly used as an instrument for foretelling the future, it is actually a
science of probabilities. Based on the movements of the heavenly bodies,
it suggests that there is a probability of a certain event happening.
Horoscopes To Predict Your Future A horoscope is the prediction of the
future including a person's characteristics based on the star sign. It
began with the ancient Greeks who believed that the positioning of the
heavenly bodies at the time of a person's birth had an effect on a
person's destiny. Horoscopes are highly individualized and cannot be
produced en masse. Compatibility horoscopes and love horoscopes predicts
the compatibility between two people based on their sun signs. Your Love
Life Guided By The Love Horoscope Love horoscopes analyze your love life
and the lack or the presence of compatibility between two people. People
seek the help of love horoscopes when there is a void in their lives or
confusion regarding their love life. Very often the relationships they
are in do not match their expectations and lead to a lot of anger and
disappointment. Love horoscopes will let you know if the relationship
you are considering or are in already is worth the effort of maintaining
it. A love horoscope gives information on common interests, likes and
dislikes that can determine the compatibility between two people.
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