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					Art History is the study of cultural contributions to the world. Breyer
State University offers a Bachelor of Fine Art in Art History to promote
the study of art in theory, philosophy and throughout history while
having the flexibility to study your art history degree online. The
primary focus of this online degree program is to understand critical
thinking and creative independence. The online courses offer students
friendly introduction to historical writings and provide backgrounds on
aesthetics demonstrating art history arises from general philosophical
questions regarding style, theory, the artist, and society. Expect to
find in written sources, some reflection of your own judgment, for a
variety of fields and issues in the role of society, critics, patrons,
the artist, psychoanalysis and philosophy of art are approached. The
online art history program will unravel to students wide ranges of
various media that enthralled the world in both a dynamic and static
sense image and styles. The degree program prepares students to aim in
the appreciation and understanding gradual rediscoveries of the facts and
influences of the past.   All courses in the art history degree program
are available online.   Breyer States online courses are available to
students anytime of the year.         >

  > Art is a part of a worldwide market that is constantly changing; so
to keep up with the times,        > Breyer State University offers
students the chance to earn a Bachelor degree in Fine art. The Bachelor
of Fine Art degree at Breyer State University is blueprinted to equip
students with the creative edge to succeed in one of the most profitable
markets around: the creative world of art and expression. This is a
specialized degree that aims at training students in either field of Art
History or Interior Design and professionally cultivates ones creativity.
>       > Art history focuses on the many styles and evolution of art and
design through history while interior design prepares a student to create
blueprints and be ready to start designing and decorating rooms. As a
whole, the program encompasses the creative process of painting, drawing
and sculpture as well as the theoretical and historical approach to art
history. Graduates will have a deeper understanding of how art has
developed through the time and be well versed in presentation and
analytical skills.      >        > As a creative professional with a
bachelor of Fine art, you will be prepared to create, work and manage
companies related to the creative world of art. Graduates can elect to go
into a number of fields upon finishing the Bachelor of Fine Arts:       >
>     Archivists, curators and museum technicians       > Commercial and
industrial designers       > Interior Designers       >   Architects
>     Art directors      >        > No matter which way you decide to take
your career with your Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, if you apply the
concepts and theories learned at Breyer State, excelling your career is
inevitable.      >        > Being able to complete your Bachelor Degree in
Fine Arts is an excellent way for active adults to stay involved while
taking their studies with them. Students can access virtual classrooms,
instant chat options with faculty members and online libraries from just
about anyplace there?s an internet connection.       >       > Receiving a
Bachelor of Fine Art from Breyer State is just one way a graduating
student can advance ones career or craft. If you would like more
information on this innovative curriculum Contact Us via email or call
(310) 242-5964                   Breyer State University exists to provide
newer, innovative and affordable online higher education programs and
courses that meet the needs of a wide and diverse market. We offer online
phd program, online phd degree and online degree in art history. For more
details please visit our web site.

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