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Types of Personal Injury Awards

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					Many different types of accidents happen throughout the course of a
person's life and its useful to know what types of injuries a person can
recover damages for if they've been involved in a serious accident. If
the accident occurred because of another party's negligence or
intentional actions, a person can file a personal injury claim seeking
compensation for their injuries. The goal of personal injury claims is
to make the perpetrating party responsible for damages they've caused and
to repay the victims of the accident for the financial, emotional, and
physical damages they've endured.       Most types of damages awarded to
the victim are known as compensatory damages. This is the idea that the
award is meant to return the victim to the state they were in before they
were the victim of another's actions. This would include recouping
expenses such as hospital bills, funeral costs, damage to property and
lost wages. Normally, these are paid to the victims of the accident
themselves, but in the event that the victim has died, they are paid to
family members. In some states, if it is determined that the victim
shares some of the liability, the value of the compensatory damages may
be reduced by the percentage that it is determined the victim was liable.

  The monetary value that is to be returned to the victim is known as
special damages. This would include any bills that the victim had to pay
after the accident as well as income they were unable to earn. Hospital
bills and funeral expenses (in wrongful death cases) are covered as well
as lost wages and earnings. With special damages, the amount of the
award is limited to the fixed cost of the loss.      Another type of
damages awarded to the victim is known as general damages. These damages
are meant to compensate the victim are things that are lost that do not
have a monetary value. These can include pain & suffering, loss of
companionship, any type of chronic impairment, and loss of a loved one
are all included in these general, non-monetary damages. It can be
difficult to put a value on any of these claims because there is no
monetary value associated with a human life, but the court does the best
it can.      The Law Firm of Leandros A. Vrionedes, P.C. serves
individuals with personal injury claims from the firm's offices in New
York City. The firm serves clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens,
Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau, Yonkers, Westchester and throughout
New York.

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