Know What To Do To Avoid Damaging Your Personal Injury Claim

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					One of the first things that an individual must do after getting into a
car accident is call their insurance company to notify them of what
occurred. At some point, the insurance companies will want to get a
statement from all involved parties. Before giving a statement, it is
important to remember the following tips to avoid saying anything that
may damage the value of the case. Insurance companies will use a
person's own words against to justify offering a lower settlement should
the case come to litigation.      1.    Avoid saying anything at the
scene of the accident Car accidents are traumatic and stressful events
for everyone. People react differently under pressure. Even if the
other driver is upset, stay calm and avoid being pulled into an argument
about fault. The drivers are not the ones who decide fault in this
instance. It is much more likely that an individual will hurt their case
by engaging with the other party than help their case. Do not be
pressured into saying anything.

  2. Be decisive in statements At some point, you will have to speak
with your insurance company and give them a statement concerning the
circumstances of the accident. Using terms such as "I think" or "maybe"
will encourage the opposing party to question your recall and
subsequently hurt your case. Avoid giving information which you're not
sure about. It is better for an individual to have less information that
they are fully confident in than a lot of information which they are
unsure about.      3. Never admit fault Under no circumstances should
an individual admit fault at the scene of the accident. It is possible
that both or all parties may be at least partially responsible for the
accident even if it seems as though one person should take all the blame.
An individual should never tell their insurance company that an accident
was their fault as it will have a negative effect on their insurance
rates in the future.      4. Never tell them that you're "OK" Even
though it may seem as though an insurance agent may ask how you're doing
as a matter of courtesy, they may really be looking for any information
that will lower the amount that they have to pay to out. Even though
some injuries don't always appear right away, an individual negatively
affects their case when they give the insurance company this information.
When insurance asks, an individual would do well to tell their insurance
company that they are going to the doctor and will be able to give a
better answer after the doctor completed a thorough examination.       The
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The firm serves clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten
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