Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits Consider These Points First by anamaulida


									If you are injured by someone, or some company's actions you may be
entitled to be compensated for your injuries. The money you can receive
is for your medical expenses, your lost income, and your pain and
suffering. In order to get that compensation you need to hire an
experienced and knowledgeable   attorney in the area.        Injury
lawsuits and injury lawyers are not all the same. It's important to find
out what kinds of cases the lawyer is familiar with and how many might
they have handled in the past. Also, it may be important to find out if
the lawyer has any other qualifications that make him stand out from the
crowd. Since an   injury lawsuit consists of certain special laws and
their application, it's quite important for your attorney to have a
thorough knowledge of the same. Then only they will be able to provide
you with effective and successful legal representation.

  Reibman & Weiner pride itself in having attorneys at the firm with
years of experience in many different kinds of personal injury lawsuits.
Marc Reibman has been in practice in the area of injury law for over 30
years. Steven Weiner has been in practice as a lawyer for over 20 years.
In addition, Steven Weiner has the added, and rare, qualification of also
being a medical doctor. That allows him to quickly and accurately review
your case, the injuries, and the medical records and reports and to
formulate insightful strategy to benefit you.      Reibman & Weiner has
handled cases in all the boroughs of New York City -- Bronx, New York,
Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island -- and in the surrounding counties of
Orange County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Nassau County, Suffolk
County, and even Delaware County. Reibman & Weiner have    handled cases
in all New York State and Federal Courts.      Before you hire a lawyer
to represent you, ask how experienced the attorney is, how many similar
cases he has handled, how many trials he has had, and who will actually
be working on the case. Many firms hire temporary lawyers to work on
cases or to make court appearances. Find out if the firm or attorney
you want to hire intends to do this. Find out who will go to trial on
your case if it does not settle. At Reibman & Weiner, the lawyers at the
firm are the ones who work on the cases and who go to trials if the case
does not settle.      Lisa Hyden is a law grad with specific interest in
personal injury lawsuits and nyc injury attorney. .

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