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					Although drivers never expect to be involved in an accident, often
against people's best intentions they are involved in car collisions.
Most people are experienced enough drivers that they can handle driving a
little over the speed limit or in rainy conditions without too much of a
worry. That being said, all it takes is one mistake or one moment of
distraction and even the most experienced driver may find themselves in
an auto accident.       It is almost inevitable that a driver will get
into an accident throughout the course of their lifetime. Most accidents
are small and will not require the involvement of a personal injury
lawyer. There are a few situations, however, that will require the
involvement of an experienced personal injury attorney.    Some of these
include: - If someone has died in the accident, - If someone has
experienced a serious injury (brain injuries and spinal cord injuries
included) -       If someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
at the time of the accident.

  Meet With a Personal Injury Lawyer These are not the only reasons an
individual may want to consult with an attorney after a car accident. If
one side hires a lawyer after the accident, the other side should look
into hiring their own personal injury lawyer as well. It is very
difficult for a layperson to protect their rights as effectively as
necessary when the opposing party is represented by an attorney.
Another time when it is imperative to involve a lawyer is when the
insurance company is acting in bad faith by refusing to pay for valid
claims for property damage or medical bills. One thing that may be
important is that if the insurance company refuses to reimburse either
party for the accident, the driver who was at-fault may be open to
liability.      The Law Firm of Leandros A. Vrionedes, P.C. offers free
consultations and serves individuals with claims for a personal injury
claims and auto accidents claims from the firm's offices in New York
City. The firm serves clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens,
Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau, Yonkers, Westchester and throughout
New York.

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