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									A family law attorney in San Francisco deals with all manner of legal
issues, ranging from finances, divorce, legal separation, annulment,
distribution of property and assets, spousal support, child custody to
domestic partnerships. When legal issues affect your family, the
situation can get very heated very fast, due to all the emotions
obviously involved in family dealings. This does not have to be the case
though, a competent family law attorney in San Francisco or divorce
attorney in San Francisco as the case may be, can help you navigate the
minefield that is family law.      There are many reasons why a family
would require a family law attorney in San Francisco. Family conflicts
can range from family law issues to conflicts concerning estates,
property ownership and business disputes. Clearly, family law disputes
require a lot more compassion and understanding than other legal matters.
Every family poses different challenges and their problems are unique to
them, a good family law attorney in San Francisco should strive to
understand every case and dedicate to it the all his attention and the
best of his expertise. A good attorney in San Francisco should be able to
provide guidance and information through experience in the San Francisco

  With the shooting divorce rate in San Francisco, there is need to find
an experienced, competent divorce attorney in San Francisco. The truth of
the matter is that approximately half of all marriages in San Francisco
are ending in divorce. Your choice of divorce attorney in San Francisco
can make the difference between your own divorce proceedings being a
painful, drawn-out process that eternally sullies your relationship with
your partner, as is the case with most divorce proceedings, or an
amicable, expeditious dissolution of your marriage.      A good divorce
attorney in San Francisco should help you understand that there are many
ways of resolving divorce proceedings. There is uncontested divorce,
where both parties agree to the terms of the divorce and sign the
paperwork, effectively ending their marriage. There is also summary
dissolution which however, is dependent on many factors such as the
marriage must not have lasted for more than five years, there must have
been no children, the spouses have agreed on no spousal support, the
couple must cite irreconcilable differences to name but a few.      Any
divorce attorney in San Francisco can tell you that divorce proceedings
do not have to end up in court. There are negotiation- focused family law
attorney in San Francisco options that are more efficient and cost-
effective. Mediation and collaborative law are constructive divorce
proceedings that are not so emotionally and financially draining.
Especially where the union produced children, it is important to lay
groundwork for a healthy relationship in the proceedings, as the
parenting still must be shared. The issues of custody and visitation
rights go a lot smoother where the relationship between the spouses has
not been sullied by a court divorce battle.      However, some situations
do call for court proceedings, especially where negotiations are
ineffective in resolving the matters in issue. In this case, the services
of an experienced divorce attorney in San Francisco cannot be avoided.
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