OUI Laws and Drunk Driver Accident Liability by anamaulida


									Massachusetts OUI (Operating Under the Influence) laws protect the public
by making driving while intoxicated a serious criminal offense. Motorists
caught driving under the influence (DUI) face fines and possibly criminal
penalties. The more DUI offenses a Massachusetts driver has, the more
severe the penalties become.Defining Driving Under the
InfluenceMassachusetts OUI laws define driving under the influence as
operating a motor vehicle with:o A blood alcohol content of.08 or greater
o A blood alcohol content of.02 or greater if the driver is under 21 OR
o Under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marijuana, narcotic drugs,
depressants, stimulants, or glue vapors.Massachusetts OUI laws provide
for fines, probation, possible jail time, and driver's license revocation
for 1 year for first time offenders. Subsequent convictions can mean
harsher penalties and could elevate the negligent driver to felony level
charges.Suing a Drunk Driver in MassachusettsUnfortunately, most victims
of serious DUI accidents cannot afford to pay the difference between what
auto insurance companies will provide and the total amount of medical
bills they will face.As a victim of a Massachusetts DUI accident, it is
your right to sue the driver for negligence in civil court even while
criminal charges are pending. You are entitled to recover the full amount
of your personal injuries, which may include time lost from work, long-
term care, and other expenses. It is important to keep in mind that drunk
drivers will most likely face fines as well as jail time because of their
negligence and may not be able to pay the full judgment that you are
awarded.Massachusetts DUI Accidents: Determining LiabilityA driver must
be found legally responsible for the Massachusetts drunk driving accident
in order to be made to pay compensation to the victim. The case may be
that other people-in addition to the driver-can be held legally
responsible for a drunk-driving victim's injuries.If the driver was
served alcohol by someone who knew the driver was already intoxicated,
that person could also be held liable to the accident victim and
therefore responsible for compensating the victim under Massachusetts
law. This applies equally to people in bars and restaurants as well as
people at parties and private gatherings.As a victim, it is important
that you determine all responsible parties in order to maximize your
recovery and ensure your expenses are covered. This is why it is so
critical to make sure you do not sign any settlements with a
representative of an insurance company prior to speaking with your
Massachusetts personal injury attorney.

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