Drunk Driving Accidents in Massachusetts by anamaulida


									Alcohol-related collisions are a leading cause of injuries and death in
the United States. If you were involved in a drunk driving accident, you
have to take immediate action in order to minimize the consequences that
you presently face.If you were responsible for an alcohol-related
collision in the Boston area - you are facing serious penalties. Drinking
and driving has received mass amounts of attention from law enforcement
agencies, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, driver education courses and the
media. Simply put, without an aggressive attorney, you won't receive much
sympathy from the authorities. However, as in any criminal case, a person
is considered innocent until proven guilty. It will be up to your lawyer
to find any mitigating circumstances that might help your case.Just
because you were in a collision after you had a few drinks does not
necessarily mean that you caused the accident. Sometimes police officers
are too quick to pin the blame on a driver because they had a couple of
drinks earlier in the day or evening. In fact, it is entirely possible
that the other driver was at fault. At times like these, you have to
enlist the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney who has a
thorough knowledge of OUI laws and penalties.Certainly being arrested for
a criminal offense is extremely nerve-wracking for anyone. When you
factor in elements such as DUI charges and a traffic accident - it gets
much worse. What types of penalties are associated with a DUI accident?
In the state of Massachusetts, if you are involved in an accident while
driving under the influence of alcohol there are a number of penalties
that you potentially face. They can include imprisonment, fines exceeding
$1,000, driver's license suspension or revocation, probation, community
service, victim restitution, mandatory DUI School and the installation of
an Ignition Interlock Device.The above penalties apply to a DUI accident
involving property damage. If you caused a drunk driving accident that
caused bodily injury or death, you can be assured that you will be facing
more serious penalties. In the case of OUI serious bodily injury - you
could face incarceration in state prison for a minimum of 2.5 years, but
not more than 10 years. Furthermore, your driving privileges will be
forfeited for two years following a first-time conviction.OUI motor
vehicle homicide is the most serious type of alcohol-related charge. It
could involve a minimum state prison sentence ranging from 2.5 years to
more than 15 years. If the case remained in the district court - the
punishment can be no less than one year in the house of correction or any
more than 2.5 years. Drunk driving accidents are extremely serious. When
you are the one who caused a drunk driving accident; you have no other
choice but to hire an experienced DUI attorney. It might seem like the
right thing to do to would be to own up and take the blame - but you
couldn't be more wrong! A skilled lawyer will be able to employ proven
defense tactics that can make all the difference in the outcome of your

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