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					Google’s iPhone tracking; what’s lawmakers said??

Internet giant Google seems in trouble, news roaming about Google’s
iPhone tracking. Google and other advertising companies found involve in
this tracking issue. They tracked all the browsing details of the users.

Not only Google but also advertising companies including WPP PLC’s Media
Innovation Group LLC, Vibrant Media Inc., and Gannett Co.’s Point Roll
Inc. were using special code, Safari web browsing software of Apple
Inc.’s tracks all details,
and in this way they can easily monitor user’s internet habits. There is
one more interesting fact about the Safari i.e. Smartphone Browser is by
default intended to block these sort of tracking.


After admitting this illicit behavior by Google, US lawmakers forced
Federal Trade Commission to interrogate this issue. They tracked secretly
about millions of users of Mac & iPhone web browsing.

US lawmakers forced Federal Trade Commission

Reps. D-Mass, R-Texas, R-Fla, Edward Markey said that they really want to
know the reason that Google’s this illicit behavior “constitutes a
violation” regarding privacy settings on which commission and Google Inc.
worked out.
If this violation really happened then Google have to pay $ 16000 per
violation every day.

Mix responses received regarding this issue, as Markey & Barton wrote in
their letter to federal Trade Commission, “Google’s practices could have
a wide-sweeping impact because Safari is a major Web browser used by
millions of Americans”.
They further mentioned that “As members of the Congressional Bi-Partisan
Privacy Caucus, we are interested in any actions the FTC has taken or
plans to take to investigate whether Google has violated the terms of its
consent agreement.”

Google immediately blocked its code after Wall street Journal’s contact.
This Google code was first marked by Jonathan Mayer a researcher of
Stanford Uni. And after that a technical adviser also confirmed to the

Customers of iPhone were not expecting this illicit behavior from Google,
It really damage their trust. Business just based on trust and loyalty,
more you will be loyal to your customer the more you will earn from them.
 Let’s see now what will happen to this internet giant, though it’s well
reputed but still these are our assumptions. Companies remain the same
it’s only the customer who get hurt.

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