Finding the Perfect Injury Attorney for Your Case by anamaulida


									When searching for an attorney to represent you for injuries sustained in
an accident, find an injury attorney with experience and expertise in the
personal injury field. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect
legal representation for your needs:

1) Ask the attorney who else will be responsible for your case If you
retain a big firm chances are there’d be a team of secretaries,
paralegals and associates handling personal injury matters, who may all
have access to your case. There is nothing wrong with knowing who works
on your litigation and what their experience is. Many personal injury
attorneys in order to minimize expenses (since they don’t get paid
until you recover under current retainers in New York) may have non-
attorneys working on your case, drafting pleadings, speaking to doctors
and adjusters. Make sure that these are experienced professionals who
are courteous and knowledgeable about your matter. Finally, you want to
be comfortable that the attorney is kept up to date on the case’s
progress, so find out at your first meeting about how attorney supervises
other legal professional’s work and checks the status of the
litigation. 2) Get reviews about attorney or other information online
With an abundance of information available on the web, you may be able to
find out how long the injury attorney has been in practice, what law
school he graduated from, whether or not he won any big verdicts, his
trial record and client reviews. Many firms maintain websites detailing
what the practice is about and list client testimonials, as well as
information on important legal updates and court decisions. Before
meeting your attorney, feel free to research him on line, it will give
you a good idea about his practice even before your first meeting. If
there is a bad review, don’t be afraid to inquire about it.
Don’t automatically assume that the attorney is incompetent from
one bad review, give him a chance to explain what happened, within the
allowed parameters due to confidentiality issues, and make your
determination after hearing what the attorney has to say. 3) Ask around
The old fashion way of asking your friends and family for a
recommendation is still a way to go for many clients. With vehicular
accidents being so frequent, chances are someone has been represented by
auto injury attorneys in a car accident and will be able to opinion on
the lawyer and the firm. It is important to remember three different
people may have three different opinions about the same lawyer;
it’s all about personal preferences. So rather than getting
subjective information, find out the facts: how long of a time has passed
before the matter settled, did any difficult issues come up and how did
the attorney handle them, what was the outcome and was it satisfactory to
the client? Getting the cold hard facts may help you make your decision
easier. Making use of the above suggestions will help you choose the
right injury attorney for your case and hopefully lead to a satisfactory
result in your litigation.      Personal injury law firm : At Duffy &
Duffy we understand brain injury and the medical mistakes that can cause
it. You can receive financial compensation for life-long expenses for
your child.

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