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									Divorce is commonly a painful process for both parties involved. It hurts
feelings and cause disagreements over important issues such as child
custody, the division of property and assets, visiting rights, alimony,
and children's monetary support often prolong the process unnecessarily.
If you and your spouse do not seem to be able to resolve such issues and
want to legally battle it out, a contested divorce is the way to go for
you. You or your partner can file for a divorce. After the filing,
divorce attorneys from both sides will help you to come to a mutual
agreement by sitting with both of you. If it doesn't work out, either of
the attorneys can choose to take the matter to court and get a final
judgment.      An experienced contested divorce attorney not only fights
to protect your rights, but also finds solutions for the problems you
face while going through a divorce. Normally, couples manage to reach
agreements on important issues in the presence of their divorce attorneys
even though unable to do so independently. However, if the couple fails
to agree upon any issues, the court is obligated to make the decision for
them. A formal, contested trial before a judge handles all those issues
that the couple could not successfully negotiate.

  The entire procedure is, without a doubt, highly stressful and
emotionally draining for those involved. It is also pertinent to mention
that it can often end up being fairly costly. Our Dallas divorce
attorneys work not only to minimize the emotional and financial strain on
you, but also to thoroughly protect your rights. We will ensure that you
get what you deserve and do not incur any unnecessary expenses.
Nonetheless, expenses are inevitable and often unavoidable in lengthy
contested divorces. This is especially true for when you're fighting for
your children's custody. We focus on getting all your issues sorted out
via as many mediation sessions as are required and negotiate to protect
your rights. If necessary, the case is then taken to court.       Our
lawyers will be there every step of the way guiding you, and making sure
that you understand the whole procedure. We will gather all the evidence
needed to strengthen your case, if it comes to that and will also
navigate the divorce court system. Contact the team of Dallas Divorce
Lawyers at M&A law firm to discuss your case. Call 972.789.1664,
1.866.789.1664, or email at to schedule a free

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