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									For men his age this is the time when they will be reaching their third
decade of retirement but for this lawyer this was the right time to set
up his second law firm. For this 87 year old who is one of the nation's
best known personal injury lawyers marching into his longtime office with
half a dozen guards has been motivated by his characteristic nerve and
verve. With his men standing sentry, the decision stemmed from a feud
with his partners, emptied his desk and pulled his name from the door.
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brighton.      He still appears in the courtroom occasionally but most of
the day to day trial work goes to his new partner and protig,, a tough,
no nonsense lady lawyer and former assistant Queens district attorney.
Because of his passion for perfection, a gift for showbiz glitz, enormous
ambition, and endless energy, he has successfully earned himself millions
of dollars not to mention emerge victorious with unheard of settlements
in cases that could be unwinnable for others.

      What he was referred to was The Equalizer who got $740,000 for the
family of a heart attack victim after being able to argue how a car
rolling up into the lawn of the victim scared him to death. He even put
the blame on an Acapulco hotel after a guest encountered a shark attack.
What he said was that no guest was informed that because the hotel dumped
garbage into the ocean the refuse could be an invitation for the sharks.
There is much pride in him saying that he contributed to the employment
of 120 full time personal injury lawyers in New York City not to mention
contributed to the city shelling out $175 million in awards. One third of
all settlements are received by this lawyer, like the rest of the lawyers
in tort or personal injury law, and this is the contingency fee.
Considering how the aggressive personal injury lawyers are blamed for
causing the prices of insurance to go up not to mention wasting the money
of the public for suits against the government, he sneers upon the people
who say so. For more information on lawyers check out compensation
lawyers melbourne.      When there is a poor devil somewhere who ends up
paralyzed and confined to a hospital bed then this could really affect
people through their emotions and this is the game he knows how to play
well. With juries this man handles them with ease for he has the finesse
of a symphony conductor. Bore a jury and you've lost the case, he would
say.      Without research he would have not been as successful.
Overlooking something in the law may lead to him being proven wrong and
he sees to it that he is not. Because of the kind of work that he does,
one that gave new meaning to ambulance chasing, he was able to grace the
pages of Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal.      Never did modesty
become a trait of his when talking about himself and his practice. There
is no lawyer who is good at cases without being vain. Respect and
confidence go well together with vanity. Overseeing the details of his
personal and professional life is the 33 year old woman he and his wife
adopted. As said by his former partners, the wedge that drove them apart
resulted from this owner of a Mexican restaurant and ever present
assistant. His eyes were opened thanks to her efforts.      Going to the
politically connected Irish firms were all of the good legal work and
this was when he graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1929 after his
Ukrainian family immigrated to New York when he was 6. That was a time
when the Jewish attorneys like him were left with minor criminal cases or
personal injury lawsuits.
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