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									Student Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement
The New International School of Thailand uses Information Technology as one way of enhancing its
mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in the global
community. The school's computer network provides extraordinary opportunities to explore and use a
variety of exciting resources including computer programs, multimedia resources and the Internet. In order
to make these resources available to everyone, the school expects that people who use the school's
computers will do so in a way that is consistent with its educational mission.

Availability of Access
Access to the school's computer network, including the Internet, is available to students exclusively for
instructional and administrative purposes and in accordance with this Acceptable Use Policy.

Access to the school's computer network is a privilege, not a right. All users shall be required to
acknowledge receipt and understanding of this Acceptable Use Policy governing use of the computer
systems, and shall agree in writing to comply with such regulations and guidelines.

Monitored Use
Email, Internet and network use by students shall not be considered confidential and may be
monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use. Any effort intended to avoid
this monitoring will be considered a violation of this policy.

Each user is responsible to backup his/her data. It is a requirement that all users have their own backup
device. Recovery of lost data is at the user’s expense.

System Conduct
    Students must not allow others to know their passwords or use their accounts. Accessing the
      accounts of others is prohibited. (even if the other user has forgotten to logout)
    Students may not use another person's ID or password.
    Students may not use the school’s computer network for illegal purposes or for any other activity
      prohibited by NIST.
    Students may not attempt to circumvent any of the security procedures implemented on the school's
      network or on their portable computers.
    Students may not install computer programs without appropriate authorization.
    Students may not bring prohibited electronic materials onto the school's campus, access
      educationally inappropriate materials, or show others how to do so.
    Students must respect the rights of others to the privacy of the files they store on a computer or a
      disk and may not view, alter, or damage those files.
    Students must apply all general rules of behavior when working with the school’s computer network.
    Students should use email only for school related purposes or to communicate with their
    Students must not deliberately perform acts that waste computer resources or unfairly monopolize
      resources to the exclusion of others. (storage, bandwidth, printer supplies, etc.)
    The School utilizes systems that make it possible to identify and block access to Internet sites that
      are not for educational purposes. Although there are safeguards in place, NIST cannot assume
      responsibility for limiting any student’s access to such material. If a student accidentally accesses
      inappropriate material, he/she should immediately notify a teacher.

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Vandalism Prohibited
Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy computer equipment, peripherals, or data belonging to the school
or another user, or any of the institutions or other networks that are connected to the Internet is
prohibited. Deliberate attempts to compromise, degrade, or disrupt system performance may be viewed as
violations of Acceptable Use Policy, and, possibly, as criminal activity. This includes, but is not limited to,
the uploading or creating of computer viruses.

Forgery Prohibited
Forgery or attempted forgery of email messages or other electronic documents is prohibited. Attempts to
read, delete, copy, or modify the electronic mail or other electronic documents of other system users or
deliberate interference with the ability of other system users to send/receive email is prohibited.

Damage / Loss
The school has arranged for insurance of the portable computer within the Kingdom of Thailand
only. This covers reasonable loss and damage. Students are responsible to pay for any uninsured
loss and, in the event of a claim, the insurance excess payment of 20% with a minimum of THB

Indicative costs are detailed in this chart:
   Damage                                                 Total Amount       Cost to Student/Family
   Total Loss with police report                          20,000-70,000      20% (4,000-14,000)
   Broken LCD display                                     20,000-50,000      5,000
   Broken Case from dropping                              15,000             5,000
   Broken Battery                                         5,000-6,000        5,000
   Broken Keys on Keyboard                                2,000-3,000        2,000-3,000
   Lost Pen                                               2,000              2,000
   Charger or charger cable damaged                       1500               1500
   Small Scratches on body of tablet                      0                  No charge
   Power Cord damaged by pulling cable too hard           200                200
   Latch - Fujitsu                                        500                500
   Latch - HP                                             50,000             5,000
   If any of the above damages are deemed by the insurance company to be avoidable or intentional,
   the student will be liable for the total amount of the repair. These amounts are only approximate.
   Actual values will be used in each incident. (prices as of September, 2010)

Limitation, Termination and/or Revocation Of Student Access
The standards described in this policy will apply to all users of the school's computer network. Users who
violate these standards may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with NIST’s policies on student

By signing below, we certify that we have read and understood the above conditions and standards of the
policy and agree to them fully. Furthermore, we agree to inspect the issued computer within 24 hours of
receiving it in order to report any prior damage or poor condition. Failure to do so will result in you being
liable for all damage upon return of the computer.

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