Fee Structure Polywing 2012 by huanghengdong


									                                                                                                   A Punjab Govt. Establishment
No.:BHSBIET/2011/Acad/_888                                                                         Dated : 6/1/2012


       The Fees for even semester of Academic Session Jan. 2012 to May-12 is required to be paid by the
students and schedule of fees payment is as under:
Batch     Sem.         & Date    of                                                  FEE
          Branch         Reg./ Fee
                         Deposit                       General                           SC/ST              Economically
                                             Day Scholar          Hostler      Day Scholar        Hostler  Day     Hostler
          6th (CSE &       09.01.12         Regular 9100/-         12500/-              850/-      4250/-   850/-   4250/-
          IT)                               LEET 9925/-            13325/-
 2009     6th (ECE         10.01.12         Regular 9100/-         12500/-              850/-       4150/-       850/-       4250/-
          & ME)                             LEET 9925/-            13325/-
          4th    (CSE,     11.01.12          Regular 9725/-        13125/-              650/-       4050/-       650/-       4050/-
          IT, EE)                           LEET 11650/-           15050/-
          4th Regular      12.01.12         Regular 9750/-         13125/-              650/-       4050/-       650/-       4050/-
 2010     (ME       &                       LEET 11650/-           15050/-
          2nd regular      13.01.12                  11650/-       15050/-              650/-       4050/-       650/-       4050/-
          (CSE      &
 2011     ECE, IT)
          2nd regular      14.01.12                  11650/-       15050/-              650/-       4050/-       650/-       4050/-
          (ME & EE)

All Semesters        All Branches with Late Fee Fine Rs. 200/-                    16/01/2012 to 20/01/2012
All Semesters        All Branches with Late Fee Fine Rs. 400/-                    23/01/2012 to 27/01/2012
All Semesters        All Branches with Special permission of Director Madam along 30/01/2012 to 04/02/2012
                     with fine of Rs. 1000/-
1.    Students are instructed to collect Fee Slip/Voucher from PNB Gaga branch/institute Website & will be
      deposited directly only in Punjab National Bank, Gaga through Cash only in Bank time as per above schedule.
2.    DD of fee accepted only in the case of Study Loan or issued by PNB Group in favour of Principal BHSBIET,
      Lehragaga payable at PNB Gaga. Other bank DD not accepted.
3.    In the case of Study Loan Bank Clearing Charges will be pay by Students in the later on.
4.    Students collect/print the student fee slip in triplicate, after filling it in all respect deposit his/her fee in the bank
      and he/she gets a copy (student copy only) from the Bank and deposited the photocopy of the same with
      registration form in their respective HOD and Academic Branch only.
5.    3 (PP size) Photographs of students are to be affixed on the registration form (one of each form).
6.    Students instructed to fill the latest address, phone No. & E-mail ID in the Registration form/Fee Slip.
      Registration form completed in all respect should be submitted to concerned HOD and Academic Branch only.
7.    Students who fail to deposit the fee till last date will be debarred to attend the classes.
8.    It must ensure by the HOD’s that no student will attend the classes without submission of registration form &
      copy of Fee slip.
9.    In case any student entered wrong detail in the Fee Slip, he/she will be responsible for this.

CC to
   (a)       All HOD’s
   (b)       All Notice Board
   (c)       Punjab National Bank, Gaga
   (d)       I/c Website (For upload on website)

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