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					Personal injuries are of various types. There are road traffic accidents,
accidents at work, tripping accidents, assault, accidents in the home,
product defect accidents and holiday accidents. The question here is, if
one is to become a victim of any of these how is he to get justice. The
answer is simple, get a personal injury lawyer. But finding a good lawyer
can be troublesome if one is not able to identify between a good and a
not so good lawyer. Here are a few pointers to help you out.
Recommendations can help

  Getting recommendations are easy if you look for them in the right
places. Ask your friends, family and office associates to help you by
recommending a couple of names of good lawyers who have helped them in
similar scenarios. Call the local bar association in your area for good
recommendations as well.    Go for the first consultation    This first
consultation is set up so that you can share your case with the lawyer
and even find out whether he is competent. During this meeting, discuss
your life before and after the incident, what changes were brought about.
Other things to discuss would be his qualifications, affiliations, fees
and experience with similar cases. Keep in mind, if he says he takes a
contingency fee rather than charge hourly, to ask the percentage of the
settlement he would take. In his past experience, if his success rate is
more, then it is most likely that even your case would be a success.
Check track records    Checking the track records of each one is also
very important. If a lawyer has a good track record he is definitely a
good lawyer as opposed to one with a bad record. It is of utmost
importance that the one representing you should have an impeccable
reputation as a trial lawyer since most companies tend to pay larger
settlements to these lawyers to settle the case outside court.    Inquire
who will handle your case    Find out when you meet with the lawyer
whether he is the one to represent your case or a subordinate of him will
be dealing with it. If the answer is the latter then ask to meet with him
personally, to find out whether his subordinates are capable enough.
Asking the right questions at the right time will help you find what you
are seeking. If you are looking for a Personal injury lawyer (Atlanta)
just log on to and your work will be made easier.
Personal injury Attorney Atlanta - The accident attorneys at Kaufman Law
P.C. have extensive experience focusing in all types of personal injury
cases, and can immediately assist you in your time of need.

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